”Take her back with you, Raine and go! JUST GO! ”

”No… No… I can leave you here. ”

”Please Go. Shell not let you live. Take your spaceship and return to Earth. ”

”WHAT ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER!? ” I opened my eyes to a frustrated, tired voice while lying still in my crib watching things unfolding but being unable to physically express anything.

My little eyes watched as my mother and father were drowning in their own tears. I wanted to comfort them, tell them everything was going to be alright, but I couldn . I couldn because I was just a year old.

”Our daughter… ” He said as fell down to his knees. ”What a useless father I am! I can even protect my flesh and blood. ” The disappointment that was reflecting through his face was shattering me bit by bit from inside. Each drop of his tear was like a drop of lava which was being dropped over my heart and soul, making it burn slowly and painfully.

”Aren… ” My mother called my father in a soothing voice, now hoping his decision was changed but how could I forget in face of mothers security nothing could have ever changed his mind.

”GO! ”

”We can fight through it. ”

”Raine, we can. But what about our daughter? Shes so small. Shell never have a safe life. ” He said as his gaze then fell upon moms shining pendant.

”Your pendant is a unique one. It brought you to me. Give it to our daughter, maybe itll bring her to someone who can protect her. Probably even better than this irresponsible father of hers. Anyway, you need to leave tonight, for our daughter. ”

I can fight, dad. All of us will fight together.

”Okay. ” Mom said, looking defeated. This was the first time. The first time, I ever saw her be so helpless. And probably, feel the very same. Walking over to me, she carefully took off her pendant, putting it around my neck. With tears shining like pearls at the corner of her eyes, she lifted me in her arms.

Slowly holding out my little hands, I tried to wipe… Wipe her tears, her sadness, her helplessness from her face, but only succeeding in making her cry more.

Mom don cry. Please. Stop.

”Mo… ” I tried to speak but somehow only a few unclear letters left my lips. But upon hearing them, her eyes widened. The once dull eyes were now shining with excitement. Her frown was replaced by a bright smile that now covered her face.

”Aren! Come here! ” She exclaimed.

Slowly getting up, father walked over to us. His eyes were red and tired and swollen from all the crying.

”Fah… ” I tried to speak again but still only a few unclear letters. But his eyes widened and just like moms as they too twinkled with excitement.

He turned to look at mom. Their faces reflecting each others excitement. ”DID YOU HEAR IT!? ” They exclaimed simultaneously.

”YES! SHE SPOKE! ” Mom said.

The room where people were once mourning, was now filled with the same people rejoicing. About two garbled words. They were happy. And upon seeing their smiling faces, a smile found its way to my lips. I reached out my hands to touch dads face.

But as the saying goes, All good times don last forever.

All it took was the sound of a single gunshot to ruin my last happy and peaceful moment with my parents.

”Looks like the time has come. But now even if I die I won regret it. ” He said as he turned around, walking away from us. I tried to reach out to him but couldn reach him. Even my cries didn make him turn around.

”Don go. We can leave together if you want to. ”

”Everyones families shouldn be destroyed like ours. Everyones hopes shouldn be shattered like ours. ”

”What about our family? What about me? What about my heart which you are shattering in two? Even if I live, Ill never be the same again. You are taking away something very precious of mine away, Aren. Very precious. ”

”Do you think I will be the same without you? Our two half precious hearts make one whole, Raine which resides in our daughter now. You keep my half safe. Ill keep yours safe. Till we meet again. ”

Mom placed me on the bed carefully as she walked towards dad. Taking out a gun from the nearby drawer, she kept it in his hand. Tightening his hand around the gun and mothers hand, dad brought it close to his lips and kissed them.

”Don forget where you belong. You don belong

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