You might be fast but you can endure mine nor his kicks- ”

”Shut up your mouth, you breath stinks ”

”Ahh! Stop scratching my face ”

”Oh? And what if I don ”

Rameez scratches his face to the point where he starts bleeding and gets the marks on his face

But kameena starts kicking him until Rameez stops scrating him

”Stop scratching his face you Bi*ch.I said stop it ”

”Ahh! ”

Kutta tries to hold Rameezs hands and starts pushing them away

”Ahh F*ck! Look what you did to my beautiful face ”

Rameez stands up and punches Kutta on the face


Rameezs punch sends Kutta 3 inches away

and kameen kicks Rameez

”You Bi*ch you got some moves huh? ”

Kameena then punches Rameez which Rameez fails to block.He tries to hit kameena back but Kutta joins kameena and both of then start hitting Rameez. Which leaves Rameez weakend and is bearly able to move




”Damn that kid is getting owned ”

”Exactly. He is even smaller and thinner than those two. They both are taller and muscular ”

”It sure is their win. Though its an unfair fight ”


”Seems like you are at your limit, ain ya? ”

”Ha ! Ha! Ha! yeah you are right about that but ”

Rameez can bearly move and is breathing aggressively

”Do what? You gonna beg us or something? ”

Kicks Rameez*

”Ha! Ha!Ha! No! No way ”

Rameez then starts running towards the labs window where there are kept lots of boxes filled with books. He picks one of them and throws at Kutta which Kutta catches

”Trying use this as a bate- ”

After Rameez throws the box at Kutta he charges at kameena. To which obviously both Kutta and kameena are confused.Why would he throw box at Kutta and charge at kameena instead of him

Kameena tries to kick Rameez which Rameez catches and pushes Kameena towards the wall. Rameez hold kameenas both hands which makes it seem like kameena is the one who is holding Rameez. Kutta seeing this takes the chance and throws the box at Rameez to which Rameez quickly leaves kameenas hands and dodges it and jumps inside the chemistry lab which is completely empty

Any ways the box hits Kameena on the head. And kameena can see properly now.Rameez who is inside the lab picks up an empty test tube and jumps out of the lab and directly throws it at Kutta on the face to which Kutta starts bleeding

”Ahh! F*ck yo F*ck you F*ck you Bi*ch! My face ”

”Hehe! Seems like my victory ”


”Oh wow! Break is over bye ”

The bell rings and Rameez without thinking anything rushes towards his class leaving the area




”Woow! Did you look at that?! The kid got brain! ”

”Yeah he sure does have brain ”




The recess is over and Rameez is just sitting on his chair soon Kutta and kameena join the class too but Kutta is wearing a mask and a bandage on his forehead where the test tube hit him.After all he is the one who got the most hurt

Damn! Seems like I really hurt him bad

”Hey kutta and kameena. Why are you both late ”

”Oh miss nothing I got hurt ”

”How did you ”

”I was playing around during recess and a ball hit my face ”

”Bandage for a ball? Seriously? ”

”So what? I can use bandage if get hurt now? ”

”No you can, but kameena why you were late ”

”I was just with Kutta ”

”Why were you. You shouldve come back to the class ”

”He is my friend. I can wait for my friend if he gets hurt now? ”

”No you can ”

The both of them get seated and everyone start thinking to themselves that Kutta just got hurt. was he in a fight? Did he lose? Etc.

After a while*

”So the magnets attract with each other becuase of the magnetic force around them- ”

”I am sorry miss to interrupt but Principle is calling Kutta,kameena and Rameez ”

”Okay ”

”Wait did Kutta get into a fight with Rameez ”

”Did Kutta lose to Rameez?

All of them reach to the principals office

”You all know why I called you here,right ”

”Yes sir ”

”We found a broken test on the back of the chemistry lab. Rameez are you idiot? why would you throw a test tube at a person ”

”Sir what about them? ”

”And you Kutta and kameena why did you both try to start fight with him. Are you all psycho or something? Someone is throwing around boxes someone is throwing testubes. You both started ganging up on Rameez. How is that a fair fight. You guys should have shame,teaming up on someone like Rameez ”

What do you mean by the you old man

”Seems like I will have to suspend you all- ”

”Sir heres the money you are waiting for. Thousand bucks and let all of us go ”

”What do you mean? You think you can buy me Kutta ”

”Don try to hide it sir because Rameez is here.Just take the money.I know thats what you have been waiting for ”

”Fine you all are okay to leave.But don do this again ”

Yeah like we would listen

They walk out of the room to their class

Damn both of them are really rich.They literally bought the principle.Maybe thats how they always used to blame me

”Why did you guys give the money for me? ”

”Just shut up and keep walking ”

”But I asked a question ”

”I said shut up or else I will beat you ”

”Heh! beat me? Don forget I won 2 against one ”

”It wasn fare you used objects ”

”You talking about whats fare? It was 2 against one how is that fare ”

”I said shut the f*ck up ”

”Hey Rameez do you wanna get beaten up? if not then follow Kuttas orders ”

”Orders? Do guys want me to tell everyone about who won ”

”Who is gonna believe you? ”

”Oh well no one ”

”Exactly! Now keep walking ”




The school is finished and everyone is going to their home

”Sigh! Damn my body hurts. It was a rough day but atleast I won ”

”Hey kid stop ”

”Huh? who are you guys? ”

”Thats not important. Do you know a guy named Rameez ”

”Huh? Rameez? ”

”Yes. Do you? ”

”Oh well its- ”

Wait is that Murda Zameers logo on their bike? No way are they? I remember this. This when I got involved in a gang stuff. That was one of my darkest moments of life

” Uhh! Well he didn come today.He is probably not gonna come fro a while ”

”Okay! You can go ”

”Okay then ”

Walks away*

”Hey kid! Can you help us find him ”

”Huh me?

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