Training With Father

After hearing about the annual school sports competition from Lan Yue everyone present in his room were became quite serious. They have not been prepared for the school sports competition because they were busy for the village festival preparation.

Seeing how his friends were becoming serious Lan Yue suggested something to them for which he was sure that will help them to get prepared for the school sports competition. He said that, ”Don worry everyone there is no such thing to be get serious about as we still have three days in our hand for the sports competition. In this particular time which we have with us is pretty much good for us as that is what we need for the preparing ourselves. And I will help you all to be prepared for the competition. ”

After hearing Lan Yues suggestions everyone suddenly became quite happy. The reason of their happiness is none other than Lan Yue. Yes, Lan Yue is the reason of their happiness because Lan Yue was a very capable type of person. He is not only good in studies but also very good in sports. He was the star of their school and village.

Seeing that Lan Yue had taken the responsibility for their training for the sports competition everyone were quite happy. But deep down inside his heart Lan Yue thought that it is going to be a new challenge for me, and I have face it and win it for my friends.

Then all of them spent a few more time at Lan Yues place then they all left for their home but only one person remained their. That person had something in her mind which she wanted to talk about to Lan Yue. So she stopped there to have conversation with Lan Yue. That person is none other than AXin.

AXin wanted to thank Lan Yue for his efforts which he was doing for her and her friends. After everyone left she was still sitting on the chair at Lan Yues room.

When Lan Yue saw her, he asked, ”AXin why are you still here ? All of them left. Do you have something to talk about. ”

After Lan Yue finished asking his questions, AXin spoke to him, ”Yes, Lan Yue I do have something to talk about with you. I want to talk about in person with you while we are alone. ”

Then they have started a conversation between them.

Lan Yue : ”Tell me what you hav to talk about with me. ”

AXin : ”Lan Yue I want to thank you. Thank you so much. ”

Lan Yue : ”Why are you thanking me ? What I have did that you are thanking me ? I can understand it. ”

AXin : ”Lan Yue what you have did is more than enough for me and my friends. ”

AXin : ”You have made possible the dream which my friends had into a reality. ”

Lan Yue : ”I haven done much. ”

AXin : ”You may see it as nothing. But for me it is very important. ”

Lan Yue : ”You are over praising me. ”

AXin : ”No, Lan Yue you have done a big favour to me, which I can forget all my life. Thank you. ”

Lan Yue : ”What are you saying ? I just did something which I can do for my friends. It is not a big deal. ”

AXin : ”You may see it in that way but not me. Always in my life I have lived with the burden that my stage fright was holding back all of my friends. I always had this guilt in my heart which was very tough for me to carry. ”

AXin : ”But today because of you the burden of mine is lifted in some capacity. Because my friends can participate in the play for which they have dreamt about. ”

AXin : ”All this was made possible only because of you. ”

After hearing AXins deep thoughts and regrets Lan Yue became quite emotional. He could feel the sorrow which AXin was holding inside her very clearly. Then he said her something to comfort her,

Lan Yue : ”AXin don think about it too much. I just did what any person could do for his or her friends. ”

Lan Yue : ”If you were in my place then you could have done the same thing which I have did. ”

Lan Yue : ”So don think about it some much or else it will affect he tiny brain for yours(it was just tease AXin to cheer her mood). ”

When AXin heard Lan Yues words she looked towards him and saw him smiling towards her which made her feel very good. She wiped out the years which was coming from her sweet eyes.

Then she also smiled at him and felt that it was a blessing for her to have friend like Lan Yue in her life.

Lan Yue also smiled happily as he knew because of his little effort a big problem in AXins life could be solved and for this reason he was really very happy.

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