Star Gluttony

[S1] Ch9: Happy home #8

Seconds passed by. Minutes passed by. Hours passed by. Everything passed by. Yet, it hasn even been a day. The time just felt like longer than it was supposed to be. I guess, the more I wish for the time to go faster, the more and more slower it gets. While, if I wished for the time to be more slower, the time goes by faster and faster.

How unbalanced the world is. How unbalanced my brain is. How unbalanced my dream can be. How unfair. How tiring. Thinking can be tiring. Wishing something to the unfair will give you the opposite. How is my day, I wonder? I wonder how my day is? Is my day a wonder? What a wonderful day.

Nothing much happened. Ill just go around up and down, side by side, behind by front. Well, as I said, nothing much happened. Nothing happened until evening. Now, its evening. Im now sitting on a chair. The chair is one of the chairs of the dining table. Long dining table. Im sitting at the left side. At the most front, where it is at the middle, father is sitting there. While, at the other side, Melissa is there.

There are foods on the table. Normal food. Food is food. Any kinds of food is good, so imagine it yourself. There are candles too on the table, acting as the light. It smells good, the candles. It smells like candles. The smell of candles always overshadowed the smell of the food. The candles are just powerful.

Well, father cooked everything. Father always cooks everything. Weirdly, even though we
e supposed to be high ranked nobles, we never had any servants other than Rene. I guess father doesn like other people. I wonder why it always had been only Rene this whole time? And I wonder how is that Rene doing? Does Rene really mean anything?

Oh well, I don really know how strong the authority or whatever it is my father is holding, so I don know. All I know is that, fathers position is just ranked below the emperor or something. Like, its called the duke thingy. Also, although I usually call our home simply as a house, its kinda large. It can feel lonely sometimes.

”Ahh. ” I opened my mouth, waiting for the airplane spoon to go inside my mouth. Heh, I was the one who thought father and Rene about this feeding method. I thought them the airplane feeding because I want to, and its more fun to eat this way. This is my dream, I get to order everyone. If I can control my dream, why do I need to tire my hands to just eat? Well, whatever.

”Amp! ” I chomped it down. Father giggled.

Usually, Rene is the one spoon feeding me. Though, since shes a goner now, shes not here anymore to do it. Well, I am actually very thankful that shes gone. I mean, I prefer father doing it, because I love him more. So, I really do hope that I will never see Renes face ever again. I can bother father this way!

”Another one! I mean, more! Ahhh. ” I opened mouth again after swallowing everything, ready to be filled again.

”Now, now, chew it properly or youll get sick. ” He begged.

”Ok, I will chew it properly. ” I replied. He then feeded me with the food he deliciously cooked. It tasted good. While Im chewing, he also hurriedly ate. We both chuckled. We then both made a thumbs up. I just thumbs upped because I wanted to. I don know why father did it too though.

”Hey, Linel. ” Melissa interrupted. ”I know how much you love your daughter but, I think its better to teach her to teach the proper etiquette of you nobles. The earlier the better, isn it? … Also, I think you should bring more people to live in here. You see, to brighten up… This duchys atmosphere? ” For some reasons, she looked worried.

”Hmm. ” He finished chewing first, then replied. ”You
e not a noble, so I teach her the way I want. I prefer freedom, I prefer space. ”

”… Well, you
e right. ” She said.

After that, we didn really had much conversations. Aside from the whole dinner being a bit silent, focusing on just eating. With me, begging to be fed, and father, eating while feeding me too. The candles still smelled, of course. I will forget those. The candles, as always, still remained the same size, no matter how long father has been lighting it up. The flames automatically vanishes the moment no food is left on the table. Ive seen it so many times, I can tell, it is the same candles. There are no difference. Though, I don think it really matters.

Anyways, father and Melissa are washing the dishes. Well, washing is convenient here since there is magic. While they
e doing so, I headed to my room. I sat down to the chair thats in front of the mirror. I waited.

Of course, I haven forget about his promised. So I asked father when can I get this reward, and he gave me this hourglass. He told me to come to his room the moment all the sands are in the bottom. Honestly, he couldve just given it right away. But, to no avail, all I could do was to completely obey by his rules.

This time, I already shouldve been sleeping. Though, since Im in my own dream anyway, why do I even need to sleep? Im already sleeping in reality. All I need to do is simple, wait.

”Hah. ” I sighed, with my cheeks leaning on my hands, watching the hourglass on the table. I sighed not because I really wanted to, I just can help it. Watching an hourglass is really something worth to be sighed.

Though, this hourglass reminded me of something. Yes, it reminded me of that desert place. Theres sand in this hourglass, theres sand in there too. I wonder what was the point of that desert for the story in my dream? I think that was the first time I ever teleported to somewhere else. Come to think of it, Ive never really gone beyond our home, do I? This entire time, Im in this place.

I wonder, was that desert just an inside of an hourglass? Nah, theres sky so I don think so. Why am I even bothering myself about it anyways? I wonder. Yeah, I do wonder wondering it.

”Yes! ” I exclaimed in delight. Finally, the wait for this hourglass ended.

Seeing so, I stood up right away. I rushed to the door. I opened the door. I stepped out at the door. I was about to rush through the hallway, however, I forgot to close the door. So, I came back. As I came back, I closed the door. The door is now closed. I then continued running through the hallway. Then again, I slowed down. I didn know why, I just thought it will be better to slow down.

My room is located at the second floor, while fathers is at the third floor. I headed to the stairs so I can go up. I arrived at the said stairs. I looked at the stairs, just looking at it is a pain. Why does our rooms have to be this far apart?

”Hah… ” I sighed. I sighed not because I wanted to, but because Im tired. Though, I didn give up. I continued heading up. Im now in the up. I then go left and right and left right turn around. Finally, with just a straight line, Im close to fathers door.

Though, I felt a deja vu down to my spine. The door is slightly opened. I can hear moans. A womans moan. Echoing to my ears. This thing seems really familiar.

”Linel—! Im about to—hnnn!! ” I heard Melissas voice. I hesitated because of that. The moans stopped for a moment. I decided to take a peak. I was speechless.

I took a step back. I turned back. I headed to the next empty hallway. It was dark, like how it should be, though, this is better to calm my mind down. I just saw father and Melissa doing that disgusting thing. Both of them weren wearing any clothes, I top of fathers bed. That up and down thing, it disgusted me.

”How dare she… ” I muttered with my first clenched. I was angry, very angry. How could she do that when father already has a child? I know that this is nothing but a dream, but it boiled my blood. The fact that it was with father, I was mad.

”Hmm. ” I noticed something dropped to the floor. It was red. I then noticed that the lower part of my nose is wet. I got the same nosebleed again. Meaning, the thing I noticed on the floor was my blood. I stared at it. I looked at it for a moment.

I then knelt to the floor. I looked at it. I then bended over with all fours. I looked at it. I then moved my face closer to it. More blood dropped. More blood to clean. My eyes are opened wide and clear, I looked at it. I then licked it. I licked my own blood that was on the floor. I licked it until the bleed stopped. It finally stopped just after a few seconds. There was nothing to lick anymore. I didn know why, I just wanted to.

I then started to head back to my room. I walked through the hallway. That was where I decided—decided to kill someone in my own dream.

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