The First Reaper

The Freelancers

h punching so rapidly that only shockwaves can be felt as punches land on the other, slowly but surely however, it can be seen that Hades who is only grinning like a madman is being pushed back by Charon who also has a maniacal grin plastered on his face. They then separate as mana begins to surround the both of them before Charon holds out a hand encased in purple mana. Charon lets out a raucous laugh as he raises his hand, and quickly smashes it down. As suddenly, a wave of purple mana explodes out from him, causing all those who touch it fall flat on the ground as they feel an unbearable pressure on the very core of their being. The only one still standing is Charon as Hades falls to his knees, Charon quickly stomps his foot on the ground to propel himself right above Hades. Charon throws out a fist covered in purple mana just before his instinct tells him to dodge. Quickly, Charon summons purple mana under his feet, as a platform which glows purple appears and Charon uses it to quickly launch himself back, right as Hades begins to be covered in black flames as his shadow rapidly covers the full circle.

Charon lets out a maniacal laughter as his figure begins to blur, platforms appearing continuously appearing under his feet to allow himself to launch himself around the arena. The newbies only able to see platforms appearing and disappearing at various points within the circle as a strong wind could be felt rushing around the makeshift arena. Hades calmly viewed this before a scratch appeared on his cheek as he barely can see Charon launch past himself, his eyes widening along with his grin. Paying full attention to the platforms appearing and the wind rapidly whipping around him, He suddenly turns to his right before raising his hands as several blades made out of shadows float up from the unnatural shadows covering the arena floor. Suddenly a line of white energy can be seen trailing around as Charons laughter filled with madness can be heard again all around the arena. Hades using the trailing of energy to pinpoint Charon suddenly holds his left hand, wreathed in black flames, above his head before a blast of the same fire which covers his body came out of his hand directly above him.

A figure which looks like Charon falls to the ground, and is pinned down by shadows as Hades shakes his head.

”You got the wrong oneeeee! ” Charons voice can be heard directly behind Hades.

As Hades begins to turn around however, Charon kicks his back while making to use less of his strength so as not to maim Hades. All the new recruits can see, however, is Hades suddenly flying out of the circle right after Charon said that. As Hades is launched out, his magic is dispelled as it reveals a humanoid shaped mass of purple mana which begrudgingly disappears after Hades goes out of the circle.

The recruits cheer out at having been able to witness such a spar as Charon gives a bow. Due to him finally standing still, it can be seen that there are several large cuts on his arms. Instead of blood however, only a white energy is flowing out as the wounds begin to shrink at a visible pace.

”You damn monster, youve improved again I see. ” Hades gets up before stretching himself out, ”We were roughly equal in strength before, but now I can only barely see you at full speed. ”

Charon lets out a laugh before responding, ”Maybe now, you can stop being an Asshole and admit that Im a much better fighter than you! ”

”Hah! You wanna fight again huh? ” Hades scowls at Charon.

”Ohhhhh, wanna get your ass handed to you again, is that it? I didn know you were a masochist, Hades! You should leave me out of your love life. ” Charon shook his head, as if he was disappointed in Hades.

Suddenly, Hades disappears only to reappear in front of Charon as he throws a punch at Charons face. Charon just slightly moves his head to avoid the punch before jumping back lightly.

”Heyyyy! Its okay, Hades. I swear I won judge. Just don mess up my face ok? I know your jealous but how am I supposed to show off how handsome it is if I have to wear a cast huh? ” Charon starts laughing as Hades also breaks down laughing.

”Anyways, Asshole. We oughta talk about what Ive found in my recon of the borders during your last research binge. ” Hades shakes his head, before looking at the recruits gathered around watching, ”What are you newbies looking at huh? Get out of here, Now! ”

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