Blank Sheet

True to your reputation, just not to your name.

ll the almonds they had.

”send it all to the Jia family, and tell them to pay out of the twentieth bastards account. If he doesn have enough, then the thirteenth. ”

”yes, young master. ” replied the food vendor.

As Pangzi left the scene, the entire marketplace suddenly burst into life. It suddenly seemed brighter and much more cheerful as well. It was an expected outcome, knowing Pangzis reputation, but he still could not help but be hurt.

He sang the same tune as he sort of jogged over to the abandoned vineyard. Originally, it was meant to be used for making wine, but after Pangzi started frequenting that area, the workers just stopped coming to work. Though no one dares to say it to his face, he knows that everyone calls it the Pangzi Yingxiang.

”Xiao Er, are you there? ” I asked carefully.

(Xiao meaning little is added to nicknames and stuff because small things are supposed to be cute and whatnot)

”have you finally fallen for my womanly charms? ” said a short airport who was posing in what was meant to be sexy pose. Unfortunately, Pangzi has no interest for lolis.

(airport being cutting board or flat chested)

”what charms do you have to speak of? If anything, you are lacking in all the departments I would like to see in women. ” he said curtly. ”I know you didn go to school, so let me tell you this: Xiao means little, shorty. ”

”son of a bitch. I dare you to say that again, fatty. ”

As if he bored of playing around, his face, yet again, drained itself of emotion.

”it was fun at first, but now its getting pretty repetitive and boring, so cut it out, Cike Er. Im here to see Cike Hao, and we all know that. If you feel like blocking my path, go greet my grandfather in hell, bitch. ”

”yes, young master. Cike Hao is nearby the eastern main pillar of the Jianbukecui. Im not sure if he is in a domain or not. ”

Passing by the trembling Cike Er, he walked over the valley which hid the Jianbukecui from outside eyes.

The Jianbukecui is a huge wall reaching up to hundreds of Yin. It was made to protect humans from the wastelands which take up most of the world. At first, humans tried fighting wastelands, but in the end, people decided to hide behind the walls and let the wasteland dwellers fight it out.

Each Jianbukecui (each empire has their own Jianbukecui) has a standard 50 Zhang thick circular shaped wall reaching what seem to be the sky. No one knows how much the circumference of the Jianbukecui is, but the Shensheng familys Jianbukecui is enough to fit over four billion people inside it fairly easily.

Other than the standard 50 Zhang thickness, it has four main pillars representing North, South, East and West. Between each main pillar will be approximately five thousand support pillars that are evenly spaced out.

The Jia family territory is on the eastern edge of the Shensheng Jianbukecui and covers around three thousand support pillars while taking up the entire eastern pillar.

I walked nearer to the towering beam which was impossibly high and looked around for Cike Hao.

”Hao. If you aren in a domain, it be best you come out~ ” said the young master unthreateningly.

”who do you want dead. ” came the voice of a cool seductive man that appeared behind him.

”my discarded rat. I want his tendons cut after he drinks some poison. ”

”done. ”

”thank you, Hao. ” he said despite knowing Hao was already gone.

”the Jianbukecui, eh? I wonder if I can make this oversized rock collapse one day? ”

”what did you just say, commoner?! ” came an unknown voice.

I turned around to see the all too familiar royal soldier uniform. They don seem to be escorting royalty, so I assume this squadron is here to survey the area before the royals arrive.

”do you not know who I am? ” asked Pangzi.

”what, are you supposed to be someone important? ” asked the squadrons captain as he whipped out a jade seal. ”see this? It means Im escorting the Shensheng family here to meet your young lord. ” gloated the captain and his four strong crew.

Oh? I guess Ive got a new toy to play with…

”well then, this servant shall excuse himself. ”

The guards found it odd that he emphasized the word servant, but they paid no heed. After all, he did excuse himself as a servant, so they assumed he was a servant under the Jia family.

(commander [1000] > general [500] > captain [100] > squadron leader [5] > soldier)

The number shows the amount of one rank lower that the rank holds. Eg: one general has five hundred captains who have one hundred squads.

250,100,000 soldiers + 187,575,000 reserves. Anyone higher than the commander in rank is not in the infantry.

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