Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch3: Happy home #2

Five years has passed, five years… It has been five years since I have lived inside of my dream. A very long, realistic dream.

I wanted to enjoy the bliss of laying down on my bed for a little longer. However, I heard the knock of my everyday alarm. This is tiring, very tiring.

To think I can feel annoyed in my own dream, and to even sleep in my own dream at that.

But—well, everything has to be a mere dream, I know it. Everything is surreal to be true.

”Young miss, Im going in. ” Informed by a feminine voice, the one who knocked my rooms door. I heard the door slowly opening, as it was followed by steps.

I checked, it was a girl with auburn hair and eyes, my so called personal maid.

”… Hm… Later, Rene… ” I replied and closed my eyes again as I bury myself to my pillow more, not wanting to move from my comfortable position.

”Its not good to oversleep, you know? ” Rene suddenly took me out from my bed, as I find myself Infront of a mirror mere seconds, sitting on a chair.


I opened my eyes then saw a little girl, or should I say, my own reflection. Like, I am currently her in this dream. Im a guy in reality though.

Here, I have green eyes, violet hair, with a little girls face, wearing pajamas.

Rene then started fixing my hair first. While shes doing so, I then asked. ”Hey, do you find serving me a pain? ”

A random question I had in mind this time. Not like I care, though, I wonder how can people be a dog for money? They don need to do that.

”Eh, no I don . Why do you ask? ” Rene replied.

”I see. ” I said.

Moments later, my hair is fixed, its now straight. Well, it always and naturally had been straight, but now its straighter.

Anyways, aside my hair, Rene then also started undressing my little girl body to change my clothes. Well, I just get used to this kind of treatment, dreams can complicated sometimes.

I now changed clothes, its now a white dress. Its just a dress, white, dress. A dress that is color white.

We then headed out to the hallways. There, at the window, I saw my father of this dream in the front of the house. Oh right, it seems like Im a nobles daughter here, so the house is good, so is the front.

Well, my father here is a good person, I guess. I can really remember my father in real life anymore, but I don really care. Ill live in this dream the way I like.

Father has blond hair and green eyes. Hes currently training with his swords like usual, in the morning. It really is like medieval here, with swords and magic. Literal magic. His name is Linel Dietrich.

”Lyliiia! Want to train with me? ” He called.

”No thankss! ” I replied.

No way Ill play with swords, thats tiring even if this is a dream. A very long dream. Also, Im still five years old, too early to hold a sword.

Anyways, nothing much happened. Just the same day as always. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, play, sleep, eat, and so on.

Then, night has arrived. It is currently night time. I was already sleeping. Everyone is in their rooms. I sleep alone. I prefer to sleep alone in the dark.

”… Im thirsty… ” I muttered. Having to get up is such a pain if Im already laying down, so Ive been trying to hold this back but, I guess just this once.

I got up, headed to the door, and opened it. I stepped out the door. I am now finally out of the door. Since Im out of the door, that means I am now outside of my room. If Im outside the room, then Im already standing on this long dark hallways. Though dark, not that much. There are this stone thingies acting as a lamp. However, not that bright.

I then faced left, and walked through that path. If I headed towards right, then its a different direction and my goal is not there since theres no drinking water there. So left is the answer.

After traveling through the long stairs that took forever, I finally arrived to the first floor. However, as I was walking, I stopped as I heard weird sounds. What can I say, it sounds like those moans. Like, moans, of a woman. I followed it, and the sounds leaded me to a place. It was a room, with a door slightly opened.

”… Mn… Hahh… ” The moans continued.

I took a peak, and saw Rene halfly undressed by herself, leaning to the wall, sitting on her bed.

”Shes rubbing her genitals! ” I gasped in shock. I then got nosebleed, and the last thing I saw is Rene also shocked before I fainted to her floor, in my own dream at that.

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