The mysterious tower that i will conquer


only one orc, sitting on a throne, with killing tent so thick you can feel it in the air, he knew this orc was strong but its not a threat to him. He also unleashes his killing intent which overwhelms the orcs.

The orc snaps and attacks him, this is not a fight, its a one shot, in an instant the orc is filled with bullet holes. Thats right, he used his fathers gun, the orc dies by having its head chopped off.

”didn you say I am not ready for D-rank dungeons? Why are the monster so weak. ” He asks system.

”Master, are you sure you are human? ” system asks in a confused tone.

System is confused since Davy is not supposed to defeat a D-rank monster that easily.

”What nonsense are you spouting now, lets get out here, at least we got some good item and high quality core. ”

The items he received are: healing potions, strength boost gloves and a magic book. He goes out of the boss room and sees that Suzy is till sleeping. He picks her up and walks towards the exit.

He exists and waiting for him is miss general smiling at Davy, he ignores her and walks past her. She looks surprised and proceeds to yell telling him to stop but Davy just keeps walking.

”YOU DARE IGNORE ME? ”, she says in a pissed of voice.

She activates her mind domination, her power always her to make anyone her slave or so she thought. Her power lands, Davy stops and activates intimidation, she driver passes out and Miss general falls on the ground in fear. Davy appears in front of her with a cold look on his face.

”I don know who you are or what you want but the next time I see you be ready to die. ” He was always with his clothes being swayed by the wind.

Miss general regains her cool after a few minutes but fear of Davy was imprinted in her, she tells the driver to immediately go back to the airport.

”I need to report this to the superiors. ” She says while looking at her phone.

Davy appears on top of the car, jumps in front of it and stops it. Miss general starts shaking as Davy walks towards the back door. He opens the door and drags her out.

”why are you doing this? ” she asks him while being held by her hair.

”I have a feeling that if I let you go things are going to get annoying, so I will just kill you now. ”

”No please wait, if you kill me you will get hunted by the government, just let me go, I promise I won say anything about. ” She begs him to spare her.

”you do have a point, hmm, how about you call your government and tell them there is nothing special about me, do that and I will let you live. ”

”O..OK, I will call them. ”

She calls them and tells them exactly what Davy told her, she starts crying and peeing herself because deep down she knows, just by looking at his expression, she knows she is going to die. She finishes and hangs up, she puts her phone away and looks at Davy.

”I..i did what you asked for, will you let me live? ”

”hmm, sure why not ”

”Thank you, thank you… ” she gets interrupted by Davy.

”But you will have to join my group from now on, refuse and I will kill you, your powers will be helpful in the tower. ”

”Eh? But you said you will let me live. ” She asks with a sad face.

”tsk, don give me that sad face bs, I said I will let you live but I never said I will let you go, stand up and follow me and kill that driver. ” He says while walking away.

”Dammit, how did things go to shit this fast, I will die if I go around with him, DAMMIT. ”

She gives in, she kills the driver and follows Davy, he plans to gather people who will be useful in his conquest.

[somewhere in Seoul]

”I should go find mister Davy first before I go look for my parents. ” Says Ari as she walks away from a pile of reaper wolves she just killed.

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