She didn know the girl before her but thinking about Lin Ruo, underestimating that strange girl might put the only family she knows in danger.

”Scared? ” Red hair girl asked staring at reluctant Lijun ”You have never been and if that is what you feel now… ” she step to stand an inch from Lijun and put her face near her ear with a whisper tone uttered ”He… might know whos behind your accident ”

Lijuns eyes deepened from the unexpected information from her. Since the day she woke up for some reason she never asked what happened. Maybe she thought wasn ready for it or she felt scared to face them or maybe both but then the first thing someone told her is the accident was caused by someone.

Her mind raced widely with questions. She couldn comprehend why someone would want her dead. Who exactly she was? but then should she believes them just because they remember what she don ?

I want to remember that one thing. Who I am. she said inwardly

So she decided to change into outfits brought by red hair girl ignoring the mask and cape.

”Your face will cause trouble for me ” said the red hair girl grabbing the mask from the bed and giving Lijun.

Not too long red hair girl led Lijun to the car parking and approached a stunning red car.

They sky was filled with darkness when they were on the road both sitting in front seats and a red hair girl the one driving.

Lijun closed her eyes remaining calm.

Red hair girl glanced at Lijun finding she closed her eyes. She turn on the music and then glance back to Lijun still remained Indifferent.

She smiled and kept driving.

”Is he your alley? ” asked Lijun

”You also know how to joke hah. Asking an idol to be my alley? and I thought you would be sleeping all the way ”

Lijun opened her eyes and glance at a mirror watching a motorbike behind them. She noticed it have been following them for a quite while now.

Red hair girl noticing Lijuns eyes did the same and saw a motorbike behind the car. Not only that more motorbikes increased becoming four of them.

She wasn sure who they were after between her and Lijun but a higher percentage fell to Lijun.

”You won like getting into another accident so hold yourself ”

She stepped into gear changing the car direction at a high-speed but people on motorbikes do the same.

Red hair girl smirked and kept driving her car at a higher speed with the purpose to run from the bikes tailing behind but it was a futile idea because the ones driving the bikes seemed so skilled playing with them.

She wanted to confront them after running becomes impossible so she lead them to a tunnel and turned the direction toward the bikes.

She drove at a higher speed as if about to crush them, strange is that they kept going her way without any fear.

Before she could think of anything the man on a bike pulled out a gun and started firing toward their car getting a car wheels and toward herself.

The target got the red hair girls shoulder so she stopped the car suddenly. The motorbike men kept firing the car window fiercely.

Lijun with red hair girl bent inside a car. Lijun glanced at red hair girl to find how badly she is hurt, her hand was bleeding.

Red hair girl took a gun and gave it to Lijun.

Lijun watched the girl not trying to believe it, does she think I can kill her? She accepts the gun. Lijun asked in a calm tone

”Who is your boss? ”

Red hair girl watched through the window and saw motorbike people Waiting for them to come out, they shot even the car wheels to make sure there is nowhere could go.

She turned to Lijun

”You followed without asking. you think am going to die here? ”

”I don feel to care ”

”Waylayer!! come out ” shouted one person on a motorbike

”You are their target ” said the red hair girl who feels to sleep ”… Goblin is what we call him ”

Lijun keep in mind that name then she opened the car door. Before stepping out she hears a red hair girl mumble

”Ming Zhu. Remember my name. We must meet again ”

Lijun stepped to stand in front of the car facing people on bikes. She couldn see clearly because her sight turned blurry. It isn first time experiencing that situation.

She flinched her eyes still nothing changed. Her hand tightened on gun she held not showing her defective

”You want me… ” she lightly spoke

”Damn she is hot ”

”Drop Your gun. You have to come with us ”

”Why? ” Lijun asked maintaining her calmness as ever

”Thats why you have to come with us ”

Even if she couldn see clearly could tell are gangsters.

Why they targeted her? she wanted to know.

Somewhere in the same city, Beijing, inside an unfinished building, Zhang Ren beaten severely by thugs who caught him.

His whole face covered with bruises and blood. He was tired to lift himself from the ground especially when even his hands were tied.

He groaned on the ground before suddenly laughed revealing red teeth covered with blood.

”What a f* cking looser ” he said in a provocative tone

”What? ”

”Is this a way you come up with of making me pay for kicking your a*s? a coward way? If you wanted to make yourself less defeated you should have chosen a fair fight ”

The leader of those thugs started burning with anger. He exchanges glance with his fellow. He knows better what might happen to fight Zhang Ren fairly but then he remembers he got his buddies and Zhang Ren is alone with his weak friend.

”You think I can hah? ” he said in challenge ”remove cords from him. He dare want to fight me ”

They untied him then Zhang Ren walked toward Zifeng standing together.

”You will fight to find a way to escape ” said Zhang Ren in a low voice

”We will escape together ”

They started fighting with thugs making a battle of two people vs about twelve people.

Zhang Ren snatched the club using it to beat those young men. Sometimes he would get a strike but not enough to stop him from fighting back.

They found their way out running as they were chased In a narrow street.

”split up ” said Zhang Ren

Immediately Zifeng and Zhang Ren split their way. Many thugs kept chasing Zhang Ren leaving Zifeng.

Lijun was brought to a certain warehouse, her hand was tied behind a chair she sat same goes to her feet.

She saw a young man among those gangsters making a call

”We already have her ” he hung up a call

”When is he coming? ”

”He is on his way ”

”We are going to be rich hehehe ”

She watched them and understand they were talking with a person behind everything.

During the time they waited those five men were eating while they make plans for what to do with their money which had not yet been received.

”Have it ever crossed your mind that we will catch Waylayer easy like that? ” one of them asked glancing at Lijuns side

”She seems not like her don you think so? ”

”Weak ”

”That isn important to us as long he thinks she is a Waylayer and we got our money nothing matters ”

e right ”

”cheers ” using their cans of beer to make cheers and congratulate themselves.

Late at night, two cars arrived outside the warehouse. Men in a suit come out and one of them run to Open the door to a front car.

The young man in his twenties wearing a red suit get off the car and walked towards the warehouse.

Young men who use motorbikes immediately stand up and bow toward a man in a red suit.

He ordered them to get out then he remains with Lijun and his men.

He approached her and without saying anything he started throwing punches at her face. He continues beating turning her face with strains of blood but he didn stop. It was like he was carving to destroy her like the way he was doing

That was when I realized the strange thing about my body. I don feel pain

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