Arnav Singh Raizada: 28 years-old, CEO of AR. Having a past, he dont believe in love and marriages. Loves his family but wont show it. Irritates his PA aman mathur to the core. Arrogant person who will go to any length to prove his point correct. Didnt even uttered sorry to anyone except his sister. He is single but not ready to mingle.

(I believe in one women man as much as one man women)

Anjali Singh Raizada: Elder Sister of ASR, 30 years old. A divorcee of a criminal husband. Very kind and understanding. Loves her family and arnav to universe.

Devayani Singh Raizada: Grand mother or ASR. Matriarch of Raizada family. Lovable but strict some times. Knows how to utilize a situation in her favor.

Manorama & Manohar Singh Raizada: Same as show————-

Akash & Payal Singh Raizada: same as show but payal is not related to khushi. They met in college, fell in love

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