Vampires Legacy

The Beginning

Prologue Arc -Start-

”What does it mean to be human? I spent a long time searching for that answer, but I was asking myself the wrong question. What I shouldve been thinking about was how to live true to myself. I was fixated on the idea that I had to turn myself back to normal, afraid that I would become a monster. During the Shioto war when you were about to kill us all, I accepted that I was a vampire as an excuse to take my comrades lives just to be able to kill you. Yet I still wasn strong enough and had to live with the fact that I became a true monster of my own will. After my long journey, I realized it didn matter that I was no longer human. What Ive become has nothing to do with how I decide to live my life. My soul is still the same. To this day, I regret killing those people. I wish I had the way of thinking I do now back when I truly needed it, but that wouldn be possible. It was because of my grave mistake, that I was able to reflect and arrive at where I am now. If it was my fate to die by your hands back then, I would go back in time and fight true to myself till the bitter end. Even if we all got killed anyway. But I wasn supposed to die during that war, and Im grateful to have experienced everything I have since I became a vampire. There were countless hardships, but the fun we all had together far outweighed them. So yes, Im even grateful to you. Now, lets finish this once and for all. ”

These were the words spoken by Chifuyu before he engaged in his final battle. Now, lets go back to where it all began.

Year 2023. March 9th.

The day had just started, yet somebody was already fighting for their life.

”Gaaahh… ”

A teenage boy was currently facing his biggest challenge, if a threat level had to be given to this monster it would more than likely be S+ tier.

”Its 7 in the morning. Why is this happening to me? ”

The young boy was loudly voicing his discontentment with his current situation.

”Its because you had Taco Central last night, Chifuyu. ”

”We warned you not to eat from that place unless you were ready for the consequences. ”

”Heh. I shouldn complain, this is a fair price to pay. ”

”Uh, the tacos were $14, you had several which I paid for. ”

The current predicament was a battle of life or death, on the toilet that is. Chifuyu, who had consumed 10 tacos last night is facing the consequences of his actions. Outside the bathroom, not surprised by the situation were Chifuyus parents.

The story just started and the protagonist: Chifuyu Kyotani, is already making a fool out of himself.

”Oooooooooooora! ”

Chifuyu let out a battle cry for his final push, the job was almost done. There was one thing left to do.

His parents wait outside with tired faces. The toilet flushes and water from the faucet starts running down. Seconds later, Chifuyu comes out of the bathroom with a smug face, holding his right hand up in a fist. There could only be one meaning for that.

”Victory. ”

His parents who looked unamused couldn help but start chuckling at their sons goofiness.

Slapping Chifuyu on his back, his dad tells him ”Get your butt to school already. ”

”Yeah, I am. After I get you back that is! ”

The two start horsing around as Chifuyus mom enjoys the sight.

Finally ready to go, Chifuyu slips his shoes on and opens the door.

”Im off! ”

”Have a good day at school. ”

Chifuyu leaves with a blast of energy as his mom waves him off while his dad is flicking him off. They have a great relationship.

Chifuyu Kyotani, 15 years old turning 16 in a few months. Energetic and can get along with just about anybody. Second year in high school, and already the star player on his basketball team. He greatly contributed to his team making it to the finals in his first year, earning them a promotion from third to second division. This year he had a stellar performance becoming his teams lead scorer and winning them the championship in their league. His school is a 15 minute walk from his home so he walks there and back each day, usually meeting up with one of his friends partway through whos there today.

”Chifuyu! ”

A girl the same age called out to him. With a smile, Chifuyu ran over to her with his hand in the air.

”Morning Erika. ”

”Good morning to you too. ”

The two high-fived as they were greeting each other. The girls name is Erika Tohska and she has known Chifuyu since the start of middle school. They decided to go to the same high school along with their other friend. Chifuyu has had a lot of impact on Erikas life. She only had one friend in middle school but has gained enormous popularity since high school began. Shes sweet and polite, but a bit shy. Although shes come a long way, she still lacks confidence. A few months ago, about 70% of the boys participated in a ranking of the cutest girls in their year and Erika dominated it. Somehow they managed to keep that under wraps because if the girls caught wind of that ranking, they wouldve looked down on the boys with utter disgust until graduation. Erika has distinct blonde hair that reaches below her waist. Youd be able to point her out in a crowd of thousands of people at a concert.

