Chapter 2: Unexpected Lunch

k on Jase. ”Can I go see him? ” I ask.

”Not sure he would want to see you, sweetheart. He is not the same, ” Jase says shaking his head in disappointment.

”I care about him. I want to see him, ” I assure him in an urgent voice. Being away from my best friend for over six years feel as though Ive been missing a vital organ.

”Stop acting like you care, ” Arson sneers at me. ”If you cared, you wouldn have ghosted us. ”

”It wasn intentional! Its not like I wanted to vanish from you in the first place. You are my boys, ” I snap back at him. Though they aren boys now as they? No, they are now dangerous-looking men.

”I missed all five of you, ” I say in a hushed voice.

”Yeah, well, you have a funny way of showing it, ” Arson snaps having heard me. He stands walking over to a girl standing by a tree making eyes at him.

Weston makes a sound of disgust. ”There he goes again, ” he mutters.

My gaze travels over to Arson to find him with his hand up that girls short skirt and his tongue down her throat. My upper lip curls up in a sneer at the sight.

Jase vibrates beside me with a silent chuckle. He leans over to whisper in my ear, ” Are you going to let your boy disrespect you like that, sweetheart? ”

At that moment I know Jase can see my body tremble with fury. How dare he touch another woman like that with me here!

The guys stand around me. Jase holds his hand out for me, so I take it coming to stand. He kisses my temple.

”Go get our boy. Remind him who owns him, ” Jase whispers in my ear. The way my body responds to him is as though he is uttering filthy sexual words instead of telling me to go dominate his friend.

Do have the right to own Arson? Any of them? Im the one who left them. My mind is made up for me as soon I see the unzip his pants and reach inside.

I stomp over them with the other three CHAOS boys right on my heels. I grab Arson but the waistband of his jeans, yanking him out and away from the girl he was balls-deep in. He stumbles back in surprise and lands on his rear.

I jump on him, straddling him and hiding his body with mine. I grab a fist full of his umber hair with one hand and his chin in the other. We curse in unison at one another.

Dawning enters his gaze when he realizes who has him. He glances around at the other three looking down on us and blocking us from the view of onlookers with their large bodies.

”Don speak, Arson! ” I snap at him harshly. ”I don want to hear another excuse out of your mouth, ” I snarl with venom. ”Do you realize how bloodthirsty it makes me seeing you with another girl? ”

”You were gone, ” he hisses at me. His golden eye glare at me with defiance and hurt shining in them.

e right I did leave. Im here now. Im not leaving again. Chaos in mine. You
e mine, ” I say succinctly in a hard confident tone.

I reach between our bodies with my hand not entangled in his hair. His golden eyes shutter close as he bites back a groan before they locate back on mine.

”Who owns all five letters that make our acronym of C.H.A.O.S.? ” Jase says. We look up at him. He has a satisfied smirk on his handsome face. ”For whom did we grow to power? ”

I have no idea what he is talking about, but Arson Skaggs is mine.

Arson grunts underneath me in response to him. I look at him with his heavy-lidded liquid gold eyes hidden behind thick dark lashes. He has the sexiest bedroom eyes. The frown on his face has turned into a maniacal smirk.

”Welcome back, Carley. Nice to see you finally know what you want. Im yours huh? Does that mean you are finally to fight for us? Possess us? I want you to. They want you to, ” he teases.

I cannot believe he is teasing me! I squeeze him and don mean his hair.

”Im going to do more than just fight for you. All five of Chaos are mine including your bodies, ” I say lowering my voice seductively.

Arson chuckles huskily underneath me. ”Let me get you a crown, baby. You just staked your claim on us in front of the whole university. ”

I release Arson. Jase reaches his hand out to me, helping me to rise to my feet. He helps me step over the man left lying on the ground. Lachlan helps him up so he can right his clothing.

The boys fan out behind me and thats when I notice all the phones pointed at us.

This is not how I expected my first day at this university to go. I roll back my shoulders. I take a deep inhale holding for a count of four then releasing it all.

”Carley! There you are darlin Ive been looking all over for you! ” Oh yeah. Did he see or hear what just happened? I forgot he was here too. This might get complicated.

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