Meghan heart raced when she saw his back turning slowly to face her. She froze, her breath quickened and her sight averted to the side where she heard the sound of horse galloping towards her.

They are coming! She thought. She knew they will take her and she wanted to run but her broken knee prevented it. She knew she would be punished.

She returned her gaze to the monster and her eyes swiveled, she didn see him. Hes gone! She sighed, and embraced her son tightly.

”What in CHRISTS name happened here?! ” One of the guards exclaimed in shock as they arrived.

The head guard looked at the commotion at his front with widened eyes but he didn forget the reason why he came here. ”Get the little prince and take the princess! ” He ordered firmly, his gaze still swiveled at the horrible scene. ”I will take care of this. ” He added.

Meghan grip on Lucass body tightened, she didn want to let go of her son. Instead, she grabbed her sword and pointed the blade to the guards at her front to threaten and shove them away.

”Don you dare touch me nor my son! ” She threatened, her eyes staring at them fiercely.

Three guards came down from the horse, and approached her in a circle. ”Princess, please put down your sword and hand over yourself. ” He said calmly, his gaze fixed on her and the boy.

”If you dare come closer to me or my son, I won hesitate to kill you. ” She swore, the grip on her sword tightened as she flung it to stop them.

”Please princess, don make it difficult for us. Drop the sword and hand over yourself, and the prince. ” He urged, and Meghan stood up with Lucas at her back.

”Am warning you, get away from… ” She where interrupted by the force grip that dragged her son away from her back, and as she looked at him, one of the guards pinned her elbow to her back and placed his hand above her neck, gently enough to give her space to breathe and to prevent her from running.

She kept jerking. ”Let go of me! Let go of my son, argh! ” She screamed and kicked him in between his leg. The guard jerked but didn let her go.

”Help, take her to the carriage! ” The guard ordered the others and they dragged away to the open carriage.


”You insolent brat!! ” The emperor raged and landed her a heavy slap on her cheek. His face burned in contorted fury.

She turned, and clenched her fist. ”When am talking to you, you look me! ” He countered and gave her another slap at the other side of her cheek. Empress Clara gasped, and Mia smirked.

She hissed, biting her molars really hard. She looked at him. Her face has already been swollen by the slaps and her lips were broken and bleeding.

”You think you
e smart huh? You think you can run away from me, away from your duty? ” He roared.

”I have no duty! ” She returned, and she ended up been slapped again.

”Don you dare raise your voice at me, do you hear me?! ” He angered, and spat at her side.

He laughed. ”Where do you even think you could hide without me knowing, huh?! You just worsened everything, do you hear me, you worsened every single thing! ” He bellowed in rage.

She released a short laugh. ”Aren you ashamed that I was able to test your strength… ” Then she scoffed. ”You are no worse than a weak emperor trying to rule an empire he didn even build but… snatched. ” She stressed the snatched for him to hear and his fist tightened.

He slapped her again and she wiggled her head like a drunker. ”Is that all you have got. Come on, hit me! ” She yelled. ”Hit me… Father! ” She pronounced sarcastically and just as he were about to slap her again, Clara rushed and held his hand.

Clara pleaded. ”Please, spare her. As you can see, she is not in her right senses now.. ”

Meghan scoffed. ”Let him hit me! Come on, hit me, hit me Ruai,! ” She urged and he gritted his teeth.

Mia sighed. ”Oh mother… let go of fathers hand and let him grant her wish. ” She sang, and then laughed.

Clara glared at Mia as she rolled her eyes.

”Guards..!! ” He called.

They stumbled forward and knelt with one knee and bowed. ”Yes, his highness! ” They said.

”Lock her up in the cell and don let her out until further instructions. ” He ordered and released his hand from Claras grip then walked away.

She wailed. ”No, no, no! You an do this, you can do this to me!! Ruai, father! ” She called as they dragged her away.

Claras eyes turned teary. ”Oh my poor child! ”


”Let me out! Let me out! ” She screamed, trying to break free from the cell gate.

”Hey..! ” She called one of the guards who stood at the entrance gate. He looked at her.

”I need to pee. Get me out of here! ” She said, and he looked away.

She frowned. ”Didn you just hear what I just said. ” She stressed but he choosed to ignore her constant wailing.

Her face darkened. ”I command you to let me out! ” She yelled but he still ignored.

She sighed, and then pretended to choke. ”Cough… cough… cough… Water! ” She hardly breathed, she held her chest to disguise the pain really well.

The guard sighted her but still looked away. She played to fall on her knees and hold her chest and it worked, the guard approached her. ”Are you alright my lady? ” He asked.

She coughed. ”Let me out! I need water. ” She breathed again but he shook his head.

The guard sighed. ”Am sorry my lady but the emperor ordered not to be served food nor water to you, until further instructions. ” He gave a look of apology.

She frowned. ”Am… Cough… am choking and I… cough… I need water… cough. ”

The other guard burst into another laughter. ”I thought she said she wants to pee, let her drink her urine. After all, its medicinal. ” He teased and the others laughed half-heartedly.

Her eyes grew cold. ”How dare you! ” She yelled. ”If I am out of here, I will make sure to deal with you all, I promise. ” She vowed and then sighed in resignation.

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