Chapter 4: Bur Under Saddle

st sentence under my breath.

She notices the severe frown on my face. ”Who put a bur under your saddle? ” She snarks at me. Im so damaged that Ive missed that snarky mouth of hers.

I grunt at her, ”You. ” I stand up on the opposite side of her.

I am out with her on my heels as I shove past people to escape. But she not letting me get away.

”Me? Why? Is it because Im back to ruin your life? Or is it because I ruined your sex life? ” She snaps at me.

Oh, this girl has developed a set of steel ovaries. I love it. Give me that fire, baby girl.

I stop, whirling around to face her. I shove her against the nearest wall. I use my body to cage her in.

”You ruined us, babe. Now here you are with this new bold flame inside of you. Im not mad you
e back in the bay. Im not mad you are at his university. Im furious because you disappeared in the first place. You made us worry about you. You made us pine for you, ” I snarl with disgust at myself more than anything.

Im so weak when it comes to this woman.

”Ran was sent to juvie for attempted manslaughter the night you disappeared.

Lachlan went inside himself expecting all of us to abandon him as his mother did. Just as you and your mother did. Like Ran did.

Weston went to stealing cars and developed a death wish. He would crash stolen cars in races just so he could feel something.

Jase is a powder keg waiting to explode. He is going to get himself killed one of these days, ” I inform her just so she has an idea how much she shredded our souls.

I stroke her cheek before wrapping my tattooed fingers around her throat, the ones that spell out C.H.A.O.S. on the knuckles. ”So, no, baby. Im not angry you
e back at all. ”

I give her throat a little squeeze that makes her let out an involuntary guttural moan. I smirk in satisfaction. Her exquisite damage is showing.

Just when Im about to kiss her, that Native American cowboy interrupts us again.

”Carley, you alright? ” He asks with equal parts of suspicion and concern.

I inwardly groan, Not this guy again. He is fast becoming a thorn in my side.

I release Carley, stepping back from her to give her some breathing room. I can discreetly adjust my pants as well.

She turns her head to look at him again. ”Storm? ” She asks in a daze then clears her throat, coming out of the lust haze we were in. ”Oh yeah. Im fine, ” Carley says in a husky voice.

Good to know she was just as turned on as I was.

Her eyes travel back to me and down to the bulge in my jeans. Her cheeks tint pink when I give her a wink.

”Are you sure? ” Storm asks her glaring daggers at me, but I just him a purely satisfying smirk.

Carleys attention turns back on him and clears her throat again. ”Of course Im fine. Air is the last person in the world who would physically hurt me. ”


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