Insurgence of the Revenant God

Chapter 2, In the beginning (2)

d was never able to return.

Salvinos eyes became teary. Amon noticed and asked him.

”Whats wrong? ” ~Amon

Salvino started sobbing, so Amon peeked at his mind.

”Want to make them pay? ” ~Amon

Salvino was surprised that the god saw what he was thinking, but he gave no reply because he remembered his older brother.

”Want them to admit they
e wrong? ” ~Amon

Salvino nods.

”Ill make sure that happens. Sleep now, Salvino. You need enough rest for tomorrow ” ~Amon

”Okay, thank you. Amon ” ~Salvino

As Salvino closes his eyes. Amon was surprised at how forgiving Salvino was, despite what his parents did to him. But for him, it is a sign of weakness. He used to rule with the belief that mistakes should not go unpunished or they
e bound to repeat it.

~The next day

After eating breakfast, Salvino excitedly approached Lena.

”Can I learn magic now? ” ~Salvino

”Okay, you need proper clothes. We are going to the forest. ” ~Lena

”Why? ” ~Salvino

”Its the best place to learn magic ” ~Lena

”Okay! ” ~Salvino

But it was only half the truth. There is a magic that only Edos can use, and Lena is concealing the fact that she is an Edolian. Upon arriving at their destination, Lena taught Salvino about the different kinds of mana.

Arnonus, the mana from the world. A kind of mana that can create and control all the states of water. Due to the uniqueness of this mana, it can cleanse the effects of all other manas. It is also known as water magic.

Azarinus, the mana from Azar, the god of fire. A kind of mana that can control heat and create flames. Those who have this mana are tenacious. It is a very active kind of mana that flows around the body. It is also known as fire magic.

Dharina, the mana from Sapphira, the goddess of Earth. A kind of mana that can control and create rocks. Those who have this mana have a better awareness of their surroundings. It is also known as earth magic.

Aninus, the mana from the god of the skies, Anan. A kind of mana that can control the fluidity and create winds. Far-reaching mana that can envelop a city. It is also known as air magic.

Hayanima, the mana from Abelia, the goddess of life. A kind of mana that can nourish or rejuvenate life. Those who have this mana can communicate with any form of living. It is also known as healing magic.

Kedarinus, the mana from the guardian god, Amon. A kind of mana that can be shaped by will. It can be channeled outside the body and reacts with other manas, minds, and souls. It is also known as Edolian magic.

The Void is a kind of mana that only gods can use. The strongest and purest form of mana. It can create anything, and the only limit is the capacity of mana the god has. Only a few people understand this magic and call it Divine magic.

Salvino didn seem to pay attention, so Lena continued.

”Next is channeling ” ~Lena

”Channeling? ” ~Salvino

Lena then points at a tree and shoots a water bullet.

”Wow, how do I do that? ” ~Salvino

”Close your eyes and empty your mind ” ~Lena

Salvino closes his eyes.

”Like this? ” ~Salvino

”Yes. While doing that, focus on the sensation that flows from the outside to the inside of your body ” ~Lena

”Which one? ” ~Salvino

”The one that flows freely ” ~Lena

”The one that feels the most comfortable ” ~Amon

So Salvino focused on that sensation.

”Now reach your palm forward and release all of that sensation through your palm ” ~Amon

Salvino released a current of water to the direction he was reaching.

”Wow! I did it! Thank you, Lena. Thank you, Amon! I can finally use magic! ” ~Salvino celebrated

This surprised Lena. Not only did Salvino create a current bigger than his body, but he also did it without her instructions. But she knew Amon helped him.

”Do you feel tired? ” ~Lena

”No, not really. ” ~Salvino

Lena is confused. How can a small boy release so much mana without feeling fatigued? Is it because he is Amons vessel?

”Can you do it again? ” ~Lena

”Yes, I think? ” ~Salvino

So Lena continued to teach Salvino how to channel all kinds of magic except Edolian and the Divine magic that she couldn use. This repeated for years until the boy mastered the five manas and became fifteen. Now Lena thinks the boy is ready to learn Edolian magic.

”This time, Its Kedarinus ” ~Lena

”Its about time! ” ~Salvino

Salvino has changed throughout the years of training. Now he is more enthusiastic than ever to become stronger.

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