Its the 1st of November 253 and Christopher has finally finished the 4 months of physical training. During these 4 months both Christopher and Father has gained a small amount of muscle mass and the boys stamina has increased a bit too. He is now ready to take on meditation.

The day starts off with the usual, Christopher wakes up just after sunrise and does his daily routine. Gets dressed, brushes teeth and splashes his face with water and heads downstairs to help sister set the table for breakfast.

(narrator) Im glad we skipped the monotonous task of seeing every day between these 4 months

Christopher said ”Morning sister ” as he entered the kitchen.

*cough* Morning sunny, put more thought into setting the table today. Sister explained.

”*yawn* yes mam ” Christopher said now a little hurt.

As per usual Christopher goes to grab some plates and utensils but this time, he asks sister ”what do we need today Helga? ”, wow some foresight I know… shocking.

”*cough* well, we are having fried eggy toast today so nothing but plates and coasters and cups ” Sister said, surprised with his new intuition to ask what is needed.

got it said Christopher now confident that he can set the table.

Christopher heads off to the dining room and carefully places all 5 plates on the table as well as 5 coasters each to the right of the plate. He then places each wooden cup on the table and sits down in his chair.

Father walks in from the prayer room, looks at the table and says ”thank god, Sister set the table. Oh, don you da- ”

Christopher cuts him off. Sister Helga!

”no, please Christoph- ” He cuts him of again.

father is being mean to me again. said the boy.

”why you little snitch! ” father said with frustration

Helga comes bursting through the archway with a menacing look on her face and says ”run ”

”yep. Running ” father exclaimed fearfully.

As she is staring Father down with intense malice, she is hurdling towards him like a bullet train. As Father sprinted out the door sister powerwalked while casting 2 separate status effect spells at a time. Only truly powerful mages can do this.

”status effect Slowing ” she casted this spell with 2 rune circles and 30 runes glowing dark blue and casts it onto Father slowing him down considerably.

”status effect Speed boost ” she used the same amount of power as the other spell and this spell glows bright yellow. She casts this effect upon herself making her significantly faster. Just as both spells took effect, she belts it towards father so fast relative to him, she broke the sound barrier. Just before impact father casts his own status effect. ”status effect Defence up ” this spell was white in colour consisting of 2 rune circles and 36 runes.

Father became increasingly tense as sister got closer and closer to him. Just before impact, his spell took effect. Even though Father cast a status effect, the punch that sister delivered to him rippled his face and still sent him flying as he slammed into the wall on the other end of the road. Not only did sisters status effects expire but so did Fathers. Just after he hit the wall with great speed the spell broke causing the cast to expire prematurely.

As the dust settles around father, we come to see the full extent of the damage she had caused him, he had developed some injuries such as a shattered nose, 2 broken ribs and some serious bruising around both his eyes and across most of his back.

(narrator) Holy Mother of hell, Im so stunned by this outcome, I thought for sure that Helga would have killed the man after that, thank god he buffed his defence before impact.

Like a demon had possessed her body, her voice went deep ”Next time you bully Christopher Ill make sure next time your dead. You hear me? ”

Cupping his bleeding nose, he nods. ”Can you at least heal me a bit Sister I think I still may die from this ” he said crying his eyes out.

”Right, you manage our finances so I will heal you. But I meant what I said you scumbag ” Helga said calming down immensely.

She walks over to father and casts a high-level healing spell. It consisted of 6 rune circles and 80 runes, 3 rune circles on ether arm. This spell was golden greenish yellow in colour. The spell healed most of fathers serious injuries so no more broken ribs or broken nose, but all the pain was still present in his bruised muscles and face.

”there, thats all I can manage without going below symptom levels in my mana. Youll need to drink some herbal healing potions and be wrapped in bandages. Lad! Go get me the medicine box please ” sister says, finishing the healing spell.

ight, on it sister Christopher responded in Ernest.

As soon as he disappears to grab the medicine box Sister collapses to one knee and dissolves into a coughing fit.

”*cough* *cough* *cough* I cannot believe you made me do that you fool. *wheeze* If Christopher saw me like this he wouldn hold together. *cough* *cough* *cough* ”

I wasn thinking. Please excuse my idiocy. Why don you ask the church for help, Im sure they will fix whatever ails you right?

”don be stupid Father, you know the church we serve is corrupt. They won expend a single spell or potion to help someone as insignificant as a Sister of a small village ”

*gasp* hes coming back, pull yourself together.

”shit, bad timing kid ”

Sister quickly gets down on both knees, as if she was preparing to aid father with his injuries. Christopher runs out of the church and passes the med box to Sister; she thanks him for his swiftness.

sit up for me father, your back is most important taking note of your age Sister stated.

Father follows her instructions, a little annoyed Helga called him old. Sister opens the box and grabs a few rolls of bandages and wraps them one by one around Fathers torso. As she finished wrapping, she opens her mouth to speak.

”I get you
e a pervert Father but is your stiff really necessary? ”

Completely overcome by embarrassment, Father covers his boner as swiftly as he could and shouts do you blame me, and man would devolve like this if a pretty woman was touching him

”fair point, but only you at you age will have one. You clearly aren denying you
e a pervert ”

shut up you wench Father bites.

”ah ha *cough* *cough*, thank you for the complement Father. What? The real meaning behind wench is young lady. Ha, you seriously tried to hurt my feelings. Read a dictionary first you perv ” Sister said amused.

are you ok sister? Ive noticed your cough has gotten worse Christopher said concerned.

”(shit he noticed) uh, yes Im good lad. Nothing herbal potions can fix ” Sister said scrambling for words to convince the lad.

ok Sister, I trust you Christopher said with a skip in his step as he sits back down for breakfast.

Under her own breath she says ”you probably shouldn lad ” only so he couldn hear her.

”ok lets get you all patched up so we can eat breakfast ” Sister said, continuing wrapping Fathers injuries.

After the bandaging was done with, Sister helped father up by grabbing his hips. Per usual father said something stupid.

you are into me after all the same second he finished that sentence Sister just lets go dropping him back on the floor and said ”you can get back into the church on your own ”

Sister heads back into the kitchen to finish cooking breakfast. With the twins not back to the church yet, Helga sends Christopher to go look for them. Being the smart little kid, he starts by searching along the north road in search for a pathway the twins could have made either in the field on the left or the thick forest overgrowth on the right side of the road. It takes him a while but about 500 meters down the north road, he notices a small opening in the thick overgrowth on the forest floor. Like a crazy person he starts talking to himself.

his has to be it right?

yea must be it, they come up this road everyday

ut what if its a trap

o way, can be. Those two are too stupid to think that far ahead

ut what if they aren as stupid as they act at home?

o, I doubt they could do that either

This rambling goes on for a while until he finally decides

ok, from that strategy book I read said to cover every possible outcome. I guess I go into this small opening

(narrator) ugh. The little shit finally decided to go in the woods, about **ing time.

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