As Rameezs father beats him he thinks to himself

So they have blamed me again?

”Whats up with you? Why aren you screaming like you usually do? ” His father asks as he stops beating him

Silence ”… ”

”What ever ” His father proceeds to leave without questioning more.Well that should be enough beating don ya guys think…Hmm? Rameez is thinking something.Lets hear

Sigh*…When I was a kid.I was always blamed by my classmates.They all hate me with all their might.The hate isn always the reason I get framed by my fellows. Sometimes when my bullies get involved with me they sometimes force our classmates or witnesses to put the blame on me and lie. Sighs again*

… I really hated my life but I never chosed to commit suicide because their was no point in committing one.That is because

Footsteps could be heard because someone is walking up

I just thought if I committed suicide,will they even feel guilty,will they have even the slightest bit of regret. No! They will be laughing at me for committing suicide and So thats why I had been trying to work hard on my novel to make it famous and make these people who once made fun of me. Regret what they did. Writing novel was the only thing I could do.Because I was really bad at studies but I was passionate about story writing.


So I made a commitment to become rich by becoming a writer.A profession which people told me I couldn achieve anything from but I became worlds most famous writer and even started a company for writing books and made career for many writers…

The door opens*

Rameezs mother walks in medicine

”Rameez are you okay ? ” As she comes in the room she walks upto the bed and sits on it.She takes out the medicines and lunch for him.

”Take of your shirt I will put on the gel on your bruises ” Rameez doesn say a thing and takes off his shirt and his mother proceeds to put on the medicine on his back

”You know? I never thought you could do something such as bullying someone.I Really don believe it.Biggest reason being that,those boys are stronger than you.So that proves that you were the one was bullied.Don worry I m always by your side ”

Yeah, I know how much you are by my side.You fu*king snake.But still in the whole house she was the only one who cared about me the most.Though she always used to tell my paps what ever secret I shared with her

As his mother is putting on the medicine on his back.I will tell you guys why he is hated by everyone.But I won just say it,I will show you guys flashback


”Now Rameez come forward ”

”Haah! I got 98% this time in my exams.Hehe! look at you guys,I feel sorry for you and your parents.Because you guys can never make them proud ”

”Rameez is always a show off ”

”Damn he always gets above 90% ”

”His parents must be really proud of him ”

”Bro, I hate him so much.He is always so egoistic on his doings ”

”Man I wish I could fu*king kill him ”

Chatters of the children could be heard from the room.Few hours later the school gets over and Rameezs father comes to pick him up

”Look paps,I got 92% in my exams ”

”Well done my son.Now then tell me where do you wanna go for dinner ”

”Yeah paps,you are the best ”

The next day*

”Children now then tell me, Why did the Newton decide to discover gravity when the apple fell on his head? ”

” Because he was beating his meat ” Rameez said

”Sheesh ”

”Sheesh ”

Egoistic you see! He is thinks he greater than the teacher. One year passes and Rameez is now in 7th grade.Teacher is distributing the result of the students exams to them. Children are coming forward and taking their result

”Ahmed 78% ”

”Lets goo! Thats a good percentage ”

”Rashid 67% ”

”Oh boy! I have really drifted away from studies.Gotta world hard next time ”

”Rameez 29% ”

Rameez stands up in shock.Because he was always so good in studies and He finally failed for the first and well from then on forever, because he never passed again.And obviously his father bet him like shit because he failed.

Well in conclusion.He was hated before because he was egoistic on his achievements.Now he is hated because he was egoistic but now always fails.All teachers hate him because he was arrogant and he used to disrespect teachers and he was a class clown.All students hate him because he was arrogant and egoistic and was a class clown.

Now he has alot of bullies.The students hate him. Teachers hate him. His family thinks of him as disappointed. Oh! Rameez is done getting bandaged

”Now you should take a rest.Go to sleep and I will wake you up for lunch.After you have your lunch go and study.Okay? ”

”Yeah fine ”

”Okay I will go now then ”

The mother walks to the door and leaves

”Ughh! ” Rameez goes to sleep.




