After the funeral proceedings for his parents were over and done, it took Leyon almost a week to properly settle down with his grandmother. They had come to the countryside where his grandmother resided, in a small cottage located in a tiny village.

The property and house which belonged to his family had been seized by his fathers company. It was to pay off the debts which his father owed to the company, they had said. Apparently, a collateral contract had been signed by his father to complete a huge project funded by the company but it crashed and failed following his demise, so they seized the house and property to compensate for their losses, leaving Leyon with absolutely nothing for himself. None of it mattered anyway. Leyon had his grandmother now. And she was going to take care of him. She was his only family now.

Violent noises could be heard coming from a small house in the village. The sound of glasses shattering on the floor echoed throughout the whole neighbourhood. Pots and pans crashing on the floor could be heard followed by loud, angry shouts.

”Get out! Do you hear me? Get out of here, ” shouted the man, downing another bottle of alcohol.

”How long are you going to keep being like this? I can take it anymore, you useless human being, ” cried the woman.

”Then get lost. I don ever want to see your face. Get out of my house. Why
e you still here? ” the man shouted again, throwing delicate plates and glasses from the kitchen counter, and then staggering back into the living room to knock the table over.

”Do you think Im staying here for you? Im staying for my daughter. Its dark outside and only God knows where she could be now. Do you have any regard for your daughter whos out there all alone?! ” The woman screamed at her husband.

”I should just kill you today, you crazy woman. ” Saying that, the man stomped forward, grabbed the woman by her hair, and pushed her down on the floor.

”Evelyn. Did you fight with your husband again? ”

”Mama Claire, hes too much. ” Evelyn sniffed, rapidly blinking her eyes to drive away the tears.

”Life is hard, isn it? ” Claire put her hand on top of Evelyns and gave her a reassuring smile. They both sat down on a thin mat that was laid out on the wooden floor in Claires small cottage.

”I don know… ”

”Look at your pretty face. All covered with bruises. ” The woman named Claire reached out her hand and gently touched Evelyns cheek. ”Wait here. Let me go get some cold water for you and a towel. ” Claire got up to walk, but Evelyn stopped her, shaking her head.

”My daughter, shes out there and I don know what to do. I can find her so I came to you. ” Evelyn cried again.

”Im sure shes fine. ” Claire sat down to comfort Evelyn. ”This isn the first time this has happened. Whenever you fight with your husband, she runs away because shes frightened but she has always returned, no? Your daughter may be little, but she is wise. She will eventually come back. So don fret over it, my dear. ” Claire patted her back lovingly.

”I hope she gets back soon, ” said Evelyn. She took a deep breath to dismiss her anxiousness and assure herself that her daughter was safe and would return soon. After all, children in the countryside were brought up differently, unlike those brought up in the cities. They were already way more mature than their age and could properly take care of themselves.

”Lets wait for a few minutes, okay? Its almost eight. My grandson went out on a little errand. Hell be back soon. Then we can go look for your daughter together, ” Claire said to Evelyn.

”Your grandson? Ah, Ive heard the news… So, he went out on an errand? ” asked Evelyn. ”But its so late. ”

”Yes. Well, I never intended to send him out, but my grandson, hes stubborn. I told him he should go tomorrow, but he insists on going alone tonight, saying Im old and should rest instead. ” Claire laughed, but her eyes carried a tint of sadness. ”I can stop him. Ever since he came here, all hes been doing is taking care of this small house and me. Hes an extremely mature kid. Though I suppose the accident might have something to do with it. He hasn been the same since then. He rarely even smiles or tells me anything anymore. ”

”It must be hard for him, coping with all those unfortunate events at such a young age. Isn he just eight? ”

”Yes, he is. ”

”So young. Hes around the same age as my daughter. ”

Claire sighed loudly. ”God is just too cruel, Evelyn. I wonder what Ive done in my past life to deserve this. I don understand why my son had to be taken away from me in such cruel way. Not just him, they took away my kind daughter-in-law too. ” Claire wiped off a few teardrops and continued, ”My poor grandson, he has no one but this old me to take care of him. There is not a day that goes by where I don worry about his future… It shouldve been me. If God wanted to take a life, He shouldve taken mine instead. I am the most useless one here. I should be the one to die, but no, my poor grandson just had to be the one to suffer. ” She gripped her chest tightly as tears spilled from her eyelids.

Evelyn watched Claire with sympathetic eyes. She couldn help but feel apologetic for disturbing her like this. She couldn even solve her own problems, yet she came asking for help from Claire, who was already suffering a lot more than she could ever imagine at the moment.

”We should look on the positive side, mama Claire. I believe everything has a reason. Fortunately, your grandson is alive. Hes very lucky, ” said Evelyn, trying to comfort Claire.

e right, my dear. You
e very right. This old womans brain is rotten now. Can think of anything good. I should be glad. Yes, I should. By the graces of God, my grandson is alive. ”

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