The First Reaper

The Plans of a Royal

ones or one that has recently arrived. How long have you noticed an increase in monsters along the edge of the forest? ” Charon looked at Hades, thinking of the Dregh Empire and the Atlea Kingdom, both of whom border the Nekronis Kingdom locking it out of the rest of the Alsheira Continent while the Nekronis Kingdom has the shortest path across the sea to the Brindwal Continent.

”It was around the time you locked yourself away six months ago. I am sure you know the implications if it was done on purpose though. ” Hades looked at Charon with a grim look on his face.

”Yes, one the two countries which border us are making their move on us, possibly the both of them. I suppose they wish to boost their economy as we have been from many freelancers deciding to explore the Brindwal continent. ” Hades thought about his father, who told him that he will be exploring Brindwal until he gets bored.

”Hah! Greedy bastards are deciding to kick off a continental war. Since our allies won be able to react in time if they catch us off guard. ” Charon paused as he thought about what the next move should be, ”I want you to look into each of the new recruits, stay disguised as a freelancer if you can for now. I want you to start following each of them when they patrol the forest to see if you can find out which of them is doing it. If you can find the one doing this after a week, then I want you to report to me and help me find out which freelancers entered our city six months to a year ago. Increase your patrols to twice a day, once early in the morning and once at night, and after your night patrol you will report to me so that others don find out about your oath of brotherhood. ” Charon went deep into thought as he planned for what must be done.

”Understood brother. ” Hades responded as the obvious changes to him began to revert back to what they looked like before he left behind his humanity, ”What shall you be doing while I do this? ”

”Hmm, Firstly I will inform Adam of this development. Then I suppose I must learn more about this new race of ours, After your reports each night we shall work together to learn what we can of our race while also attempting to merge our consciousness and subconsciousness together. ” Charon closed his eyes as he already looked forward to a new topic of research.

”Got it. I will also try to learn what we are capable of in combat and against other beings not of our race, Im curious to see someone elses soul even if you already told me what it looks like. ” Hades said as he himself wanted to see such an esoteric concept as a soul in person.

”Hahaha, now you are beginning to see the truth behind why research is the best. Now, some rats have infested this lovely home of ours, lets begin laying the traps to catch such pests. ” Charon began to grin as Hades did the same.

They both nodded towards each other before separating and running full speed towards seperate locations, both of their speeds were so high that those who didn train themselves would find their figures seeming to appear in and out of existence across the large distance they were rapidly crossing. After they left, A man dressed as a butler slowly floated up from a shadow which had nothing that could be casting it on the ground.

”I see that young Charon is as indulgent as ever in his research habits. Well I suppose I should inform the other Three Kings of the rats in our home. I shall also do what I can to help young Hades. Afterall, isn it a butlers duty to remove pests from the house? ” The Butler gave a menacing grin before nodding to himself and slowly sinking back into his own shadow.

After this, many forces across Nekronis Kingdom began making their moves. Some of those forces loyal to the Four Kings, and some were loyal to others. Slowly but surely the fate of the Nekronis Kingdom was being decided by those factions. More importantly however, was the fate of a young progenitor who had finally reached the castle of his family.

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