”Hey Rameez! Wake up ”

”What ” Can hear properly*

”Wake up already! Get ready for school,its 6 am. You don wanna get scolded by your father or do you? ”

The mother leaves*

”Uhh~ What just a dream. Hehe! Glad just a dream ”

Rameez gets ready and preps down stairs for breakfast, where he sees his 2 siblings smile while looking at each other while also pointing at Rameez with their eyes

Which Rameez obviously ignores,its not like he can do something about it. Rameez then sits on the chair and starts eating but before he starts to eat he says something

”Morning ”

Ha! That was important

”Morning ”

”Good morning ”

Which came from his parents and his siblings ignored it. His parents also don teach them any manners. Know why? Because they are special

Rameez looks at everyones face and his papa is just focusing on food. His 2 siblings who were staring at him, smiling, start to eat their food knowing Rameez is looking at them which he obviously noticed. Then he looked at his big bro,who doesn give a f*ck about him. He then looks at his mama

Up nod* (Why are you staring at everyone)

Shakes head* (Oh! Nothing)

Wow they can talk through their eyes! Oh well! Now everyone is done eating and they are going to sit in the car.

Everybody sits in the car*

Before they reach school the stops the car in a shady area surrounded by mud and stones.Only few houses could be seen around that area

”Oi Rameez! ”

”Yeah? ”

”Get out ”

”Huh? ”

”What, huh? I was clear wasn I. Get out of the car ”

”B- Oh! ”

Yeah I remember now why I is telling me to get off.But do I have to. Like comeon why do you gotta do this to your son

”Dont make repeat again.Get the f*ck out ”

”Fine ”

Opens the door and gets the f*ck out*


As Rameezs father drive away he stares at them and wishes that they would get in a car crash.Rameez doesn waste and starts walking his way to the school which isn really that far

So as Rameez is on his way to school I will tell you why his paps told him to leave the car.Its because Rameez doesn has any respect in the school and is always looked as a piece of sh*t.But thats not the case for his siblings, so other children don bully Rameezs siblings along him for being his siblings. Obviosly it was his siblings who asked their father to drop them separately and not with Rameez, and so because their father love them more then Rameez he decided to do drop 2 miles before reaching school and not thinking about how Rameez has to always walk his way to school in hot sunny day.

Anyways, Rameez reaches the school now where he walks upto his class and sits down on his chair

Chatter* Chatter*

Everybody is talking in themselves but nobody wants to interact with Rameez.Sad life.Though he waits for the teacher to arrive.Nobody waits for the teacher but why Rameez is waiting? No! Its not because he is lonely and wants to spend time studying its because he wants to know how his teach looks like.Its been years and he doesn remember his teachers face.

After a while the door opens and his teacher walks in.

As his teacher walks in Rameezs eyes widens. Know why? Because his class teacher was the same from his nightmare.The one he just had this morning or night.

The children get seated to thier chair and greet the teacher

”Good morning sir ” The whole class*

Huh! What? Its the same person from the dream that I just had. I really didn remember my teachers face before because its been years but was it really him? No! I don think so, how can that be possible?

No wait! I heard somewhere the people you imagine are the people that you have seen somewhere in life, so maybe I could see his face clearly in my dream because I already knew how he looked like. Though he did look familiar

Rameez is lost in thoughts but what he doesn know is that everyone is glaring at him for not standing up and greeting the teacher and soon the teacher also yells at him which was obvious

”Rameez! You don any shame do you? There a teacher infront of you but you refuse to stand up? What ego do you have that you take yourself higher than me and refuse to stand up?! ”

”Uhh~ I am sorry sir! I didn mean to show you attitude or something.I was just lost in thought ”

”Oh really? Then why don you tell us what you were thinking ”

”Hehe! ”

”LoL! What an total idiot ”

”Bruh I hope he wasn thinking about hentai ”

Ughh! I hate it when teachers do this. Just what makes you think I will tell the truth? I am obviously gonna lie

”Uh! Sir I was thinking about how great of a teacher you are. You are really caring about your students and I was just thinking that when I was send home yesterday and hoped I wouldn be dropped out of school. You just might be worried about me its because thats just how you are ”

”Really? But I don care if you get dropped out of school ”

”Haha! ”

”Haha! ”

Just what kind of teacher are you?

