Faisal meets the CEO of Rahat company as because he had an appointment with him

”Hello,Mr Fasal ”

”Hello,Mr Zuhaib ”

”So lets not waste time and talk about it, shall we? ”

”Heh!…Sigh! So then, about leader.How do we send him back to the past and change the reality? ” Zuhaib exclaims to Faisal smiling at him

”Oh yeah, I did file a case against the leaders company but we need to do the plan quick before the things actually get to the court ”

”Well the time machine is done being construct. All we need to do is now to give it

1 000000000 mah battery to work and a sacrifice. Did you prepare the person we gonna sacrifice?

” Yeah I did prepare a sacrifice ”

”Really? ” Zuhaib asks Faisal with a dull face and and with that face he asks him ”But does he trust you though? The sacrifice, I am talking about! ”

”Yes! He do trust me after all I gave him my 20 million rupees and promised to give 20 million more after the work is done ”

” What did you tell him? ”

” Well I told him that we will kill Leader, and he agreed ”

”What?! He agreed just like that? ”

Zuhaib face from dull and emotionless turns into surprised

”Well yeah, he did have a personal grief against leader, so I took that chance to use him. Well anyways I want to see the time machine, will you show it to me now that its done ? ”

With a bored face Faisal asks Zuhaib to show him the machine, and with a smile Zuhaib answers

”Are you that excited? Fine I will show it to you ”

”Yeah and don forget to explain the exorsict stone to me and why did you need a sacrifice and how the sacrifice is connected to the stone ”


Meanwhile in the Nawab kitab company.

”Did you hear me? I **ing swear I will f*ck you up ”

Sh*t I f*cked up!


Faisal and Zhuhai drive to the place

Thud* Thud*

They are walking towards lab to see the machine that Zhuhai built. Zhuhai nope she the door and

” I woahhh! It looks so beautiful! ”

”Yeah I know it does ”

” But will it even work? ”

”Yes! It will ”

” What time did you set it to? ”

” Nine years in the past. Do we will have more time ”

” Oh okay! Well now teach me about the exorcist stone ”

”So about the exorcist stone you were asking,look there on lower left side of machine in whitish yellow colour ”

” Yeah I see ”

”Yeah exactly! So what does this stone do? Now the person who will go to the past,his consciousness will go to his past self but his past selfs consciousness will not come in future body,that is because the body gets disappears the moment he enters the machine,so now his past selfs consciousness will have to go somewhere and obviously it will come to the present time but there is no body it can come in because the body disappeared will time travelling. So then comes the sacrifice. We will put his forehead towards the stone and the power of the stone is that it can control any type of unnatural energy, like it can exchange two different people souls,conciousness.So we will exchange leaders past selfs consciousness to the sacrifice you found.And then we will just kill that sacrifice because his past selfs consciousness doesn anymore because the reality is going to change.Thats all now.Did you get it? Ask me any questions you have ”

”Nope! ”

”K! Then your your this sacrifice we need to trap him before we call leader and send him back ”

”Ok! I wil call him, to come here ”


I will definitely take my revenge from you Rameez.I swear I will f*ck your everything up like you did mine!


” Look I need to go, this is supposed to be my job! I can just take a leave like that! ”

”Shut up your mouth! You don value your family one bit! All you care about is your boss! ”

”I can feed the family if I don take my job seriously ”

” Shut up! I am done, I am leaving with my children ”

” Hey wait you can do that! They are my children too ”

” I don care! I am leaving with all of them! ”

I got into an argument with my wife, and she left me. Because I didn do as I promised I will. Me and my family made a plan to hangout that day but Rameez called me and asked me to come to the campany right now. And so I did. But what did I know?

His wife is sitting in the care with her children, leaving him alone

” What does he think he is? Doesn care about us! You know what I swear I will never come back. Even if he begs me to ”

” Mom? ”

” What do you need ”

” Are you taking us to your new daddy? ”

”Shut up your mouth! ”

” But papa was your favorite daddy ”

” I said shut- Ahhhhhhhh! ”

The car crashed into a truck that was passing by from the other side while she was scolding her son. Like bruh! Why would you leave your daddy, just because he wanted to work for you? And now she got herself and her children killed! Well what do you know? Women! ”


” Doctor I rushed here as soon as I heard that she got into an accident! Are they all okay? ”

”… Im sorry. But they are dead ”

”… ”

Well at least she kept her promise that she wouldn come back. Okay end of the flash back. Now lets snap back to reality

Ring Ring* Picks up*

[Hello Mr faisal]

[Hello! Zafar, how are you? Well I just called you because I wanted to talk to you,right now it is urgent because it is the best time to take our revenge,I will send you the address. When you come on the address call me. Thats it.

