The South Ace

Chapter 1 - The Ways Of The Organization

In the south lands of the Winterbelle country, the number of crimes kept increasing as the years goes by. The southern part of the country is where the unfortunate mostly lives, it is also the place where fugitives and criminals hide, thus the result of poor service in safety and security for the people that resides there.

”What do you think of this? ” Asked the man who finalized the locations where the sniper will wait for its target. The sniper himself adjusted the location a few inches on the map.

”Here. ” He nods at the man that he consider his boss.

”This! But Nigel, this place is too risky! Theres a lot of people in this area. You might be found with your gun! ”

”Its even more riskier to do it at the abandoned warehouse, sir. Those kind of places has dealers and traffickers minding their business. A silencer wont be enough to cover the sound of the gun from the ears of criminals. ”

The man sighed. He knows he can do anything else since Nigel is determined to do things his own way. ”Fine. As long as you get the job done. Just make sure not to get yourself caught. ”

Nigel smirked. ”Heh, you must be forgetting who I am. ”

”Right… you
e the south Ace. The top sniper for an assassination job. ”

”Yes, thats me. ” The young man confidently flatters himself.

In the southern lands where criminals and fugitives dwell and lurks, those that eliminates them exists as well. Hitmans, assassins, hunters… they pluck these scums either for the sake of justice, money, or revenge.

And so, the Ace of the South, deals with another mission for a client.

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