The South Ace

Chapter 4 - Just A Tool

07 immediately thought he made a mistake. Nigel kept sending him attacks at an alarming speed, he won give 07 the chance to strike back. ”Is this all your capable of? Evasion?! ” Nigel mocked the fellow assassin.

”You **ing bastard! ” 07 can see an opening, and so he sort with the idea of welcoming a direct attack. As Nigel landed a fist on his face, he quickly grabs Nigels wrist and pulled him to strike his knee on Nigels stomach.

Nigel predicted his scheme, but he didn have enough time to stop it from happening. Thus, he was hit on the stomach. ”Haa!… ” It was a critical damage on his physical state. The painful sensation from the blow was enough to make any normal person instantly weak and helpless, however, the one who got hit is a well-trained assassin and ranking on top of all other assassins. Nigel has high pain endurance compared to the other assassins around him.

”Im going to kill you. ” 07 completely pissed Nigel. He became even more hostile than ever, and the other assassins watching can feel it too.

”H-Hahaha… not if I kill you first. ” 07 tried to control his shaking, but he can no longer hide his fear because Nigels strike on his head almost made him faint. Both were weakened but still determined to fight.

The other assassins only watch them duel, they won dare interfere since they are very well aware of the punishment that awaits the two. Though they enjoy watching them fight since they find it quite entertaining. Most can already tell the outcome of this fight, it will be Nigels victory. ”This is good, I might get promoted to the number one spot if the officials finds out about this. ” 02 chuckled.

”I sometimes doubt the measurement of Nigels intellect, hes strong but dumb as **. ” said 03.

”…there has been rumors though. ” 02 recalled what he heard when he was eavesdropping on some of the officials that were talking at an open area. ”They say that Nigel only gained the number one spot because he was chosen by the former top assassin of this organization. ”

”You mean!… his handler was the famous Midnight Raven! ” Those who heard 03 were shocked as well.

”Yes, and so it seems that the organization does play favorites with their tools. ” 02 claimed.

Going back with Nigel and 07, the two were nearing the end of their fight. 07 was already on the ground with his face painted by his own blood. ”The look suits you, 07. ” Nigel laughed seeing his enemy all beaten up.

And he wasn aware of the fact that 07 is already at deaths door. Before his last breath, he glared at Nigel while cursing him at the back of his head. When he stopped breathing, Nigel froze. The place fell into a deafening silence.

”H-Hey… you can fool me with pretending to be dead. ” Nigel recalled how his boss told him to behave.

It was too late for him.

He scanned the room, seeing that everyone witnessed him kill 07 and they will certainly report this to the officials of their organization. ”N-No… ” He was never bothered by killing people before, but to violate the rules of the organization and receive punishment, it is probably the only thing he ever feared. His whole lifes worth and existense only ever revolves in the organization.

”…its about time the weed gets plucked. ” Some of the watchers began to laugh. They all hated Nigel because of his rude personality, and now that he made a grave mistake, its their time to step all over him.

14 glanced at 21 with a wicked look on his face. ”See? He may hold the title that gives him the perfect image, but hes still human after all! A very dumb one at that! ”

People cackled at Nigels mistake. And it was not long until he was held down by the orders of the officials. ”Nigel! You foolish son of a— ” His boss became furious when he heard the news.

While being held down, Nigel tried to explain himself. ”No! It was 07s fault! He started the fight! It was his fault he died!… I-I just defended myself!! ”

One of the officials kneeled down to get to Nigels level and gave him a reminder. ”How the problem started does not matter, what matters most is the outcome of your actions with the problem. You killed 07 without thinking about the consequences, I hope you also what have it takes to deal with the punishment. ”

Nigel is then taken away and imprisoned for an indefinite time. All the other assassins enjoyed this news, however their ranks have remained the same. ”The organization still hasn made up their minds about Nigel, huh? Everyones anticipating their ranks would move one rank higher. ” Said 02.

It has already been three days since Nigel was imprisoned, and a few of the assassins decided to gather to discuss this matter. ”Must we talk to the officials about this? ” 05 said.

”Yeah, I think we should talk to them! ” 11 agreed on 05s suggestion. Though 02 doesn seem to agree with the matter. ”No. Forget it. If they were to get rid of that bastard for good, then they probably killed him on the day he was caught. The organization must be disciplining him right now, despite his idiocy, his strength has great potential and it would be a waste if they kill him. ”

”Tch. Im done here. ” It was a useless meeting, there was no changes at all. 05 hoped for nothing. The group of assassin dismissed the meeting and each went on their own ways.

Meanwhile at a dark, cold cell, Nigel is all pale and weak. The guard watching him enjoyed seeing him suffer. Its been days since he drank and ate, and the guard had the nerve to eat infront of the starving prisoner. ”If only you haven let yourself be driven by your stupid arrogance, then maybe youd be eating dinner right now. ” The guard laugh.

Nigel remained silent as he stare at the guards food. The guard kept talking shit about him, and the guards arrogance got the best of him as well. When he dared to stick his hand through the bars of the cell and wave his food infront of the starving Nigel, he instantly regretted it as he was attacked by Nigel.

A starving assassin is like a predator, hes still very agile compared to the average person. And so, the guards food was taken away from him, as well as his index and middle finger.

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