I was found

Last or first night?

voice brought her back to her senses. ” A penny for your thoughts ? ”

” You look sexy in that suit. ” Gwen didn like to keep her thoughts to herself but she regretted saying what shed just said. Since she couldn take it back she decided to change the topic. ” Lets go somewhere. I wanna get out of this place. ” She got into the car. What was she thinking !

Alec remained outside the car grinning like a fool.Gwen knocked on the window from the inside . ” Would you like to leave or are you hoping to get a job in the warehouse? ”

Alec chuckled and got in. ” Alright, where would you like to go? ”

” Its your choice. Take me somewhere nice. ” Gwen curled up close to the window and looked outside.She closed her eyes. She loved the wind on her face . She always felt a sense of freedom whenever she was in the wind or whenever it rained on her. She didn realize when she slept. She was awoken by a hand caressing her cheek. She was alert but she kept her eyes shut. What was he doing ? His finger glided over her eyes then to her nose. His finger touched her lips. She felt electricity in her body. She felt him come closer.His face was right above hers.Was he going to kiss her ?! His scent invaded her nostrils. She clutched her dress as tightly as she could. Her heart was nearly coming out of her chest. ” We
e here. ” His voice rang in her ears. She opened her eyes. He was still in her face. His eyes pierced through hers she felt like she was hyperventilating.

” What…Why….Move! ” she stammered. She felt beads of sweat on her forehead. Alec moved away. He had a smirk on his lips.

” Were you really asleep ? Or were you waiting for me to kiss you ? ”

Gwens eyes darted around the car. She avoided his eyes…those blue eyes. Dang! She was looking again . She was trapped . His eyes were holding her still. She tore her gaze away.

” Yes. ” Gwen blurted.

” Yes what ? ” Alec squinted. ” You were waiting for me to kiss you? ”

” Yes…I was asleep. ” Gwens cheeks were flushed. She looked out the window. ” Where are we ? ” She looked back at him.

”Why don we go out and see? ” Alec got out of the car. Gwen followed.

” Wh- ” Alec put his hand over her eyes.He was standing too close. She felt his breath on her ear.

” Don peak. ” He led her. They walked into ice skating rink. ” Look. ” he shifted his hand.

” Hell no! ” Gwen gasped. ” I cannot ice-skate! Im HORRIBLE ! ” she was laughing.

” Too late to back out. ” Alec handed her a pair of skates. ” This place is ours for the entire night. Just you and me. ”

Gwen looked at the ice. It shimmered like glass. It was beautiful.

” So …Ms.Barkley. Are you ready for the best night of your life? ”

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