The Preparation Part - 2

After greeting each other and sitting in front of each other inside the office of Chief Wang. Then they started to talk about something about their village.

They talked about the well being of the villagers, as Lan Yue`s father is the village doctor, so the village head wanted to know about how is the health of their villagers is. So they talked about it.

After that Chief Wang asked Lan Yue about his health and studies. After hearing Chief Wang`s questions Lan Yue repled, ”I am fine and my studies are going well. ”47 He asked about this thing also because Lan Yue and his family were the neighbours of chief Wang and his family, and also chief Wang`s grand daughter is the classmate of Lan Yue at his school with both of them studying in same class at their village school.

The grand daughter of chief Wang is none other than Wang Xin also called A`Xin, the childhood friend of our hero. They were born on the same year and were of same age. From their childhood they have played and studied together. They even shared their lunch with each other in their school lunch time.

As Lan Xiang, Lan Yue and Chief Wang were talking with each other, someone knocked on the door of Chief Wang. After hearing the door knock sound Chief Wang said, ”Come in. ”

After the door is opened everyone came to know about the person who was knocking on the door. And it was none other than the grand daughter of Chief Wang, A`Xin. At that time A`Xin was carrying a basket in her hand.

After seeing that it was his grand daughter he enquired why she was at his office. Actually the son and daughter-in -law of Chief Wang have passed away in a car accident when A`Xin was very small. From then on Chief Wang has taken care of her, but with time as she grew up she has been taking care of him.

Then Chief Wang asked, ”A`Xin, what are doing here at this hour? ”. Hearing this A`Xin replied to him that, ”Grand father you have forgetten to bring your lunch today. So I have brought your lunch. ”

After hearing his grand daughter and seeing the basket in her hand Chief Wang underestood everything and said that, ”Oh, I have forget about it. Sorry. ”

Then A`Xin saw that Lan Xiang and Lan Yue were also there. So she greeted Lan Xiang very politely, ”Good moring uncle Xiang. ”

Then Lan Xiang also greeted her, ”Good morning, A`Xin. ” Then Lan Xiang asked about health and studies, to which she replied, ”I am fine, and my studies are also going well thanks to Lan Yue. ”

Then she placed the food basket on the table and then she sat on the couch for a while and then Chierf Wang said to A`Xin, ”Xin`er, you can go home now I will take my food at right time. ”

Actually A`Xin wanted to stay at the office of Chief Wang utill he eats his lunch. But Chief Wang understood his grand daughter`s intention ans assured her that he will take his lunch in time.

After hearing her grand father`s words A`Xin felt some relief and then said, ”Okay grand father I am leaving. But remember to take your lunch at time. ”

After saying this she started to leave her grand fatger`s office. Then Lan Xiang said something.

Lan Xiang : ”Yue`er, you also go to home. I have something to talk to Chief Wang, you can accompany A`Xin to home. ”

After hearing his father Lan Yue nodded and moved to A`Xin`s side and then they both said in unison that, ”we are leaving. Then we will also start the preparation for the festival. ”

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