Blank Sheet

Who I love.

”kukuku… Pangzi, you really are a comedian. Just like your grandfather. ”

… I guess even granny steps on some mines.

”what are you talking about, granny? Im way better than grandfather! ” I said with a forced smile.

”kuku… keep telling yourself that, Pangzi. Boys your age need confidence. You need the confidence to go up to the most beautiful person you know and tell them they have a fine ass. Any less than that and I may have to send you to the West. ”

The west. It is a purely barren wasteland with nothing to show. Father claims that in the past, the west was very prominent, but I don believe him. Of course, a lot of ancient ruins are scattered throughout the west, though that is mostly a ruse to draw in fools.

”god forbid I ever go to the West. Anyways, go rest, granny. Your grandson is hurt that youll visit a bastard and a useless king, but ignore your grandson. ”

”Im also hurt you think she is a bastard. It is more a word for men. Whore or whore-spawn, as you said before, is more accurate. ”

”granny, one day, our territory will revolt. ”

”until then, everyone is a bastard and a whore! ”

”even this ol Pang Pang? ”

”father, what is grandmother and brother talking about? ” asked the innocent Shuaiqi, untouched by the Jia familys military traditions and training. Untouched by his grandfathers sentiments and his grandmothers vile mouth.

”nothing, son. Nothing you need to worry about… ” he said sweetly, looking at Shuaiqi.

Oh, how I envy them so much. Or rather, him.

Though, the rat is still there. The rat is still the well, is he not? Might as well poison the townsfolk for a while. No need to worry too much. Father will throw me away.

If the princess is as smart as they say, Id like to see how she gets out of this one. She was definitely one who thought of the substitute plan. Though she must have know itd fail had grandmother seen the phony. Besides, if anything goes wrong, the king is there to take the blame.

Somehow, I wouldn mind seeing my fiancé.

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