Chapter 6: Family Dinner

r when I found you with those guys around you? Especially that one that had you shoved against the wall later on, ” Storm comments.

I choke on my red wine because he chose that moment while I was sipping my wine to ask me that question. Gah alcohol burns when it goes down the windpipe. Mom has to pat my back to help me expel the liquid from my lungs.

When Im finally done coughing and can speak again I say, ”I just had to remind Arson he can act like a jerk to me, thats all. ”

How is Air-bear? ” Mom asks before he could question me more about that incident.

”I don like him, ” Storm grumbles.

”Arson just looks scary and acts tuff. Hes harmless. Well, harmless to me anyway, ” I say with a shrug of my shoulders.

”Carleys right, Arson has always been a teddy bear. He was a very respectful boy. He was always helping Mike out with home and car repairs, ” my mom replies in defense.

”Air seems to be doing good. He is huge and tattooed now. He has been sleeping his way around the bay, so he is going to fix that issue, ” I say with certainty.

My mom laughs softly. ”Well, those boys have followed your spoken and unspoken commands the majority of their lives. They were unnaturally devoted to you. ”

”Its more like they were obsessed. From what Ive seen today, and Ive heard about them they still are, ” Storm says having finished his meal. He sits back in his chair with his arms crossed over his broad chest.

”You don have any room to speak on that subject and you know it, ” I remind him that I know he has the same issue of obsession.

”Touche, Cactus. ” He makes a gesture with his thumb of slicing his throat. I roll my eyes at him being dramatic.

He looks up to find our mothers are done eating as well. ”You two go enjoy your evening already. Carley and I will clean up. You cooked, so we clean, ” Storm informs them.

I watch them fill their wine glasses and head back to the living to enjoy some quiet time together.

When we are done cleaning, I grab my backpack to work on more assignments up in the loft of the barn. Im not expecting the guys until late tonight so I will have plenty of time to myself.

Storm walks with me out to the barn after grabbing his glove and rope again. ”Is it those guys I saw you with at lunch that are coming over? ” He asks and I nod yes to him. ”I didn like the way that one had you against the wall, ” he says with his upper lip curling up in a sneer.

”Well, you missed me having him by the dick so I kinda deserved to be pinned to the wall. I said something that he took the wrong way, ” I shrug my shoulder to let him know it was no big deal. ”Arson is intense, but Ive been friends with him since junior high when he pulled my ponytail for pulling him to the ground. He is a cuddly teddy bear underneath all that attitude. ”

Storm sighs, ”If you say so, Cactus. ” He shakes his head in disapproval mumbling at how he isn so sure. ”You know Jen, JT, and I are here if you need us. Think of us as your weapons if you need us to be. ” He walks off to the tack room before I can respond to him, so I walk to the stair at the back of the barn and up the loft.

Storm can think what he likes, but I know how to handle Chaos. Chaos is the weapon Ive been able to wield for the majority of my life.

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