Hours passes and he is woken up by his mother for lunch.He gets freshed up and goes to have his lunch…

At the dining table*

”Did father leave? ” Rameez asked

”Yeah ”

Yeah… Remember when I said that,not I but Rameez said it that her mother is a snake.Yeah exactly! She was all kind and sincere Before the nap but she just cooked Rameezs least favorite food Biryani. But because he is not ungrateful,he just ate it without any problems

” I think you should probably apologize to your father for causing him so much trouble ”

Thats what she said…Her mother. Rameez thinks about it for a while and decides to actually do it. After all his father came all the way form his office just to beat the shit out of Rameez

Well anyways.Now that Rameez had his lunch.Now he gotta go and study as he agreed to his mom.So Rameez goes and picks up his phone starts going through

Well I know he shouldn do that but he already knows everything and you know the reason why he knows everything.

As he is going through his phone he found out that the students from his school are trash talking about him on internet.Those students think that Rameez is not on social media but Rameez has made a fake account.That is because he once found out from one his classmate that his classmates trash talk about him on social media.So he made an account that doesn reveal a thing about him.So that he can see what ever they trash talk about him

And when I say social media.I mean it.Yep! They used to talk about it on social media.About what happened to Rameez in school today. You can kinda say Rameez is a famous guy but not in a good sense.He is kinda a meme on social media

Well Rameez is really triggered as he is going through their social media.So he decides to watch some hentai to calm him self down a bit.I mean he is kinda 18+ to watch these kinda stuff.Isn he? Well anyways after watching some hentai,he dosen touch the books and continues watching other stuff.


The door closes and his father is back

Door shuts up*

”Oh you are back? His mother

”Can you see,bitch? ” His father

”You are always this rude.I just ask you a small question to greet you ”

”Huh? Asking someone if there something even though saw them do that thing is now greeting? Come here,come here ”

”Just shut up, you are always looking for a way to fight ”

”Just shut up, you are always looking for a way to fight ”

”Stfu! I just came from work and you don have manners to offer me water ”

”Wdym,I don have manner,can you get water yourself?

”STFU Bi*ch! ” Oh boy seems like they don have a good relationship with each other.Well the father just shouts and tells her to prepare the dinner for him as goes to change and get fresh.What a rude daddy

He gets fresh and sits on the dinner table to eat food with Rameezs mother

” Hey! I am sorry for before. Its just that I was tired from beating Rameez and he already made me so angry, I just lost my temper ”

”What is Rameez doing? ”

”No problem.And Rameez is studying in his room ”

”What studying? Well thats surprising.He doesn usually starts studying after I whoop him ”

”I told him to study ”

”Oh! That explains it.I will go check up on him after I m dome eating ”

”Sure ”

”And what about others?

”Yeah they just had dinner and now they are in their room.Don know what doing ”

After some time*

The father is done eating and now he is going to check up on Rameez.He is walking up to his room and opens the door.And what he is sees gets his blood boiling.

”You fu*king bastard! How dare you use your phone right after what you did. Don you have even little shame.You made me come all the way to your school from my office and here you are completely chill.I thought you were studying but how can I forget that you are still that useless bastard ”

Rameez panicked at first when his father barged in his room.But now he is angry for calling him useless

Useless? I m the one who got you out of your debt don you forget that Obviously he is thinking about his past or future

”I m not useless ” Oh Rameez is quit daring even though he knows what happened to him in the noon.

” Gasps! Y-you dare talk back to me? You bastard get your pants off, I am going beat the shit of you now ”

Wait! Why did he tell Rameez to take of his pants. Huh? Did he just grab a belt? No! Don tell me. What is he gonna do?! He starts walking up to Rameez and starts whooping him again. Ahhh! I am glad he didn do something else but is killing Rameez.

How family friendly!

”You useless bastard, you dare to back answer me.You have become quite daring today.You think you can challenge me.First you tried bullying some kid but failed and now you are acting tough against me? ”

His father is in complete rage.He keeps on hitting him and hitting him and dosen stop.Rameez can take it anymore and he starts screaming.Hearing his scream comes his mother and his siblings.His mother quickly stops his father and sends him to the other room while his siblings stay in his room. Obviously how can they go without teasing him?

And so they start teasing him

”You useless piece of shit.You can do anything and you tried to bully some kids at school now you disrespecting father.Whats wrong with you.Huh? You really have no shame.Now you are crying? ”

Rameez breaks down in tears hearing those words but he tries to hide them under his pillow

I didn do anything wrong.Why is this happening to me?

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