eez was remembering his memories and the echoes of his thoughts were bouncing in his mind,the peacefulness and silentness turns into a disgusting screech noise and a bright light is shining infront of him and as he moves forward he is moving forward towards the shining light.And..


Huh? What happened to me, what is this? Why am I here? What is this pla- wait is this my room? This place just oddly seems familiar so it just has to be my room.Though the question is how did I get here? Maybe I am lucid dreaming after all?

Rameez is all confused as he looks in his mirror he sees that he looks younger.He can process anything.

”What is this,am dreaming? No! Rameez get real.Collect your thoughts.All I remember is that I saw Zuhaib,Faisal and Zafar and a weird looking machine which led me to that weird dimension and then am here. So does this means I travelled back in time? ”

He doesn want to believe this that because his past is filled with trauma.He doesn know if he should be happy or worried. A normal person would be happy because he can change the future now, but Rameez just didn realize it yet! He panicked around to see everything around him and sees a pen and he stabs his self with the pen in his palm.

”Ahhhhhh! Shit why the ** did I stab myself uhhhh. That hurts like sh*t

”Get out of your room you bastard and get down,have breakfast you are lucky we are even giving you this.Didn you hear me? Stop acting spoiled.Don make me say that again. ”

The footsteps could be heard,going further away. Guess who it was? It was his father how surprising.

Rameez tries to get through and stabs himself but nothing happens execpt he is now in pain.He holds his hand to stop the bleeding it was really painful so he grabs a bandage from the drawers and puts it around his wirst.

As the family already started eating.



Still eatin- oh Rameez already walked down stairs with a traumatized look on his face.He sits down and before he could start eating,he is interrupted by his father saying

”Where are your manners boy? ”

Huh? oh yeah I m supposed to greet them ”Good morning ”

”Hmm ”

What,just hmm? Well what ever.Huh others are not going to say anything,well whatever I don care anyways ”

So as Rameez sits down on the chair for breakfast.There could be seen four more members of the family the table.Ma,Pa,Big bro,Small sis,Small bro

They all finish their breakfast and the father drops all of them to the school.In school Rameez sees others with their friends chatting and he is all alone.Rameez doesn have any friends but alot of bullies.Mans got like 20 bullies.Though the whole school bullies him but we are talking about specific ones,the ones who have ruined is life.

Rameez walks up to his class and sits in his chair.As he is sitting and minding his own business. Two muscular boys walk upto Rameez and asks him with a deep

”Did you do our homework? ”

Rameez thinks about which homework these cheap cbums are talking about and he remembers that these 2 boys are the ones who bullied him in highschool

He doesn want to bother with anyone so he checks his back if there is homework but only his.He looks up to see them glaring at him homework

” Nope I didn do it ”

” What? ”

” You ret*rd or some shit? I said I didn do it ”

One of the boys grabs and pulls Rameez from his collar and asks

”Tell me did you do the homework or not? ”

Rameez doesn like his attitude because he is a billionaire and these are just some normies.Well what he doesn realise is that he was a billionaire .And he proceeds to order them

”Remove your hand of my collar ”

”Huh? What did you say? ”

”I won repeat my self,so you better do it now ”

”Hmm,seems like someone is trying to stand up for himself. I admire that.But look your attitude is not going to scare so you better fight.First you didn do our homework and now you are ordering us? ”

”Seems like you have a hearing problem,well I will say it agai- ”

Before Rameez could finish he is gifted with punch.The bullies proceed to punch him,kick him.After the beating is done.Rameez can be seen laying down on the floor.Wow what a great start of living the life again!

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