Lost Radiance

Radiance of the Reborn


Sound of tanks and warplanes. People screaming. Men, women, and children ran through the streets.

The sound of bombs dropping

The odor of charred flesh and hair; people dying in agony

Cities being bombed.

Mages use spells to shoot down airplanes

People being burned alive.

Soldiers trying to protect their homes and families from enemy fire

Thousands of bodies were scattered on the ground.

Men and women scream in agony as they die.

Ships are being sunk with hundreds on board.


In a world where conflicts between nations were rampant, magic was desired by everybody.

There were many countries that held onto this desire for power and used it to fight each other. The only ones who tried to avoid conflict were those who had no hope of winning against them. They would run away from the conflict and try to live peacefully.

But that didn last long either. As soon as one country fell into ruin, another nation would come in and take its place.

Even though everyone knew how dangerous fighting wars could be, nobody wanted to give up the power they gained from war. It became an endless cycle.

Countries started building big factories near their borders so they could make a lot of weapons quickly and give them to their soldiers.

Some countries had enough money to build giant portals that acted like gates, allowing them to transport troops directly into enemy territory. Others used teleportation spells to send smaller armies over. There weren any rules or regulations regarding what type of technology you used for warfare; anything was allowed!

The world then began to suffer the consequences of the war.

The oceans began to dry up.

A disease spread throughout the land, killing millions of people.

The air began to deteriorate.

That was when a mysterious god appeared.

”The world and its creatures are so interesting; they have a power that threatens ours, but they prefer to participate in their stupid wars. ”

”I will restart this stupid creation. Lets see if the following inhabitants can amuse me. ”

In a quick movement and with a smile on his face, the god snapped his fingers.

The mysterious god exterminated every living thing that lived in the world.

The only thing remaining was the foundations of past civilizations; the buildings had deteriorated, and nature had begun to heal after so much destruction.

He thought about creating a new life, but he wasn sure if there was a reason to do so.

What was the point? The only thing that remained was death.

This time, he decided not to create anything.

Instead, he created nothingness.

The nothingness was a big ball of emptiness.

It looked like a black hole surrounded by stars that hadn yet formed.

If a light entered nothingness, it wouldn ever emerge again.

He sat down and watched the destruction after creating nothingness.

The nothingness continued to grow until it covered everything. It began to move around the planet and became known as the Void.

Over time, the void grew larger and wider.

”So boring! ”

The unknown god snapped his fingers, and the void began to shrink and disappear.

It created a huge explosion and blew up most of the world.

All that remained was a lifeless surface.

”Oh well, I guess this is the end. ”

Just when he left Earth, the void started to expand again.

Something appeared in the void, which was filled with nothingness.

It was a child.

The child looked around at the empty space, confused.

The child looked down and saw himself.

”Who am I? ” he asked the space around him. ”How did I get here? Why am I alone? ”

The child kept asking these questions; he eventually realized that he was the only one left.

This was the beginning of a brand-new world.

The kid had no idea why he was born, nor did he know what he should do with his life.

He wandered aimlessly around the barren terrain, wondering if anyone else existed.

As he walked, he came across some ruins that seemed like they might have been part of the previous civilization.

He looked inside them and found a tall pillar inside.

He touched the pillar with his hand.

Nothing happened.

He took a closer look and noticed that it was made of crystal. He also noticed that it was glowing softly.

After looking at the pillar for a while, the boy touched it again.

He felt something.

The crystal pillar was shining brighter.

He touched it a third time, and a beam of light emerged and hit the pillar.

When the light hit it, the light turned into a golden sphere.

As the light faded, a man stood before him.


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