”Stop crying now you f*cking retard ”

”Yeah exactly! Like bruh,you just made father angry and tried bullying some kids in school.Now you are crying.Even though its all your fault ”

”Bullying? Bruh! You think that was bullying? He got f*cking owned by those kids ”

”HAHA! F*ck yeah ”

”HEHEH! Kiddo really thought he could do sh*t but unfortunately he got roped by them ”

Soon Rameezs siblings walk out side of his room after cracking those lame jokes and insulting him.

”Sobbing* Why did this happened to me? I didn do anything.I just wanna go back.Back to my old self.Why do I gotta suffer like this agian? I have been treated like this since my childhood.Why again?

Last thing I remember was that I was with Faisal and Zuhaib.What did they do, and what was that thing infront of me? Was it a machine? Perhaps a time travelling machine? But why can I move around and why can people see me and instract with me? Besides why am I in my younger selfs body, that shouldn happen? I have a alot of questions but no one to answer ”


”Just sit down.Why did you started beating him? ”

”The as*hole wasn study,just a lie.Besides when I questioned him, he started back answering me ”

”If you gonna ask him questions he will obviously- ”

”Thats not what I meant.He was disrespecting me.Thats the matter ”

”Still you don have any reason to hurt him like that.It wasn that big of a case that you enraged upon him.You really didn do right over there.He is just a kid you shouldn act like that towards him. You want him to get good grades and make the family proud, you must be more gentle to him.You need to stop letting your emotions take over you ”

”Yeah you might be right but how long do I gave him chance,huh? If it wasn for you I wouldve kicked him out of the family long ago ”

”Just I told you, not to think like that.I suggestion go and apologize to him ”

”Apologize? Did he ever apologize to me? I think not and I m not just mentioning the grades over here ”

”You really don understand it.Well what ever just rest now.I will tells others to do aswell and I will talk to Rameez ”


”Did you see how he started crying Raheela ” Raheela Rameezs small sis*

”Yeah yeah, its just something satisfying about seeing him cry like this ”

”Exactly, he always tries to act tough and tries to hold back his tears and answer back with pride ”

”Rehman! I wouldn call that pride.Daddy always destroys his pride and if he thinks he regains his pride by acting tough, he is just embarrassing him self ” Anas Rameezs small bro* So now you know the ones who were bullying Rameez were them.His small bro and big sis.And what about his big bro? Well he just dosen give a f*ck about Rameez

The door opens*

”Oi Anas, go back to your room and sleep.Now! You too Shugufta, turn off the lights ”

”Fine I m going ”

”I don wanna any of your rooms lighs switched on again.Got it shugufta? ”

”Yeah yeah! rest assured ” Sigh* ”So annoying ”


The mother leaves the room.As she walks to Rameezs big bros room.She notices that his light are already off, so she doesn bother with him and directly goes to Rameezs room

knock* knock* knock*


”Uhh- Rameez? Hey? ” The mother walks upto his bed where he is justing on it staring at her soul

”Tell me everything. What happend, why did he start beating you? ”

”You know how he is ”

”Don say that. Come on now, tell me ”

Rameez who is embarrassed to say that and give his explanation to his mother like a kiddo.That is because he ain a kid, well kinda.

”Hey Rameez? You know I am waiting ”

Rameez is hesitant about whether he should tell her or not…So he chooses to tell her

”Yeah, It was my fault. I know he was just tired and I triggered him even more. Just do thought that answering hack would help saving my pride but I realised that I was just making a fool of myself ”

Heh! He obviously didn tell her that his paps bet him coz he wasn studying. Well you know what it is Pride

”What did you say to him? ”

”Why don you ask him about that. I don think I wanna say it ”

”Hmm! Thats it, that was the only reason? ”

”Yeah ”

”Fine just sleep now, alright? Also and, just forget about that okay? I will leave now ”

Switches off the lights*

”Yeah got it ”

I guess I will sleep too





Ahh~ yawns* ”Why is everyone staring at me. So annoying, don they know that I am the top 10 most rich/handsome/playboy/phylantrophist billionaire in the world. Oh yeah! Who am I kidding? They obviously don know me. Heh! Thanks to Zuhaib and Faisal. I swear if I meet them in this timeline I will make sure to throw a good amount of hands on them. No! Now that think about it.Where can I find them? ”


”Hey you jacka*s, watch where you going! ”

”What did ya say to me? ”

”Huh ”

”Who do you think you are talking to kid? ”


”You are smaller than me and you calling me a kid? ”

”Omg! Look at that kid dropped on the floor ”

”Yeah must be embarrassing trying to act tough and then the next thing you know is that you are on the floor ”

”Hey what do you say, should we help him? ”

”Heheh! Lets do it ”

Uhh~ that hurts.Those bastards don know how to respect their elders

”Hey want some help? Give me your hand ”

”Huh! Who are you guys? ”

” Don mind us. Just helping you ”

”Oh thanks ”

Seems like there is still hope for this youth

Rameez raises his hand towards those guys so they can help him stand up.Though its not that big of help though



Stands up*

”Hey come walk with us ”

”Oh okay ”

”Hey whats your name? ”

”Rameez ”

”So you are in which grade? ”

”Huh? Oh well 9th ”

”Oh! Nice… Aren you gonna ask me the same? ”

”Oh no I am good. I don wanna know your grade ”

”Ahh? Okay. Just for general knowledge I let you know mine ok? Well its 9th too ”

”I really didn need to know but I will take it ”

”HaHa! ” Akward laugh*

”So you are in which class ”

”Why? ”

