Surviving in this world is not easy.

Sometimes, its the world that brings you down to your knees, puts you through endless sufferings over and over again just to see how much more you can take. Its the world that takes people away from you, tears you to shreds and then kills you. Life is like a joke, but only the cruel and bitter ones.

Even so, there are also times when life gives you blessings. It gives you endless choices but it all depends on you to make the right one. You can either fight for your way to reach your dreams or die a worthless death, by doing nothing.

When it comes to me…

Even if the weight of the pain and suffering that this world has thrown on my shoulders tries to knock me down or break me, I won let it have its way.

As long as there is one person in this world who will accept me for who I am, then that is enough of a reason for me to keep going and continue living.

And for me, that person is her.


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