Ok bye!]


”He he cut the call? What can be so urgent? Well I will just have to go then ”

Wow! The traitor is Zafar, how unexpected, was it?

Zafar then sits in his car bunking his job.Quite daring, is he? He drives to that place as fast as he can. Because today is an exciting day. He will get his revenge. But driving to fast wouldn really be nice, if ask me. I guess He just want to end up like his dead familySo as was driving he thought

As Zafar was driving,he recieved a call from Rameez but he didn decide to pick it up,that is because he doesn care about his old job anymore,even if he loses his job,it dosen matter because that job is going be sued anyway,and he thinks that after that company is sued it won make success as much it used to, because people won buy their books anymore. Heh! Poor thing doesn even know that he is a sacrifice

Zafar arrives at the address and He then notices Faisal who was waiting for him outside the the building, waving both of his hands trying to indicate Zafar that he us standing here. Zafar then gets out of his car and walks upto Faisal

”Hey what sup,Mr faisal why did you call me so urgent? ”

”I will clear all your doubts,once we go inside.K? ”

Zafar agrees and goes inside.While they are walking there way upto the room where the time machine is

They reached the room and Faisal asks Zuhaib to open the door and He does.Faisal walks in first and says Zafar to walk in too.The moment Zafar walks in Zuhaib knocks him out by punching him on his spinal cord. I guess thats it for our boy Zafar. Huge respect to him for being our main characters sacrifice

Zafar is knocked out and Zuhaib sts him on a chair.Now Zuhaib tells Faisal to call leader.Who is leader? Well just wait

Ring Ring….Ring Rin-

[Moshi mosh]

[Huh? Mr faisal? Why did you call me?]

[Why are you asking that Mr rameez? Don you like to hear my voice? Well I called you to discuss about the case.I was thinking that I should probably drop the case]

[Hmm? Really? And why exactly would you do that?]

[Whats with that tone? Aren you happy? Well its because I discussed it with the CEO of Rahat company uhaib and he told me that I should take my case back]

[Why would he say that?]

[Ughh! How about you come here and talk to him your self.I will send you the address of his company. Ok bye!] hangs up*

Rameez doesn think about it much and goes to the address Faisal send him. Poor thing doesn even know whats gonna happen to him. I mean, Zafar might actually have his revenge

Well he arrived When he arrives he sees Faisal waiting out side the lab for him

”Don worry,nothing is going to happen to you ”

Rameez glares at him then nods.They then walk to the room where the machine is and then theywalk in the room and Rameez is shocked to see what was in there. He sees that Zafar os tied up to a chair and he wonders

Huh? Zafar is tied up over here? Maybe thats why he didn pick up my calls?

”Zafar you damn bastard! You didn pick up my calls and here you are playing busy being kidnap? You know how much work is there in the office? You really have time to be kidnapped? ”

Yep he ignored a huge machine infront of him and decided to scold Zafar

”Uhh Rameez don you see that huge machine over there? ”

”Yeah I do and so what? ”

” Ahh! Well whatever. Zuhaib oull the damn liver! ”

”Alright! ”

”Huh what heck is happening! ” Rameez says

”There is no time to answer your questions! ”

Rameez is just confused.Zuhaib pulls the liver. Before Rameez could say something else a beam of light hits him and now he can do anything.Faisal quickly takes the exorsict stone and holds it.Zuhaib then pushes the liver to the other sideand boom.Rameez goes back to the past.And Faisal uses the exorsict stone to attract the conciousness of Rameezs past self and put it in Zafar.And now Zafar is completely dead. What happened to Zafars consciousness is inside the stone and inside him is Rameezs consciousness

Zafar gains conciousness,but not his but Rameezs

”WTF? What happend? ” Asks Rameezs past self or I say Zafar.He then looks up and sees that Faisal has pointed a gun at him.Before he could say anything Faisal kills him….

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