”But sir, you are just so amazing at teaching that I couldn stop but admire your teaching ”

”Okay and then tell me what subject do I teach you? ”

Just why would you ask me that? Isn it obvious…

He doesn know what subject he teaches him. He didn remember what his teacher looked like, just how is he going to remember what subject he teaches him

Rameez who is all confused tries to look at the timetable on the board and looks at the 1st subject which is chemistry… so you know what happens

”What happened Rameez, don you remember what subject I teach you? Just now you said that you couldn stop admiring my teaching but you don even know what subject I teach you ”

”I know sir, you teach us chemistry ”

”Wtf? ” Somebody from the children said that but the teacher ignores it and focuses on Rameez

So you are gonna ignore the fact that someone just swore?

”Thats completely wrong ”

I knew it Rameez said chemistry because it was the 1st subject on the time table and he thought he was the 1st teacher to walk in so he might just be chemistry teacher

”Your have no shame lying like that and trying to butter your teacher.I am your English teacher ”

”Exactly, I knew it! I was just wondering why would an amazing teacher like you ask such an obvious question to a student.Though I know the fact that I am weak in studies but still i knew you wouldn ask that question simply so I decided to answer it wrong just to see your reaction and to see what you was actually in your mind ”

”Oh? Fine then sit down everyone now I am gonna start. Take out your books ” The teacher flatters*

Hehe! I finally got it. Now lets take out the english books and focus

Rameez takes out his English book and gets ready but…

”Okay children! We are going to start a new lesson today. That is ”Human reproductive system ”

What? Human reproductive system in English? No wait why does everybody have their biology book open. Is it biology period? Did the teacher trick me? Hehe! Well whatever its not embarrassing at all Rameez people do make mistakes. Just take out your biology book… I didn bring it today? Man my life really sucks

Rameez can even share book with anyone because he sits alone. Nobody wants to sit with him not because he is gloomy but because they hate him. Rameez then notices the time table on the board and sees that there is no biology period today

” Sir is this supposed to be substitute? ” Random girl asks*

”Yeah I am taking this period ”

”But I didn bring my biology book today ”

”Didn I tell you guys to bring your biology book today? I told you guys I will be taking todays chemistry class yesterday.You would know if you guys focus and don behave like Rameez. Anyways just sit and hear my lecture ”


Seriously? Cracking jokes about your beloved student

The period continues as the teacher talks about sex or reproduction.The period overs and the two bullies from yesterday who bullied Rameez and blamed him, yep those bullies walk upto him and start insulting him

”Yo pu*sy! How was your stay at home. Seems like your own father doesn trust you ”

”Life must suck for you doesn it. But don worry I have a solution for you. Wanna know? Well I will tell you anyways because of how good of a friend you are. So to end all this just commit suicide ”

”Yep just die, your life is meaning less anyways ”

”Nobody loves you so just die and do us a favor ”

”Heh! Like anybody loves you ”

”What did you? ”

”Still have the ear problem? ”

”Bi*ch just never learns ”

The bully raises his hand to punch Rameez but the next teacher walks in

”We will see you in recess ”

”Oh? Am I that handsome that you wanna see me during recess? ”

”You bi*ch ”

The two bullies get seated and the period also overs after a while and the next period starts which also finishes after a while now its the break period and Rameez is in the washroom and the bullies are waiting for him

Ahh~ I have been holding my pee for 2 damn periods its finally break. So relaxing


Rameez washs his hands and gets out of the washroom.As he walks to his class forgetting the fact that he is gonna get beaten up. Notices someone walk past him.He glances at the person and he finds out that, the person was no one else but Faisal. The same child from his dream. He tries to stop him

”Hey wait ”

”Hmm? Talking to me? ”

”Yeah! Is your name Faisal ”

”Yeah why? ”

”Oh its just that… Umm, are you new? ”

”I am new to the school, why? ”

”Oh no! Its nothing ”

”Okay then ”

How the f*ck can this be possible? Two people from my dream in real life?

As Rameez walks in his class and looks at his table, he sees that there is a cold drink spilled on his table. Rameez is just staring at his table thinking about who might the person be that did this and suddenly someone wraps his hand around Rameez







Takes of the helmet*

”Is this the same school that Rameez studies in? ”

”Yep! We are at the right location. Rameez studies over here ”

”Then lets settle things with that bastard ”

Wait what? Who are these two people on the bike? And what they doing outside of Rameezs school? Besides why they looking for Rameez? Wait is it what I think it is?

The first arc if ”Rich man goes back to his miserable past ”

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