Chifuyu and Erika make small talk as they walk to their school as they usually do. But Erika brought up a rather big question out of nowhere.

”Um, Chifuyu. ”

”Yeah whats up, is something wrong? ”

”Its just… I had a dream last night that you were taken somewhere far away. I tried reaching for you, and you were within my grasp. But you didn extend your hand for me, like you didn want to be saved. ”

Chifuyu listens to her, completely at a loss for words. As they were walking, Erika had just been looking down while saying this, but she looked up right at Chifuyu as she asked this question.

”I have no idea what that dream meant. It was probably just some nightmare. It seemed like you cut yourself off from me, and that you were bearing a whole bunch of burdens by yourself. I know you
e not the type of person to not let others help you. But, please let me ask you this. If something ever happens when you feel like you can handle it by yourself, will you reach out to me? ”

They maintained eye contact for a couple of seconds while walking before Chifuyu replied to her.

”That sure came out of left field. You really surprised me there. ”

”Im sorry, uh… On second thought just forget what I said. ”

Embarrassed by asking such a weird question, Erikas face was flushed red and she put her head down. Chifuyu couldn help but laugh.

”Don worry Erika, weve known each other for how long now? Over 4 years! If I feel like Im facing my biggest problem ever and Im not sure what to do, youll be the first person I ask for help. ”

Chifuyu reassured her, Erika gently smiled and gave him her gratitude.

”Thanks Chifuyu. ”

”Don mention it. ”

As the two wrapped up their conversation, they arrived at school.

”Alright Erika, Ill see you in 2nd period. ”

”Yeah, Ill see you then. ”

As they walked to their respective classes for homeroom, Chifuyu was greeted by several other students along the way. The same could be said for Erika. There were rumors that they were going out around the beginning of their second year, but once Chifuyu heard about that he immediately set everybody straight and cleared up that they aren dating. He respects their relationship as friends and genuinely wants to keep it that way. He helped Erika out a ton in middle school, and Chifuyu himself isn oblivious to this fact. They spend a lot of time together and he truly cherishes their friendship. Hes thought about if theres a chance Erika has feelings for him, but it was just a momentary thought. Chifuyu isn one to worry about the future too much, or the consequences of eating 10 tacos at once. He also thought if Erika started dating someone, hed support her 100%. Thats the kind of guy Chifuyu is.

On his way to class, he hears footsteps darting in his direction. He knows what it is and prepares himself for a counterattack.

”Chifuyu… Gah! ”

A boy with short purple hair was running towards Chifuyu, he yelled his voice monotonously and was answered with a chop to the neck. The boy is another one of Chifuyus friends who hes known since they were 7. He goes by the name Dakota Smith. This comedic routine is something he does every morning when a big assignment is due. He runs up to Chifuyu and grabs him by the shoulders to beg for the answers. Today was one of those days.

”Dakota, how many times are you going to ask for my answers? After high school, you
e going to have to seriously study without relying on cheating from somebody else. ”

”Hmph, bold of you to assume Im going to a university. ”

”Right, you
e gonna go pro as a streamer. ”

Dakota is a self-proclaimed pro gamer. He spends most of his time playing fps games and single-player story mode games. He definitely has the skills to go pro as he just turned 16 and is already top 500 in one of the most popular fps games. On the other hand, he lacks social skills and without that, he won be able to engage his audience. Streamers are also entertainers, so sitting on camera live and just gaming without saying anything won benefit you in the least no matter how good you are. Posting gameplay clips would be a better idea in that regard.

”The assignment due today was pretty big, you shouldve asked me yesterday if you knew you weren going to do it. ”

”I had actually planned to do it. At least I was going to try, but I got caught up reading this new series in jump. By the time I was done with that, it was already 2 a.m and Id just decided to ask you in the morning. I guess I shouldve looked at how long the assignment was. ”

”Get your priorities straight man. That new series is good though. ”

”Isn it? I was just going to check out the first few chapters but I got completely hooked. ”

”I hear you on that. Jump series never disappoint. ”

Jump is a manga publisher that releases new chapters every Saturday. The series Dakota binged last night is a new hit thats sold over 2 million copies with just 3 volumes. He and Chifuyu are both what you would call otakus. Chifuyu knows how to manage his time though and gets his school work and sports training done first before he indulges himself in entertainment. Though he does have a couple of series he reads and watches if they
e out before he leaves for school. Back to the main question at hand.

