Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch6: Happy home #5

The next day arrived, it is morning now. I wake up, with my eyes open. Weird enough, I woke up without the need of alarm this time. Is it currently too early, perhaps? I guess I should sleep more. Well, I mean, Im asleep already but, waking up in my own dream when I am dreaming is difficult. Its hard, difficult, and hard.

The bed is hard to let go, getting embraced by something that is not alive is better. They wont betray, they wont get uncomfortable no matter how long you are with it. No one will complain, no matter how clingy I can be. Non living things are basically superior!

Anyways, I got up. I tried to close my eyes and sleep more, but simply closing my eyes wasn enough and I seem to be unable to sleep again. It is a pain. But still, I got up, and the reason why I got up is because I just want to. What I want, what I thought, is what Ill do.

I headed to the window. I stared. Because of my small body, it took me a toll to simply open the curtains. It was a pain. Thankfully, there was a chai. So I took the chair. I used the chair as a stepping stone, and was finally able to open the curtains.

The curtains finally moved away from blocking the window. Outside the window, it is as bright as day. My eyes squints from the blinding light. It is a pain, a very pain pain. Having my eyes in even a slight pain is an annoyance, since it is a pain, and will always and forever be a pain. I wonder what time it is? Did Rene forgot about me?

”Annoying. ” I muttered the word I have in mind. I said so because I wanted to, and that was what my mind ordered me to. I can stop the orders of my mind. Even if someone else forces me, no one can control my mind, my mind controls itself. The mind is unstoppable. Even if one thinks they are being ordered around by other people, it isn , it is the mind who makes the decision, and will always be the one incharge.

Then, as I was staring aimlessly, someone knocked from the door. ”Lylia, I know you
e awake. ” It was my fathers, gentle like voice. I looked at the door and stared in emptiness, without replying anything. He then opens the door. He goes inside. Hes now inside.

”Come on, give me a hug. ” He said. I stayed in the same position. He smiled. He heads towards me. He hugged me from behind. His trained arms, is warm, just as I expected. Just like how I always feel whenever Im in his arms. Well, I guess living things aren that bad after all. Though, thats a different case when it comes to reality. They
e, tiring.

”Did you have a good night sleep? ” He asked.

”Yeah, sleeping is good for resting so it will always be good. ” I replied. ”Sleep doesn really mean anything. ”

”Really? But there are times sleeping can cause problems, you know? ” He said.

”How? ” I asked.

”For example, your friends invited you to play with them outside. However, you chose to sleep more instead. Since you didn show up, what do you think will your friends feel? ” He replied.

”Do I even have friends other than Rene? ” I asked again.

”Thats not what I mean. ” He added. ”I think I should start introducing some new friends to you. We
e nobles after all, socializing is important. What do you think? ”

”I have no problems with that. ” I replied. I mean—sure, I don think Im someone who really socializes that much, but I don have problems with some simple interactions. If they want to talk, I can talk if only I want to talk with them too. Also, this is just nothing but a dream, I don really care.

”My daughter, should I get you changed? ” He asked.

”What? ” I replied with another question.

”Oh right. Rene quitted her job and headed back to her home. But, my daughter probably wouldn care like usual, am I right? ” He said a shocking news.

… Rene left me? So my prediction was right?

Well, whatever. Guess that means Ill probably wouldn be able to interact with her anymore. Even if this is just a dream, this is getting me sad and disappointed.

”Sit here. ” He ordered. Like what Rene usually do, he ravished me and dropped me down to the chair in front of the mirror. I looked at my reflection. It is a little girl with violet hair. I have violet hair. Also, I have green eyes, beautiful eyes. As Beautiful as a gem.

”Alright. ” He said. He then started to brush my hair. Tiddly brushed my hair. Moments later, my hair is fixed, its now straight. Well, it always and naturally had been straight, but now its straighter.

No, actually, theres too much details, better than Renes technique in fact. My hair is too shiny that the radiant of the sunlight is reflecting from my hair.

Anyways, aside my hair, father then also started undressing my little girl body to change my clothes. My slenderness reflected in the mirror—Wait, father is changing my clothes?

”Even at such a young age, I am afraid how my daughter already has an unparalleled beauty, just like me and your mother. ” He complimented while looking at me. ”Say, when you grow up, will my daughter be willing to act as my wife? ”

”What? Act as papas wife? ” I returned a question.

”Thats right. ”

”Sure. ” I agreed. I don know why, I just didn really bothered thinking about it. I Ill do whatever I want to do. I really like the character of my father in this dream, so of course, I also really love him.

”Haha, never mind it. Im just joking. ” He said. Later on, I finally got changed into a new costume. It is another dress, but the same colour of my hair this time. I can help, but admire myself—I mean, the current me. Unconsciously, I stared to the little girl of my image for too long.

”Do you love the new dress I bought? ” He asked.

”Hmm, its fine. A cloth is a cloth. ” I replied.

”Haha! ” He laughed again, brightly. We then stared at each other, eye to eye, for a couple of seconds, silently. I smiled back. After all, why wouldn I smiled of Im happy? Well, all I could say is that—having someone to change your clothes is actually very comfortable. Like, I don need to move that much myself anymore.

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