On a high schools rooftop, there is a boy with black hair smoking a cigarette. He looked down below at the landscape and the students. Students giggling and laughing with each other. A nice view from afar, but the boy with black hair knew better.

The students expression of enjoyment came from a battle afar between two students in the courtyard. It couldn even be called a battle. A junior with a shaved head and a tattoo of a snake on his neck versus his complete opposite. A nerdish boy with glasses and a buttoned-up shirt, a bit scrawny, putting his hands together to block the juniors incoming attack.

”Is he **ing retarded? Why is he putting his arms together? You can see shit out of that. ”

Just as the boy predicted, he couldn see the juniors uppercut coming at him. By the time the boy with the glasses realized what was coming, it was too late. The Juniors knuckles hit the nerds jaw and sent him flying, rendering him unconscious.

The glasses landed next to its owner, shattered into pieces. The Junior felt superior to the nerd passed out on the ground. The boy on the roof wasn surprised to see him laugh with his thuggish friends.

”Needing to find validation by fighting someone whos physically inferior to you, how egotistical.. ”

The black-haired boy on the rooftop threw the cigarette onto the ground and stepped on it. He went back down to the third floor looking for his next-period class. As he is walking toward Geometry class, he is stopped by his friend, Ethan. A boy with black hair shorter than his with more of a baby face than him.

E- ”Yo Jojo!, did you see Kevin getting absolutely bodied by Derick? Bro didn stand a chance! ”

J- ”Yes Ethan, I saw Kevin lose the fight to Darick. He could have lasted longer if he guarded properly. ”

E- ”You really think that Kevin could actually have stood a chance if he did that? ”

J- ”I said last longer, not win. I need to get to class now. Ill see you later. ”

E- ”All right then, Ill see you during lunch. ”

Ethan left as quickly as he had arrived. He had been Jojos friend since childhood. Hes one of the only people that Jojo actually likes. Jojo found Ethan to be contradictory though. Ethan had always acted as a self-righteous person and tried to do his best to be helpful to others. Yet he can look at Kevin getting beaten and find amusement.

Its not like JoJo could talk, he couldn care less about Kevin. Jojo was a person who put his goals before his emotions and mindset. Some people would call him heartless and maybe its true. Maybe because of that, hes now paying for it with his life.

Two months prior to this day, Jojo went to the doctor because of severe eye pain in his right eye. The doctor did a screening and was horrified at what he discovered. In Jojos right eye were cells filled with Shiden-x.

Shiden-x was a disease brought over by the Elven settlers from the Yashin. Back then it was deadly to the inhabitants of the land. Fortunately for the dwarfs, it was only the humans being affected by Shiden-x. Gradually though it started to stop appearing altogether. Only a few humans per year get diagnosed with Shiden-X.

Scientists have tried to find a cure for Shiden-x but organizations researching it were shut down due to the lack of funding. Governments and people don see Shiden-x as a disease or even acknowledge it anymore. It affects only 0.0001% of the human population yearly. Jojo was in that unfortunate 0.0001%.

The doctor put on a professional face and told Jojo what to expect from Shiden-x. A sharp stabbing pain in the heart, drowsiness, and loss of vision. The doctor didn soften any of the news to the fifteen-year-old boy. He only had seven months left to live.

The thought of knowing he was going to die didn make Jojo afraid. He didn like to ponder on it either. Jojo thought of something else and stepped into Geometry class. It was still passing time so the students were chatting amongst themselves. Jojo couldn help but eavesdrop since he had nothing better to do.

”Did you see Dericks uppercut on Kevin? Kevin got destroyed haha. ”

”No, I heard what happened though. I can believe Kevin thought he could actually stand up to Derick ”

”I know right? Losers should just stay in their place. ”

The students conversations were interrupted when the teacher at the front of the classroom slammed his fist on his desk. All of the students hushed down and stared at the teacher. The teachers expression looked horrid with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Jojo was surprised. Mr. Veil always kept a smile on his face. He was kind to every student and believed they could succeed with effort. With his easy class as well, students absolutely loved him. Having students that cooperated eagerly made his life easier. He loved his life to the fullest.

To see someone like that looks like they had seen a spirit was a cause for concern. Spirits were beings in this world that are born from misdeeds. Supposedly believed that they were released into this world when Pandora opened the box of misery and evil. Countries are divided on whether this is the truth or not because of the codex left behind.

The codex was a book written in Greece by ancient civilians that talked about the spirits birth

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