Food Broadcast in another world

Another World, Here I Come!

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a white ceiling. The first sound I heard was the sound of the ocean. And the first thought I had was … it sounds delicious! If we had to talk about the ocean, we of course had to mention the billions of edible plants and animals that lived just below its calm blue surface. Crabs, shrimps, seaweed, shellfish, lobsters, the list was unending.

Together with salt and pepper, anything could instantly become a delicacy if cooked on a grill just right.

Sitting up, I wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth and took a quick glance at my surroundings. A large living room big enough to fit a truck, easy access to the sea right outside the living room window. And most importantly, right in front of my eyes, was a sparkling brand new kitchen filled with knives, pots, pans, and shelves full of seasoning. It was simply a chefs dream.

Hearing my stomach grumble just from that thought, I stood up and headed right for the kitchen. I had absolute confidence that in no time, I would be able to bring my brother back to life again.

Thats right, I, Alex, had transmigrated from another world. In my original world, I was an up and coming chef, with a cute little brother supporting my back all the way. He was the sole reason I lived and breathed making food for, as well as the first to encourage me to pursue becoming a chef. In his own naïve and innocent way, only found in 10 year old children, his love for my cooking had slowly pushed me to participate in cooking competitions. It would not be a lie to state that I would never have reached the level of proficiency and love for cooking as I had now without his help .

And my love for that world ended on that day where I received a call from the police, on the way to another cooking competition my brother had signed me up for, He was run over. In front of our house by a driver who had a stroke. It was a tragedy, the police had said. The driver was in his truck when the stroke happened, and it had caused him to crash right into the block of apartments that included our home. Not only my brother, but several people were also caught up in this freak accident. And none of them made it.

At that time, when everything seemed to fade away and I felt the thread keeping me alive and sane pulled hair thin, a text appeared in front of the tears.

[There is a way to save him. If you go to another world, never

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