, pointing at the bloodbath before him.

*70~79 dB scream*

I changed my mind. Wu, or rather, Hao can become the culprit for this brutal scene. We came in to see Hao beat in this faces of former Hao, Er, San and Si. I defended the princess when he lunged at us and got this wound from his laced blade.

Very good. Very nice. Very well. Its good. Its nice. It will work? It will. Fools. They are all fools. Yes. Yes. Yes. Fools.

”young master! Princess! Are you two okay?! ” asked a servant who came rushing in.

”no problem here, ” responded Pangzi.

”wh-what do you mean? What about these four, and that… Wu? ” said the princess.

”what are you talking about? We should head back to the main house. Breakfast must be done by now. Im sure father has brought out some red rice, as today is the deciding of our wedding. ” he said.

”yes, b-but what about them? ” she asked, pointing at the four dead and one idle.

”princess, th-theres no dirt, is there? I know we cleaned the mansion very well yesterday, so— no, leave it. ” he said to himself. ”why don I lead you to the main house? Breakfast is done. ”

”see? Theres nothing to worry about, I hope. I shall escort you to the main house. ” he said. ”go tell father we are coming soon. ”

The servant left without responding, as there was no need to do so. Pangzi led the princess to the main house, though they took a detour on the way, delaying them a bit. Thought not significant, the king made a fuss of their lack of punctuality and did not miss the opportunity to ridicule Pangzi, blaming their tardiness on him, though it was not wrong to say so.

”also, Pangzi, ” continued the princess. ”about Hao, Er, San, Si and Wu – why did he act like that? ”

”like what? ” he asked with genuine curiosity. ”though I have no idea of what you say, it has not been a bother to you? ”

”of course not! Nothing too big. ”

”great. ”

Truth is, neither Pangzi nor the servants and slaves in the Jia family mansion understood what was wrong with what was done. Murder, whether by Pangzi or in a rare case, Shuaiqi, was acceptable.

Since birth, murder was normalized for Pangzi. His father, his grandfather and his great grandfather felt the same way. Pangzi never realized how others viewed murder, though he did find hints of others seeing murder as vile.

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