”So, can I see your answers for the assignment? ”

e lucky its math, just make sure you remember the equations for the test so the teacher doesn get suspicious. ”

e a lifesaver. ”

Before making a beeline for the library, Dakota smacks Chifuyu in the butt to express his thanks. Nothing wrong with some brotherly love. Chifuyu pulled out his phone to check the time and saw he still had 9 minutes until homeroom started, so he decided to go to the gym to get some quick shots in.


Ring Ring Ring Ring

”Yo. ”

”Don yo me Shoyo, where the target? ”

”I lost him, my bad. ”

”God dammit you imbecile, do you understand how dire this situation is? ”

”Relax, he was just craftier than I thought hed be. All I have to do is patrol the area hes heading to. Besides, this is information that was supposed to be top secret for over 200 years. If she gets unsealed, isn it the fault of you guys up there who had a rat this entire time? ”

”Watch your mouth brat, she won be unsealed as long as you do your job. Make sure to uphold your title as the strongest hunter. ”

Beep Beep Beep

”What a disagreeable middle-aged man. Top secret information only a handful of people should know gets leaked to the enemy and now I have to clean up their mess. Though of course, I didn actually lose him. I like pretending Im a little incompetent sometimes. The vamp took to the sewers with impressive speed. My eyes were off him for no more than a second and hed already opened the manhole, entered it and cleanly closed it without making much noise. That sewage has a few dozen other routes he could take. And I know exactly which one hell come out of. ”

The man currently speaking was atop a rooftop, clad in a white uniform indicating the highest rank with a sheathed sword by his waist, earning stares from the neighborhood citizens. His occupation is a hunter run by the Hunter Agency. The job description entails hunting vampires and keeping the peace of Shioto. Thats right, this is no normal world.

Shioto is the only continent in this world with some dozen islands scattered around. The worlds population numbers at 901 million. The continent is divided into 31 districts, each having their own hunter branch. The hunters have been at battle with the vampires for over 200 years, but theyve been dying down in numbers gradually, at least on the surface. The world has also been relatively peaceful over the last 8 years. Vampire incidents have been at an all-time low due to the presence of the current strongest hunter, Shoyo Kusakabe. Hes 25 years old and is above average for male height, standing at 6 feet tall. Although you wouldn be able to tell, hes very well built. Slicked back black hair and bright blue eyes with a cross earring on his left ear.


Shoyos stomach grumbles, hes been pursuing this vampire for 2 days and hasn eaten anything.

”Alright, wheres the closest fast food place? I need to attend to more important matters. ”

Dismissing his current mission that could put the world at stake, Shoyo goes to grab some grub.


Students rush down the hallway after the bell rings for their final class of the day. Chifuyu waits outside his classroom for Erika who had texted him if she could ask him something after school.

”Thanks for waiting Chifuyu. Sorry, I know you should be getting ready for practice but I just wanted to ask you this in person. ”

”No worries, I have time. So whats up? ”

”Well, you probably forgot about this. But the Moon Festival is tonight, and I wanted to see if you wanted to go there. ”

The Moon Festival is one of many festivals held in Shioto. It takes place in District 5 on March 9th every year in celebration of the year Princess Kaguya was believed to be found. Its an ancient story that most of the people believe in, but this will be a tale for another time.

”Oh wow, you
e right. I totally forgot about it. ”

”Hehe, I thought so. I asked my little brother if he wanted to go but he said hes already going with a female friend of his. ”

”Wait, how old is your little bro again? ”

”He turns 11 next month. ”

”Turning 11 and hes already making moves on girls? Ha! You have quite the playboy little brother, Ive gotta meet him one day. ”

”Yeah, hes a bit of a rascal. Sometimes I wanna clobber him. ”

”Wow. He even gets you riled up huh. ”

”Excuse me! ”

As Chifuyu and Erika were chattering, a girl whos a year younger approached them. Chifuyu recognized her because he saw her just yesterday.

