The Story Of End

On a very fateful day of enormous rain and raging thunder sound happening though out the Sun city(This the place for our main story), at a particular place two men were standing facing each other.

These two people were standing in front eachother holding their swords which have already drank many people`s blood to clash against each other to decide their lives ultimate fate with the lives of their dearest people at stake with the fate of Sun city also.

The heart beat of these two people were starting to beat more faster as the moment deciding their fate is approaching very near them. Their blood have started race in their body and their eyes have filled with pure feeling of rage towards each other and with each rain drop qhich was pouring on their bodies nonstop this feeling of rage is just getting stronger and stronger.

This is the most important moment of their lives because it is this very moment that is going to decide out of two who will survive and who will die, who will be crowned as the ruler of the Sun city underworld and Sun city itself.

And more than that there was one more thing that one of them wanted to know that is the real identity of the person standing in front of him because one person was wearing a full face cover mask with the intension to conceal his identity.

And now the moment have arrived the the two men dashed towards each other with their swords ready to clash with each other and to drink the blood of the other person respectively.

Clang Clang Clang

The horrifying sound of swords c

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