”No just simply.Nothing personal ”

”I am in, uhh ”

Damn I don even know my own class

Well I wouldn blame Rameez. Like come on, man only went to school for once and that also for 10 mins or something and was unconscious the other time

”Oh yeah I am in B ”

Dosen know his grade so said B

”Oh same ”

What?! Oh well

”Oh nice ”

”But I have never seen you in my class before ”

”Oh that, you probably didn notice me because I am always silent ”

”Yeah that might be the case.So What job does your father do? ”

”Huh! Why are you being so personal? ”

” Oh its nothing personal, just wanna know if your father is a thief or not ”

” What do you mean by that ” Serious*

” I mean what I said ”

”My father is a thief why would you say that? ”

How did he know about that? No! Why does he know about that

” You know its just that alot of scam cases have been occurring in many companies so just asked. Don take me wrong though ” Innocent*

” What do you mean by not to take you wrong? You are saying that my father is a thief ” Angry*

” When did I say that your father is a thief ”

What did I do? Innocent*

”You- ”

”Hey lets not fight now ”

”Who are you now? ”

”Huh? You are telling me that you didn notice this whole time we were walking. Chya! Thats embarrassing. Well I am his best friend ”

” Then you teach him yourself ”

” Oh yeah, Hey Faisal ”


”Yeah ”


”Why did you slap me? ”

” You know the reason ”

”Oh yeah I do. Hey are you happy now? ”

”Your name us Faisal? ”

”Yeah.By the way, sorry for saying that ”

” Okay ”

”Okay? Thats it? Heh! ”

”Heh! ”

”Hey Rameez ”

”What ”

”I am thirsty ”

” so? ”

”So can you give me your bottle of water? ”

”Sigh* Help your self ”

”Thanks ”

Faisal kiddo takes Rameezs bottle and starts drink from it.But wait! I smell something fishy

”Gulp Gulp* ” Smirk*



”… ”

”WTF! Why the f*ck did you pour water on me ”

”Oh did I ? My bad. By the way Rameez.I like your cut g ”

”What? ”


” You motherf*cker ”

”Haha! Hey run now ”

” Okay! Haha ”

”You bastards where do you are going to run to- ”


”BI*CH ”

”Haha ! What an idiot ”

”Lol! Right ”

Woah! Those kiddos really just tried to humiliate Rameez.They are so dead.Because Rameez is now angry and is chasing the kiddos down to smack them good.

Those kiddos are so annoying.They are really making Rameez run the whole school.Oh wait! Hah! The kids finally went inside a block.Obviously Rameez chases them down to the block.Great! Now they are running in the corridor, hitting everyone in their way

”Hey teach ”

”What? ”

” This kid is trying to chase us down and beat us ”

”What who is it ”

”Its this kid.His name is Rameez ”

”Hey Rameez! Why are trying to fight them ”

”What? They poured water on me and hit me on the head and my a*s ”

”What? Have some shame. Using words like that infront of a teacher.I wanna see your parents ”

”But what about them? Call their parents too ”

”Why should I? ”

”They did mischief too ”

”Why should I believe you ”

”Why should you believe them ”

” Well I m not calling your parents because you are trying to bully then but for using foul language and disrespecting a teacher ”

”Thats not a reason to call my parents. Besides, when did I disrespect you ”

”Arguing with teacher and trying to teach the teacher ”

”What heck are you talking about ”

”Rameez you bastard ”

”Now who are you? ”

A boy with a nerdy look walks upto them.He seems in a pretty bad shape and beaten up

”You asking who am I ? Stop trying to pretend ”

” What? ”

”Hey Rameez what did you do with this kid now ”

”I didn - ”

”I know teach let me tell you ”

” Okay tell me Faisal What did this kid do ”

”He firstly beat him and stole his phone.Inshort tried to bully him ”

”What?! ”

”Heys what going over here ”

”Oh principle. This kid tried to chase down these kids a beat them and bet this kid over here and stole his phone ”

”What? Hey Rameez you are no different.Just like your father ”

”What do you mean by that ? ”

”A thief just like your father ”

”What did you say ”

”What are you angry ”

”You son of a theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”What? What are you guys talking about? ”

”Son of theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”Son of theif ”

”I m not a son of a theif ”

”Go and die.Don forget to take your dad with you ”

”Yeah just die already ”

”Why should I kill myself? ”

”For how long are you gonna hide it,that your father was a theif ”

” No he isn you motherf*ckers ”

”So now you are gonna disrespect us, Huh? Eventhough you father is a scammer ”

”Shut up ”




”How about we kill you our selves you son of a theif ”

”Stop! Stop hitting ”



”Please stop ”

Even though Rameez asked then to stop hitting him, they still continued hitting him.Some punched him in the face, some punched him in stomach and some kicked his balls.All Rameez could do is endure the pain


”Principle ! What are you doing ? ”

”Hey are you really gonna kill him ”

”Gotta kill this filthy thing ”

”What? No! Please don shoot me ”

”Stfu ”

”No please don .I am sorry ”

”I will just have to end your generation to stop your filth ”

Saying that the principle aims at Rameezs balls

”No please don shoot- ”

Thaa* Gunshot*




”Hey Rameez wake up ”

”W-What? ” Can hear properly*

”Wake up! You have school today, don forget that ”

”Huh ! School? ”

”Yeah school.Now get ready I am gonna leave now. I don wanna see you sleeping again when I come back.Got it? ”

”Yeah ”


”So it was just a nightmare? I am glad ” Reliefed*

” What a weird nightmare.I should probably get ready now ”

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