Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch8: Happy home #7

Magic. Yeah, magic magic. I know magic. Magic is where you can do the miracle by channelling your energy something something. It is called mana. You know? Magic magic mana. Actually, its not considered as a miracle in here. This is a dream anyways so everything is just nothing but am illusion. Still, having fun is a must.

One can use magic when they finally received their first nose bleed, which they believe as something where you are finally recognized by the gods. Theres no specific age, so I guess Im quite blessed to be able to use it at the age of five. I heard there are also people who wasn recognized by the gods till they died without being able to use magic, so sad. Well, I can imagine babies doing magic, really.

Anyways, Im currently in our garden. The garden is vast. There are many kinds of plants. I don what they
e called since I never bothered knowing them, so I don know. All Ill just say is that there are mostly flowers, beautiful grown flowers. Though, Im not in the flower section right now, since I might destroy some so Im in front of a tree. Melissa is also here with me, instructing things about magic.

I think it already has been three days since I started. Ive first learned about the mana things. Like, where I channel channelling the mana thingy from my core something something to my hands or anywhere I want. The principles and rules of mana. And, of course, it works the way Ive expected. While, today, Im going to cast my first spell. It is, the yours truly, Fire ball! I want fire ball as my first spell because, fire is cool! Burnnnn!!! brrrttttt!!!!

”Bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! ” I chanted the fire ball chant with a small wooden wand in my hands. Of course, its not exactly bla bla bla, translating it is just a pain. Melissa said its the language of gods or something like that, so we
e able to use the blessings of power. Well, what I chanted just means—fire fire shoot command—or something along those lines. It just sounds like your typical spell, like—benignus benognus something something.

Anyways, as I finished chanting, I was finally able to do it. I created a ball of flames. It shot towards the tree. I managed to damage the tree quite good. Although not as strong as Melissa, I think this is good enough since this is my first try. My time this three days was mostly wasted in learning that mana thing.

”What an amazing speed. You
e progressing faster than it normally should be, in fact. Impressive. ” She said. She complimented me with an impressed expression.

”Thanks. ” I replied with a thumbs up. I don know why I thumbs upped, I just felt like I wanted to do it. I mean, it makes me look like a more lively person.

”What does that mean? ” She asked.

”The what? ” I replied.

”That hand sign. ” She pointed at my hand.

”Oh, you mean this thumbs up? ” I asked again.

”Thats right. ” She said.

”How come you don know what this means? ” I asked again.

”Did you made that up? ” She asked.

”No? ” I answered.

”Well, what does that mean? ” She asked.

”Umm, like—sure, big approved, or very good. ” I answered.

”I see. ” She said. She then also made a thumbs up sign and added. ”Then, your fire ball is very good! ”

”Oh, thanks. ”

”Though, just because you learned fire ball quickly doesn mean youll be that good right away, remember that. Ive seen many kids like you fall down because they got full of themselves. ” She advised. ”Anyways, yours is not perfect yet, so try it again. ”

”Ok. ” I replied. Doing as what she said, I casted fire ball again. Again and again. Till, in my last try, I finally managed to chant a fire ball which I am satisfied to. It finally seemed like the same power as Melissa casted that day. Though, I burned about five trees in the process. Of course, itll be weird if the trees doesn get burned from fire. Oh right, this is a dream. Seriously, I sometimes forget that everything here is just a dream.

I looked at Melissa. Although she didn say anything, and I can read her mind, I can tell how amazing am I. Well, this is my dream. Ahahahahahah!! This is one step towards my goal to burn the whole world! Well, I know thats impossible in real life, though, I still want to dream. If I burned my dream, does that mean Im also burning my brain? Since, my dream is in my brain? Whatever.

”Heh, thats my daughter Im proud of. ” While I was doing my monologue, I heard fathers voice from a close distance. I looked behind, he was there. Hes clapping his hands. Hes walking towards us.

”Its papa! ” I exclaimed like a child. I then rushed towards him and hugged his leg. ”Im exhausted. ”

”Eyy, why do you sound like youve missed me so much all of a sudden? ” He said with a smile He then carried me into his arms. I leaned to his shoulders. I closed my eyes for a moment to rest and yawned. ”Seems like my Lylia wants to sleep already. I guess we should call this a day. Well, hows that? Isn my daughter bright? ” Haha! ”

”… Hmm, I guess shell keep me entertained. Its good that she can listen and behaves well. Though, I shouldn expect too much. ” She replied to father.

While they
e talking, I was enjoyed myself into fathers shoulders. I felt warm. It was warm. I loved it. I loved the feeling. The feeling of laying yourself close to someones heart. Being embraced by the person I love the most. Even if its not real, I want to cherish this moment. My dream.

Moments later, they finished conversing. Father is carrying me to my room I was already starting to get sleepy, even if its still morning. I guess I can get exhausted pretty quickly since Im still small. Though, Im still not asleep.

”Hey Lylia. ” Father whispered to my ear. Thankfully, it didn felt ticklish. Though, I didn reply, I didn even have the energy to open my eyes. I guess because Im low in mana. Still, Im eagerly waited for what hes about to say, since its father. ”Since you did well today, come to my room later before you sleep this night. Ill give you a reward. ”

He said. With how gentle his voice is, I fell asleep right away. Though, I won deny that Im pretty excited about the reward he mentioned. As a child, getting rewarded by my parent is a wonderful feeling.

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