ood Moon looked at the six people. When his gaze swept past them, they involuntarily shivered. ”You all have been causing too much of a ruckus lately. The Church and the police can sit back anymore. There have been too many disappearances in the slum area recently. ” Blood Moon spoke in a hoarse voice.

No one dared to look up and reply.

”Curb your addiction or else I won hesitate to kill you. Stay low for a week and no big movements. If you can withstand it, then get the ** out of the city and find prey. If any of you dare to mess up masters plans..hehe ” Blood moon didn finish his sentence, but the warning was clearly evident.

The six people in the room had their hair stand on end. They didn even dare to breathe.

Blood moon turned around and prepared to leave. Then he stopped, turned his head back around and glared at the six people behind him once again, ”These corpses look like theyve been ravaged by wild beasts. At least, make it look like theyve been killed by people or weapons so as to mislead the officials. Fools. ”

Then he turned around and left the house. As soon as he left, the six people in the house simultaneously released their breaths.

”Phew! Fuck, hes too scary. ”

”You heard what he said. Lets disperse and lay low for the week. ”

”Im headed to that village in the south. Its far from Damascus, I don think there will be any problems. ”

The six people discussed with each other and then left the house.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the slums, Blood Moon was sprinting under the shadows of the buildings in the pale moonlight. He took several turns and changed directions. Finally, he reached the north part of the city and got into a carriage that was waiting for him.

After boarding the carriage, he took off his robe and revealed his appearance. He had a head full of short white hair, neatly combed to the sides. He had deep blue eyes and a weathered face. He looked to be in his sixties but still appeared to be healthy.

He sat in the carriage silently and looked out the window. The thick colors of the night covered the vast sky, and most of the stars that blanketed the sky were covered by the clouds that were ever so fleeting, leaving behind only a few shining with faint light.

What exactly is master planning? Blood Moon was in deep thought as he stared at the night sky.

Soon, the carriage entered Augustus Street and stopped in front of 53 Augustus Street. This was a large two-storied villa made of grey stones with a big garden in front of it. If Bryan were to see this, he would instantly recognize this as the house he used to live in with his parents in the past. This was where he spent his early childhood.

Blood Moon walked in through the main door and entered the villa. He straight away headed for the study on the second floor. He knocked on the door twice and patiently waited.

Moments later, a deep voice came from inside the room, ”Enter. ”

Blood Moon took a deep breath and entered the room. Inside, he saw a tall man with black wavy hair standing right before the floor-to-ceiling window, staring at the moon with this hands clasped behind his back. He was wearing black trousers and a white shirt. After a few minutes, he turned around and looked at Blood Mood with his bright red eyes.

”What is it? ” He asked.

”Master, Ive instructed the apprentices and told them to lay low for the time being. ” Blood Moon replied respectfully.

The man with red eyes nodded.

”Should we proceed to the next stage? ” Blood moon asked. His eyes stared at the floor beneath, not daring to look straight at his master.

”No. Its not time yet. Nurture a few more Apprentices and make sure there are at least 10 Rank 3 Apprentices and 5 Rank 1 Transcendents. Do not be negligent. We still have a few more years to go. Work hard Alfredo, I will reward you greatly. ” The man replied.

”Yes, Master! ” Alfredo reverently got on his knees and thanked him.

”Now leave. ”

”As you wish. ” Alfredo got to his feet and exited the room before shutting the door.

Inside the study, the man with red eyes walked to the table and sat down on his chair. He then took out an old parchment paper from his drawer. The paper was yellowish in color and displayed the vicissitudes of time. He held the parchment paper in his pale white hands and softly muttered, ”Medici Family… ”

Written in the parchment paper was information regarding a mystical artifact in the lost ruin of the Medici Family, situated here in the outskirts of Damascus City. However, in order to enter the ruins, one required a key. And that key was the blood of a member of the Medici Family!

Ive waited a decade for this. I can wait a few more years. Soon I shall advance to the next rank and then snatch that artifact in the ruins. The man narrowed his eyes and grinned.

In the dark room, the moonlight shone on half of his face. With only one half of the face visible and the other in the dark, the man with red eyes looked extremely diabolical.

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