” I don know either, Balmond. I can only make a guess. ” A handsome young man with blue hair replied to the question.

” We could only wait for the boss to know why Francis. Isn that right, Franklin? ” A fat but tall man with a rounded face said as he looked at the person sitting at the corner of the couch.

”… ” The handsome man with a thin body didn reply. Franklin just looked at the fat man and shrugged.

Just as the fat man was about to talk again, they heard the sound of footsteps coming closer to them. Everyone in the room turned around and saw the figure of a handsome young man with blue eyes. His eyes were like a blue jewel that was radiating light in the dimly lit room, captivating everyone who looked at their depth.

” Good. Everyone is here, ” Julian said as he looked at everyone.

” Boss! ”

” Sir! ”

” Boss! ”

The four guys, including Alisa, stood up to welcome Julian. Julian examined everyone for a second before waving his hand down.

” Sit down. I have something to tell you guys, ” she said.

Alisa and the other three guys settled into their chairs as Julian began to speak.

” I have decided on the next location of our operation. ”

” Where is it, Boss? ” The fat man asked with excitement.

” How many are the enemies, Boss? ” Francis also asked hastily.

”… ” Franklin stayed quiet, but there was a sharp glint in his eyes. while Alisa paid great attention to Julians words.

”Im not done yet. You guys should listen first. Ahem. Unlike before, we can move around the area of operation legally. We can make a lot of money and finally make a name for ourselves! ” Julian said with a gleam in his eyes.

” What!? Is that true, boss? ”

” Its way too good to be true! ”

Everyone in the room has different reactions to Julians words. Some were filled with enthusiasm and hope, while others remained skeptical. Especially Alisa, who had been through similar situations in the past and knew it was often too good to be true.

Julian looked at everyone in the room and understood their reactions. He cleared his throat and continued.

” I understand your confusion, even though it is a rash decision. I decided that our next location of operation is New Dawn Online! ” Julian spoke with a firm voice and a spark of enthusiasm in his eyes.

” What!? ” Tammy exclaimed in shock.

”New Dawn Online? The new game released by Radiant Link Corporation!? ” Francis stated in a voice filled with surprise.

”Are you sure about this, Sir? ” Alisa asked with hesitation, not quite believing the words that had just left her bosss mouth.

” Its true. The world of New Dawn Online will be our next area of operation. ” Julian confirmed Alisas question. ” As a matter of fact, I have already prepared the virtual helmet that you guys will use to enter the game. ”

Julian took out a series of boxes and proceeded to open them one by one, revealing several different kinds of virtual helmets. Inside each box were helmets with an array of different colors and designs that glistened in the light.

Everyones eyes widened with surprise as they saw the helmets that Julian had taken out. As they examined the helmets, Julian continued his speech.

” Ill meet you at the game at 4 p.m. Get ready, and be sure to pick Bravehearts Town as your starter town. ” He paused for a moment, allowing everyone to take in the information before continuing. ” The game might be the next big thing. Thats why I want you to take this seriously. ”

”Yes, Boss! ”

”Understood, Sir! ”

” Boss! ”

” Affirmative. ”

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