” Stand down, you bastard! Its all over for you! ”

A voice yells at the victim, to stop at a certain place. Bunch of secret agencies and militants surround the victim by all sides.

Standing at the edge of a bridge, the victims feels hopeless as he looks in front of, to see his really old enemy pointing a gun at him. He yells at the victim as his voice echos around the bridge

” Rameez! The game that you started is finally over! Now then, How does it feel like? The gun to be pointed at you? You thought you could get away with all the sins you committed? Remember! ”Every sin awaits a punishment if not repented on time ” That is if you will be alive to remember that! ”

These words don really affect the victim, that is because he doesn care if he dies or not. To himself, he is already dead. He looks down with a pale look and thinks to himself

Where do I even start? When did this all became my mistake? I was only trying to protect this country- No! The question should be, how did I end up here? I was living the best life I possibly could, but why did I have to go back to those days and ruin my life? Why did I have to… ”Live The Life Again?! ”

Tha !

The gunshot fires


Guys before you read any further, I would highly suggest you guys to read the chapter zero in the volume zero. It explains how the story and writing of my novel works.

Well thank you now, and enjoy! ; )


The person slowly sits down as he hears his alarm go off

”Sighs ”

” Ahh! Damn, I will have to deal with it again! ”

With a frustration on his face, he gets up from his bed to gets freshened up. Soon after doing that he walks upto his car and starts driving it to his company

Rameez a 24 year old man with a rich status. Back in his school days he was nothing but a failure.He was nothing but a

disappointment to his parents during his school days and they thought of him as a useless being.

Because of his constant failings in his exams the whole school bullied him. Yap! The school. The children bullied him by mocking him, hiding his stuff or maybe sometimes beating him up whenever there was a bad news in the school or their were any cancelled events in the school. To satisfy themselves, they would beat him up without any reason

He was mocked by his teachers,parents and siblings, but he learned how to have patience and a worked on his hobby.

”Hobby ”?

Yap! hobby. Hobby of writing he was interested in writing…writing novels.Rameez was really creative with making up stories, though he knew that nobody would be interested in his stories nor his passion. He never told his parents about his attainment of becoming a famous writer. Though, there was a reason never told anyone about his passion

After all the hardwork, his work eventually paid off. After having a reasonable account of money, he made his own company.

A publisher company.Well a company where people can join and make their own novel or comics and then the company will sell their books in markets.The people who join their company and make a novel or a comic and publish it. Obviously he made that company so that people who have same attainment as him could easily achieve it

”Thats it! His background…That was all.

Oh! He already reached his destination! What destination you ask? His company.

Morning sir! says the doorman in a calm way while bowing a little.Morning! Rameez replies back to him. You didn forget his name now did you?

Well anyways,Rameez walks in and all the workers commenced with ”morning sir ” to Rameez. Well what do you know more rich you are more respect you get, poor us

Though everyone in the company was concerned about Rameez because he has been acting strange recently.Obviosly from the employees POV.

Rameez arrives at his office where he calls one of his used to be accomplice.

[Hello? ] ”Rameez ”

[Huh! Mr rameez you called to beg me to again be your ally and work with your company, right?] ”Accomplice ”

[Look I know because of our company your company suffered from a huge lose, you couldve just complained us about your issue,we cou-] ”Rameez ”

[Complained? You serious, right? Because of our company your company is standing so high and-] ”Accomplice ”

Before he could continue, he is cut off by Rameez

[Look I know about that we can start another partnership, we can do it again] ”Rameez ”

[Heh! work with you again? Who do think Im? I mean, I also have some dignity.I can trust you guys again. Because of our company your company got the hype it has right now while on the other hand our company,who was the reason of your companys success,our suffering-] ”Accomplice ”

Before he could finish, he is again cut off by Rameez

[Thats why I called you.You also know and I do aswell that we both need each other to grow. So work with me again and this time I promise you, we won let you go through that misery again] ”Rameez ”

[Are you done?] ”Accomplice ”

[huh? yeah,I am done speaking] ”Rameez ”

[Ok then! I shall speak now. So first thing first, we don need you, you need us.Second thing you didn let me finish before,so let me tell you that we did complain about your our misery, but nobody did anyone replied to my emails] ”Accomplice ”

What?! Rameez thought while in shocked

If he did complain about it, why wasn I informed about it?

[We suffered enough because of your company,so keep your offer with you. Besides,we already made an alliance with another company] ”Accomplice ”

[What?! When? Which company did you allied with?] ”Rameez ”

[Not too long ago maybe,just a week has passed since our alliance, and to your second questions answer, the Rahat company. In the Rahat city] ”Accomplice ”

Rameez was shock to hear that the company their old accomplice was working wit

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