why are you telling me all this? ”

Detective Watson smiled gently, ”Bryan, remember when you first came here, I had told you that I would give you an opportunity. Back then, the function of the crystal ball was to determine your spiritual aptitude. And you have a very high aptitude which is required to become a Transcendent. ”

He didn tell Bryan that the crystal ball determined that he had a supreme-grade aptitude yet, afraid that it would get to his head and he would become arrogant.

”So thats what it was ” Now it all made sense to Bryan.

”Thats right. ” Detective Watson nodded. ”Now I want you to go back home and think about this seriously. This is a major decision thatll change your lifes trajectory. And this decision can be only made by you. Take the rest of the day off, ponder over all that youve learned today and come back tomorrow morning and give me an answer. ”

”I understand. Thank you, boss. ” Bryan got up, bowed to him and took his leave. He was very grateful to work for such a person.

Detective Watson watched him leave and sighed, Theres no one who can turn down the temptation of becoming a Transcendent and obtaining more power. So hell most likely agree, but its still better to let him think about the pros and cons and make the decision himself. Moreover, surprisingly the Wisdom Cathedral in Nadir had already accepted my proposal of taking Bryan in as my student. I thought they would carry out strict tests and background checks. Looks like they had already seen this coming.

Unlike other paths, Wisdom and Fate Path Transcendents were very scarce. This is because of the strict control of the potion formulas, spells, and corresponding meditation techniques by the Church of Wisdom.

Transcendents of these two paths are all part of the Church or Wisdom or are related to it and have sworn an oath to never divulge the related information to outsiders unless given permission.

Although these two paths are controlled by the Church of Wisdom, no other churches or organizations dared to have designs on them. Because, firstly, the Church of Wisdom is one of the oldest churches in existence, hence, it has a lot of prestige.

Secondly, and most importantly, Transcendents of the Wisdom and Fate Paths are the best at scheming against others. They excel at mental manipulations, reading minds and emotions, and hypnotizing others.

They are also very good at divination and predicting the future. Most of the time, their enemies would meet their doom without them even knowing how.

Bryan was walking along Augustus Street, deep in thought. The leaves of the parasol trees gently swayed as the warm spring breeze blew by. It was close to sunset, the sky looked as if someone had painted it a shade of orange.

Theres a whole other world out there, one thats hidden in the shadows. Bryans lips curled into a grin and his eyes sparkled with excitement. ”How **ing interesting! ”

In order to celebrate, Bryan decided to treat himself and do what he did best. Steal! Although he had about 2 pounds left over from his salary, he decisively chose to ignore it.

Soon, he came to his usual hunting ground, the farmers market. This place was almost always crowded as people came there to buy groceries or eat food at one of the many stalls placed there. The shop owners here were mostly lower-class people and some middle-class people.

Bryan entered the crowded street and mixed amongst the various people coming and going, looking for juicy prey. His eyes soon landed on a fat middle-aged man with a high hairline.

He was wearing a brown suit and the buttons of his shirt were busting at the seams. It was like they were begging to be unbuttoned. He was currently screaming at his two servants behind him who were carrying two big bags full of groceries each to hurry up. Bryans eyes lit up at the sight of this.

He approached the fat man in the brown suit from the front. He pretended to look at the stalls on both sides of the street and then suddenly crashed into the fat man before falling to the ground.

On the other side, the fat man nearly lost balance and fell, but was caught by his servants in time. Then he glared at Bryan who was trying to lift himself from the ground, ”You little shit watch where you
e going. How dare you come in my way!? ” The fat man was furious.

Bryan stood up and hurriedly bowed to him, ”Forgive me, my lord. My lowly self did not see you and bumped into you. Please be generous and show mercy! Please! ” At this point, Bryans eyes had turned watery and he made the most innocent look he could muster up.

Seeing him like this, the fat man coldly snorted and said ”You
e lucky Im a generous man. Now ** off. ” Then he walked off with his servants in tow.

Bryan too hurriedly fled the scene in panic and fear. After walking a few steps, he lowered his head and his lips curled into a faint smile, Heh fool.

Over the years, he had gotten very good at acting. After all, there was a high chance the other party would let him off if he acted like a silly child and made an innocent-puppy face.

He unclenched his right hand and saw a few notes crumpled into a ball. Bryan unhurriedly straightened them out and neatly put them on top of each other. ”Oh? 3 pounds? Not bad. Looks like I can have a grand feast tonight hehe. ”

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