ened after he was kicked.Oh wait! Now he remembers that his life flashed infront of him

”Why don you complain to your parents about how you get bullied.I am sure they will do something about it.I mean you always get in trouble.You always get beaten up by the bullies ”

Rameez doesn know what the nurse was talking about.Like come on! Its been so many years since he grew up and stopped going to school.But Rameez tries to remember


Still remembering*


Rameez remembers that he always use to get beaten in school for many reasons but non of the reasons were his fault.Well the nurse always felt pity for him because he was targeted by the whole school.She was the only one who didn targeted him.Thats why they had a good relationship with each others.Not that kind of relationship that you are thinking

”Oh yeah! I don even care at this point.This is just normal. They wouldn really care anyways ”

”Well I wonder,how do you always manage to forgive them? ”

Hmm forgive them? Rameez thought.Oh yeah I always used to forgive them for all of their doings.Its really hard to forgive.

”Well anyways,you most of the your parents don get to know about this stuff but today they came. So you will be able to tell them. Because school doesn complain to your parents.And you also hide things from your parents.But today your parents came to school.So I don think if it will be easy for you to hide ”

”What? My parents are here? ”

”Y-Yeah, why are you worried? ”

Someone knocks on the door*

Door opens*

Oh its the principle!

”Rameez your parents are here to pick you up.If you can walk right now the go with your parents to home.Otherwise you can stay here a bit longer if you want ”

A voice come from outside of the room*

”There is no need for you to allow him to stay a bit longer principle.We will get going now ”

”Hmm? Are you sure? ”

”Yeah ”

”Okay! Umm Rameez I m sorry but your father wants to take you home now so you gotta get going ”

Rameez panics*

What is this feeling? I m a grown up now.Why am I scared of my parents? Ahh damn! Sighs* Calm down

He gets up goes outside of the room. As he steps outside he can see his mother sitting on the couch present in the hallway of the school.He notices that his mother is gazing down and trying not to make an eye contact with him

As he stares at his mother,someone taps on his shoulder.He turns around and sees his father expressionlessly staring at him while looking down on him.

Oh shit! I m dead.Heheh! Rameez thought as he panicked

”Come with me ”

Yep definitely I m dead for sure now.I remember when I was a child.When ever I did something wrong in public hed always show that expressionless face.And when we used to get home hed whoop me hard.I m so damn rich,but still I can do anything in my defense

All three of them get out the school and they sit in the car.As his father starts driving to the home,he dosen say a word

Soon they get home and the father grabs Rameez from his arms,takes him to his room and throws him on the bed.As his father takes out his belt he asks him

”Tell me what did you do? ” Obviously he knows what Rameez did but still asks him to see if tells the truth

”Listen to me.Look there were these to boys who were trying to pick on me.They told me to do their homework and as a sensible man I didn do it.So they started to fight me ”

His father stops and gets rid of his angry expression into calm one

Huh? He believed me? There is no way.He usually dosen believe me-


Rameez looks back up after getting slapped he sees father who as a belt in his hand.And he switches towards the metal side

Before Rameez could say a thing,his father hits him with the belt using all of his power.As Rameez is in pain,his father hits him again and again and rains down

”You **ing liar! ” His father yells as he is still hitting him

”Is that why I **ing raised you up,you **ing piece of retarded turd? When I went to the school the principal told me that,YOU were the one who told those to boys to do your homework.And they didn do it so you tried fight them.But **! You could do anything. All of your classmates told me that you were the one who was trying to pick up on those two boys ”

Rameez couldn believe

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