”Oh, hey Sumire. How are you? ”

”You know her Chifuyu? ”

Before Chifuyu gets to answer, Sumire interjects, answering for him.

”He saved me yesterday from some bullies, and I never got to thank him. So I just asked around to see what class you were in and rushed over here. ”

”Ah come on, its not that big of a deal. ”

”That may be true. But still, I want to thank you. ”

As she lowers her head to bow down, she expresses her gratitude and leaves.

”Thank you very much! ”

It was a short exchange, the girl simply wanted to let Chifuyu know how grateful she is. Erika gleefully looks at Chifuyu as he shyly scratches his head.

”So, would you be able to go to the festival tonight or would you be too tired from practice? ”

”Oh yeah, you can definitely count me in! ”

Erika sighed with relief, Chifuyus straightforwardness always manages to put a smile on her face.

”I can wait! Ill leave you so you can get to practice now. See you later! ”

”Yeah, see you later! ”

As their conversation ends and Erika walks away, someone who had been listening comes from around the corner behind Chifuyu.

”Oi Chifuyu, its time for practice. Lets go. ”

”Oh, hey Mikey. You came to pick me up? ”

”Don call me that. I see you
e as friendly as ever with Erika.

”I guess so. ”

”Tch. ”

Mike clicks his tongue at Chifuyus laid-back response. Mike is a year older whos also on the basketball team. He has feelings for Erika and is jealous of Chifuyus close relationship with her. Mike also detests Chifufyu because he came to this high school believing hed be the best player, only to be far outshined by someone hed initially thought wouldn even make the team. Although hes bitter about this, basketball is just a hobby of his. Mike has bigger plans. As they walk to the gymnasium, he brings up a certain topic.

”Chifuyu, we
e only sophomores right now. At the rate Im growing right now, I would absolutely steal the title of Star Player come next season. But, Im afraid Im quitting basketball after this semester. ”

”Whys that? ”

”Heh, Ill be taking the transfer exam for the Hunter Training Academy in July. And when I pass it, Ill be accepted as a student there. So naturally there will be no need for me to continue playing this sport. It was a mere pastime anyway. ”

”So you
e chasing a greater dream, Im happy for you. ”

Chifuyu replies genuinely, this pisses off Mike even more. His intent was to gloat, but he shouldve known that would have no effect on Chifuyu.

”Do you ever feel envious? ”

”Who doesn ? This one time, there was a prize I really wanted from a raffle. So when I didn win it, naturally I was jealous of who did. ”

”Forget it, I shouldn have asked. ”


”Ah, nothing better than basking in the glorious sunset of 5:30 pm. ”

Chifuyu leaves the school campus after finishing practice. The sunset at 5:30 is a joke he and Dakota make. In lots of anime, its not rare for a dramatic scene to occur at sunset. Chifuyu and Dakota noticed this and made it an inside joke between them. Speaking of Dakota…

”Yo. ”

”Dakota, what
e you still doing here? ”

”Erika told me you guys are going to the Moon Festival tonight and invited me as well. ”

”So you waited 2 hours for me to finish practice? You couldve just gone home first. ”

”Nah, actually I went to tutoring. ”

”Tutoring?! You did? ”

”Ha, you don have that surprised. You pickin a fight with me you little… ”

Dakota headlocks Chifuyu and playfully gives him a noogie.

”I mean, you never went to tutoring! Isn it natural that Id be surprised? ”

”Hmph, you won believe it. My mom called after school and told me shes gonna start giving me an allowance if I can keep up with my grades. ”

Dakota sticks his chest out proudly, Chifuyu slightly laughing at how simply he gets motivated.

”Why am I even surprised, I shouldve known there was something in it for you. ”

”Heh, what can I say? ” remarks Dakota as he slyly shrugs his shoulders.

”Uh, hey Chifuyu. ”

”What is it? ”

”Those wouldn happen to be your friends would they? ”

A group of upperclassmen approach the two of them, they
e the spitting image of what youd call cliche high school delinquents.

”Oh, its you guys. ”

”So you do know them, thats a relief. ”

e acquainted I guess. ”

”Acquainted my ass, you think you
e some kind of hero? Huh, Chifuyu? ”

The group leader of the delinquents strolls right up to Chifuyu with hi

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