Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch10: Happy home #9

Oh, I forgot to mention something regarding the rules about the magic thingies. I was wondering if I can use multiple types of magic, so I asked. Then, I found out that one can use all attributes as long as they learn it. In short, one can be a jack of all trades.

Though, mastering everything is a burden. So usually, one only use about three kinds of magic. Also, there are five types of attributes in magic. There are water, fire, earth, wind, and null. Water produces water. Fire produces fire. Earth produces earth. And wind produces wind. Though, in null, it is the spells where one doesn use one of the powers of nature bla bla bla.

So, I have this desire to kill. The desire to kill is almost unstoppable. I hate it, father should only belong to me. My desire to kill is what Ive thought all over again. Then again, why do I need to bother if this is nothing but a dream? I should do what I want, for my own comfort. I should erase everything that makes my dream unlikable for me. I don need to overthink, everything will go on my way. Thinking thinking is thinking thinking. I really like the meaning of the word Redundancy, sorry.

Though, to be honest, I haven done anything these past week at all. Yes, a week has passed since that night. After that time, nothing happened that much between them, really. Nothing happened. Well, I haven really done anything because I just haven done anything.

I can stop thinking. I should stop thinking. Stop thinking and do whatever I want, since this is my own world. Ok, Ill get straight to the point, I just didn do anything about it because I still wanted to learn this magic thingy. You know, to make cool stuff. I need to be cool and powerful since I feel like this place isn just a mere dream, but a whole other world. Heh, impossible.

My thoughts sure is inconsistent. Whatever. Trust me, Im tried.

Anyways, Ill seriously do everything I can starting today. Its nothing special. Like, you know? One of my plan is to just stab her in the back while shes asleep, thats it. Whatever. Yeah, whatever. Im treating this like a joke, am I even mad at her at this point? Whatever. Yeah, whatever it is.

Well, Ive already learnt some magic spells, and I think I can read a book about magic or two to continue my plan of world domination. So, I don need her anymore since I can just learn about it with a book. Cringe. Yeah, cringe. I will never have thoughts of these cringy thing the moment I wake up.


”Father, can I ask you to kill someone? ” I asked father. Currently, its early in the morning. Im in my fathers room right now, bothering him.

”Oh, I can do that of course. ” He replied. He patted me at the head. His hands was warm. It was warm. I liked it. His hands. I wonder, can I feel something more warmer than this from father? Its pleasant. Its addicting.

”Why? ” I asked. I mean, I thought father will do everything for me, so why can he?

He stared at me for a moment. He then said. ”Why? My daughter can just do it by herself. We
e nobles, no one will be mad. Unless your target is another noble. ” He then laughed for some unknown reasons. ”Just kidding, don take it seriously. No, really, don do anything, understood? Thats bad. ”

”Ah, ok. ” I replied. My imaginary characters sure can be inconsistent. Sometimes hes like this, sometimes hes like that. How unfortunate. How disappointing. How tiring. Even if this is just a dream, I can get tired for some unknown reasons. I guess my dream is just too realistic that I mistake it as reality sometimes. Though, Ill still erase an imaginary character if I dislike it.

After that, nothing much happened again. I had lessons with the whore—I mean, my beloved magic instructor. Then, many hours already passed.

”Hmm. ” I hmmed. I don really have anything to say—so, hmm. Currently, its night. Its evening right now. I mean, really evening. Like, you know? Where everyone should be asleep already. Is it called mid night? Im not sure, Im not in the mood to search for its meaning right now, literally.

I am sneaking at our kitchen. I am going around our kitchen. I can really think any other way to kill someone, so knife is the way. I mean, I just want to stab someone while that someone is asleep, nothing too complicated. Don mind me.

Well, if shes with father, then plan cancelled of course. Ill just wait for the right time. Though, nothing much happened between them after that night, so I didn think shell be with father. Father won be mad, hes just a fictional character.

The kitchen is large, there are many things that are used for the kitchen. You can just imagine how the kitchen looks like by yourself. If you want, you can ask someone else if you don know what a kitchen looks like. Oh right, its in ancient style—I mean, medieval style, I guess?

”… I can reach it. ” I muttered to myself with a low voice, trying to get the cooking knife thats hanging on the wall. Really, I wish I can wish to be taller and older. This is such a pain. Can I get a longer timeskip? Though, even if I say that, I just said that because I can reach it. I still don want to grow up. Growing up is boring. I want to stay as a child forever, and do everything a child does. Even if Im a little girl here, a child is still a child.

Anyways, since Im smart, I dragged a chair close by and used it to be taller. After some adjustments, I was finally able to grab it. Its now in my hands.

”This is good enough, I guess. ” I whispered. Yeah, its now in my hands. I stared at it. Looking at it made me question myself. Not because I don want to dirty to dirty my hands, its just that, I don want to fail. Im hesitating a bit. Though, whats the use of morality here? I shouldn care much. Ill imagine what I prefer to imagine.

I slowly got down the chair. I took the chair back from its position. I stepped out from the kitchen with the knife on my left hand. I headed to the stairs. I climbed the stairs as silently as possible. I headed to the direction where her room is at. Its close to fathers room, at the third floor.

After a while, I was finally in front of Melissas room. In front of me is a door that is closed. I hid the knife behind me. I stared at the door. I smiled. I smiled widely. No, actually, it was a sneer. If shes here, then good.

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