Insurgence of the Revenant God

Chapter 1, In the beginning

child, Im right here ” ~Amon

”Where? I can see you ” ~Salvino

”Don worry, as long as you can hear my voice Im nearby ” ~Amon

”Okay! Can I get that cake? ” ~Salvino

”Sure, go to a bakery Ill do the rest ” ~Amon

”Okay! ” ~Salvino

Salvino noticed that his injuries are gone and his body felt lighter. And he doesn feel hungry anymore, perhaps his prayers were answered. When he reached the bakery to get the cake, the baker noticed and approached him.

”What are you doing here? Didn I already give you one earlier? ” ~Baker

”I want the cake. A god told me I can have one ” ~Salvino

”Really kid? ” ~The baker laughs

”Yes, he told me hes the god of protection! ” ~Salvino

”I don have time for jokes, go away. ” ~The baker

”But why? You told me I can get the cake. ” ~Salvino

”Touch him, hell change his mind ” ~Amon

”Okay… ” ~Salvino

As soon as Salvino touches him, he went silent. Suddenly the baker turned around with a blank face.

”Now tell him you want the cake ” ~Amon

”I want this cake, please. ” ~Salvino pointing at the largest cake

The baker then went to take that cake and give it to Salvino.

”Thank you very much! ” ~Salvino

”And thank you, Mr god? ” ~Salvino

”My name is Amon ” ~Amon

”Okay, thanks Amon ” ~Salvino

After finishing the cake, Salvino then left the baker who was staring at nothing.

”Where do you want to go next? ” ~Amon

”I don know ” ~Salvino

”How about we go to that store over there? ” ~Amon

”Why? ” ~Salvino

”I want to meet an old friend of mine, shell give you a place to stay ” ~Amon

”Okay! ” ~Salvino

As Salvino enter the jewelry store, he saw a beautiful lady. The lady was confused and thought that the child is lost, so she asked him.

”Where are your, parents? ” ~The lady

”What do I do Amon? ” ~Salvino whispers

”Let me borrow your body for a bit ” ~Amon

”Borrow my body? ” ~Salvino

”Don worry my child itll be very brief ” ~Amon

The boy then suddenly changed the way he is standing and his pupils become red. Amon took control of him but he knows he can control the boy for a very long time because he only got a very small fragment of his powers.

”Lena, Im Amon Im inside this boys body ” ~Amon

”Lord Amon? You finally found your vessel! ” ~Lena

”Yes. I can fully manifest myself yet, I can only borrow this body for a short time ” ~Amon

”What can I do for you, my lord? ” ~Lena

”I want to learn the location of my other fragments ” ~Amon

”Sorry my lord, I only know of four they
e at Dea, Magnus, Regis, and Tervanas. Your other servants there can give you the exact location. ” ~Lena

”So four out of twenty. Hmmm… One more thing Lena. ” ~Amon

”Yes, my lord? ” ~Lena

”Give this boy a place to stay, train him, and feed him properly. We will depart as soon as I find the boy ready ” ~Amon

”As you wish, my lord ” ~Lena

The boys eyes and posture went back to normal, confused about what just happened he asked Amon.

”Mr.Amon, what just happened ” ~Salvino

”Don worry about it, the lady is ready to give you a room ” ~Amon

”Really? ” ~Salvino

”Yes go ask her ” ~Amon

”Will you really give me a room? ” ~Salvino

”Yes, your room is upstairs. Wait, Ill accompany you ” ~Lena

”Yay, thanks Amon whatever you did ” ~Salvino

”Anything for you my child ” ~Amon

While lying on his bed he thought how lucky he was to meet Amon. Everyone abandoned him even his parents, everyone believed that he was cursed by the Edos because of the mark below his feet, it is also the reason why he can use magic.

[Maybe if I ask Amon about Magic he can teach me] ~Salvino thought

~The next day

Lena wakes Salvino up for breakfast. Salvino is still unused to the way hes living now. He thought it was the first time that someone genuinely cares for him. When he went downstairs to eat breakfast, he ignored the utensils and used his bare hands, this caught Lenas attention.

”Use your spoon. ” ~Lena

”Sorry. ” ~Salvino

Salvino took the spoon and fork and used them awkwardly while trying to copy Lenas movement. Concerned by this Lena starts guiding the boys hands on how to use them properly while doing so, Salvino felt the warmth of Lenas palm. It was such an experience for him since he never felt another persons warmth before. [Hopefully, this continues forever] ~Salvino

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