Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch7: Happy home #6

The cycle continued. Days passed, still the same life style. Though, the difference is that, its only me and father. Cool. How boring. This is cool and boring. Cool because I like my lucid dream, and boring because it is boring. It is repetitive, repetitively boring. And I love repeating my own words, because it is repeating. Repeating is cool, repeating is life. The repeating I don want to end. Id rather repeat, than have large changes.

Though, the borringness received a change, when someone appeared. Someone appeared, in front of our house. It is a person. The person has two hands and two foots. Its a she. Its a grown up woman. She looks like a witch—or I guess, I should say, she looks like a mage. Red hair and blue eyes bla bla bla.

”Lylia, this is Melissa, an acquaintance of mine. Although I hate to admit, but Melissa here is better in magic than papa. ” Father said, introducing her to me. I can already guess whats this for. ”Luckily, shes broke right now so begging her to come here didn take much effort! From today onwards, shell be teaching you magic. ”

”Im not broke! ” She angrily remarked. She then looked at me. She smiles. She then added. ”Anyways, you
e Lylia right? You can call me sister Melissa. Ill probably live here from now on. Nice to meet you. ”

”Oh hello. Nice to meet you too. I am Lylia, I guess. ” I replied. I greeted back. I then added with a big proud smile. ”Also, I am a normal person! ”

”…normal person? ” She said. She faced towards father. She faced towards me again. ”Hehe, you
e cuter than I expected! Hey Linel, why have you never told me anything about you having a child? Much more less… About having a woman… ” For some reason, she frowned.

”Haha, its your fault being so slow at receiving news. Think about it, its been like—seven years, I think? Yet, you don know a single thing? How weird, ahahaha! ” Father laugh. Well, being alive sure can be hard most of the time without the existence of science, huh. Not like I really care. ”Lylia, don follow her steps, understand? ”

”Don follow her steps—you say? Do you really want me to teach your brat or not? She better be a prodigy like how you described her. ” She asked.

”Haha, my apologies. You don need to be too harsh. ” He replied. ”Well then, how about you show us a simple demonstration, Melissa? ”

”Anywhere is fine? ” She asked.

”You can pick that tree over there. ” He said while pointing at a tree. ”Just don use anything that will damage our house. ”

”Only damage? Didn you mean—destroy? ” She smirked. She then took some stick from her clothes. It seems like a wand. So I guess it really is a wand. So now, Ill call it a wand.

Now, with a wand in her hand, he pointed it at the tree father pointed just seconds ago. She then spoke some words that sounds like something youll hear when someone is summoning a demon.

Then, a ball of flames came out from the wand. Like an arrow, it travelled so fast towards the tree. The moment it touched the tree, it destroyed the tree.

”Hows that? ” She asked me with a proud look.

”Wow. ” I replied with an amazed expression.

Just like how I imagined it to be, its a fire ball. Or I guess, since this is my dream, that was how it looked like? Well, if Im in a real another world, I wonder whats their version of fire ball? Even if magic is not real there too, everyone has their own versions, right?

Well, honestly, that looked really realistic. I guess I should thank my brain for giving me a dream that feels like as if Im awake.

”Do you think I can burn the world if I manage to make a larger version of that? ” I asked. For some reasons, Melissa stared at me with a question mark. She then looked at father.

”My daughter sure is smart to already have this kind of desire at such a young age! ” My father said happily.

”Hey, don encourage her to think like that. ” She scolded father. She then looked at me. ”Well, of course you can . No one can have that much power. Only powerful gods can. Also, thats bad. ”

”I see. ”

I guess being a god is the only way.

But to be honest, I really want to burn the world. The earth has become useless. It disgusts me to see people not using their logic. This is why people should stop using their feelings only. People lie because of feelings. People have the thought to make the unforgivable because of their feelings. Feelings can hurt. Feelings created sins. Without feelings, people are perfect beings, as logic is the truth. And logic will always be about facts.

Anyways, I guess I should just focus on learning this magic. Ill learn this magic, because I want to.

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