r ”

”sigh, it can be helped them, we will have to go inside a dungeon even if its too much for me right now.

Davy walks back the way he came and sees Suzy being harassed, she looks at him and looks down. Davy stared at her for a little while but since she didn say anything he walks away. She bites her lips and tears start flowing from her eyes, Davy has abandoned her just like how she abandoned him.

The hunters harassing her start touching her chest and butts, she is trembling in fear and thinks of Davy who has been saving her till now.

”Davy please help me, I am sorry I tried to run away from you!!! ” she yells at the top of her lungs

”what the hell is this bitch yelling for, your friend is not coming, he left you behind so just play with us a little bit. ” Says one of the hunters.

”NO, LET ME GO, I SAID LET ME GO. ” Suzy struggles to get away but the hunters are of a higher level than her.

They rip off her clothes, knock her down and they start looking at her like hungry dogs, one hunter removes his pants and tries to **** her.

”Get away, I SAID GET AWAY FROM MEEEE ” Suzy unknowingly activates her powers and burns the hunters weenie and balls.

The hunter falls down and starts rolling around in pain, he looks at Suzy with a pissed off face.

”KILL HER, KILL THIS BITCH!!!! ” says the hunter while holding his damaged goods.

The other hunters attack and start beating Suzy to a pulp, she can do anything but lie there and the take the beating while holding her head, her healed wounds have opened up and blood starts flowing everywhere.

”Thats what you deserve you stupid bitch, finish her off, ” Says the hunter who got burned.

The hunters take out their swords and they all stand surrounding her.

”Davy, you finally came, what took you so long. ” Says Suzy while looking at the direction Davy went.

The area around Suzy and the hunters suddenly goes dark, a red aura in a shape of a monster appears and a person starts walking towards them, thats right, its Davy and he is pissed.

”Mon…Monsterrrrr ” says one of the hunters as he runs away.

In an instant that hunters head appears in Davys hand, all the other hunters are shaking and pissing themselves in fear. Davy massacres them all and he shows no mercy, after its all over Davy picks up Suzy, drenched in blood as he looks at Suzy with an annoyed face.

”tsk, how very annoying.

He takes her to an abandoned building nearby and heals her, cleans her like before, and leaves her to rest. After a few hours, she wakes up and sees Davy sleeping in a corner. She walks over and covers him with a blanket, she smiles but that smile quickly fades as she knows how much trouble she causes and how he is always taking responsibility for her foolishness.

”I need to get stronger and change my weak nature, in this messed up world the weak won survive, I need to change so won hold back Davy anymore. ” She says with a serious face as she walks out of the room.

Davy opens his eyes and goes back to sleep.

”good grief. ” He says as he dozes off.

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