The South Ace

Chapter 5 - One Target, Two Assassins

A month has passed when the organization decided to release Nigel. He became dull and skinnier after a month of imprisonment. His handler that approached him looked very disappointed seeing him for the very first time in a long while. ”If a different person was serving the same punishment, I doubt they can come back alive. ” He stated.

One of the officials standing next to Nigels handler looks pleased to see Nigel still alive. ”He is truly a great asset to the organization! Former 01 Midnight Raven, I applaud your talent in finding another person that can replace you. ”

All Nigel can do at the moment was watch them converse about him. Talking about how hes just going to replace the former top assassin of the organization, things became more clearer than ever for Nigel. Hes seen nothing more than just a tool. Hes of great use when obedient to the rules of the organization. But if he dares to violate the rules, he can be punished or be replaced anytime.

Was it even worth to be proud of become a disposable tool? Nigel barely survived the punishment that was bestowed upon him, and he thought that if the punishment lasted a few more days then he might have died already.

The official gave Nigel the permission to recover himself in two days, and go back into action immediately since his work began to pile up within a month. Nigel and his handler was forced to rent themselves a carriage since Nigel was in no shape to travel like they used to. Though it gave former 01 the chance to talk some sense into his head.

”I hope the punishment taught you something, Nigel. ”

”…it was a mistake, okay? 07 died because he tried to kill me, I was only defending myself! ” Nigel claimed, but former 01 did not sympathize with him. Instead he even grabbed Nigels neck and chokes him.

”An assassin never stand for themselves! We are void of emotions, we do not get easily provoked nor cross the boundaries that the organization have set for us. Must I remind you!? The organizations words are absolute! ” Former 01 let goes of Nigel, holding himself back from further hurting him.

”Drill it in your head! Don make me repeat myself unless you want to end up like 07. ”

”…y-yes, boss. ” Nigel tried to catch his breath and tries not to get on his bosss nerves again. He almost saw the gates of hell opening up for him when Former 01 was choking him.

As the hostile tension between the two died down, Nigel seeked the opportunity to ask about their next agenda. ”May I know where we
e headed?… and whats the task this time? ”

e off to the town called Delilah. There, you are assigned to kill the second son of the Marquis Hershiore. ”

”When? ”

”After your two days of recovering, 16:00 sharp. Ill write the address to you later. Client instructed to make it seem like an accident. ”

”Okay, got it. ” Right after their travel, Nigel went to sleep at a different inn from his handler. He said he might recover faster if he is by his own. His boss did not have any complaints about it, and was able to rest well.

By the time his recovery period was about to end, Nigel took a good look in the mirror. Looking at himself, he was quite amazed by how much he change. The last time he looked at himself in the mirror was a few years ago. He recalled how weak he used to be, but now hes the top assassin of their organization. ”Why… why did I pursue to become like this? ” He wondered.

He can remember the exact reason, all he knows right now is that he exists as a cold-blooded assassin. A killing machine bound by the words of its owner. But indeed, why would he want to become such a person?

For what kind of reason it may be?

”Kaw kaw! ” Nigel became alarmed by the crow that appeared on his window. On its leg is a folded strip of paper, a message from the boss. ”Its finally time to get back to business, huh? ” He reached for the bird and took the paper from its leg.

Written on the paper are the instructions for the new mission. He quickly fixed himself to get ready and got on his way immediately.

Former 01 only observed Nigel from afar, looking after his every move. He was always there whenever Nigel is executing his mission, always on standby if he ever makes a mistake and finish the job on time. So far, Nigel was always excellent in obeying his orders. But if the young man ever creates an error, that will be the end of him and former 01 will have to find another potential replacement.

Nigel is considered to be the one that has the greatest potential in becoming the top assassin of the organization once Former 01 is gone, he was already bestowed with the title of South Ace. Although recently, Former 01 has been sensing the error in Nigels development. He was full of vigor; the young man has an overflowing self-confidence and takes pride and joy in his work.

Any emotion is considered a flaw in this line of work, most especially when you are meant to be on top of other assassins.

And the recent trouble that Nigel have gone through only proved Former 01s point further. He predicts what lies ahead for the young man, and he can guess that things won go well for him in the future if he continues to be as he is right now.

While assessing Nigels movements, the young man arrived on time for the mission. The goal was to kill the second son of the Marquis and make it look like an accident. The said accident must occur during the targets travel towards the neighboring town, Raeleigh. And as he was done assembling his sniper rifle, he searched through the scope and saw his prey. ”Target on sight. ”

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