Vampires Legacy

The Beginning

s hands burrowed in his pockets and head stuck upright, casting his eyes down on who he believes is below him. An old-fashioned way of trying to intimidate someone. But Chifuyu is unfazed, Dakota on the other hand is already making preparations to hightail it out of there.

”Hero? Im not anything of the sort nor do I want to be. I just wanna enjoy living my normal everyday life. ”

”Is that so. You say that but you must think you
e some knight in shining armor sticking up for that girl yesterday. ”

Yes, these are the same punks who were bullying Sumire.

”I don understand whats got your panties in a bunch, isn it right to stick up for someone whos getting bullied? ”

Chifuyu was starting to enjoy the situation, so he thought hed provoke them a little.

”Mommy and daddy aren gonna be proud of you if they hear about this. Bullying doesn make you popular you know. ”

”What was that wise ass!? ”

The stereotypical delinquent grabs Chifuyu by his collar, giving him a nasty glare. Chifuyu decides to pour more fuel on the fire.

”Wow, one little sentence is all it takes to offend you. This is why I hate punks like you, all brawn and no brain. ”

”Why you… ”

Chifuyu knew his simple provocations would get them enraged, this whole situation had become a comedy skit to him.

The delinquent throws a punch that is easily evaded. Chifuyu then squares up to show hes ready to throw down.

”No going back now, Im pummeling you! ”

Delinquent 1 charges in with no strategy in mind, he just plans to swing his heavy fists. Chifuyu smirks, dodging the predictable right swing. Then, his ultimate counterattack begins.

”Huh? ”

In mere seconds, the delinquent is gazing at the sky. After easily moving around the right swings trajectory, Chifuyu pantsed him and swiped his foot under delinquent 1s legs causing him to fall on his ass.

”You little.. ”

The other delinquents finally charge in after witnessing their leader get an embarrassing taste of defeat.

”Lets go Dakota! ”

”Yeah! ”


Being on the same wavelength, Chifuyu and Dakota dash out of there while laughing hysterically.

”Oi, you
e running away without fighting?! ”

”What a bunch of pussies. ”

Delinquent F and C fail to understand that Chifuyu couldve easily beaten them. Its ironic that in the future, there will be countless times when Chifuyu would rather run than fight. But his soul will not let him. His drive will not let him. Chifuyu will face countless hardships, but he will never back down.


The night of the Moon Festival is bustling with tens of thousands of people. Countless musicians playing a plethora of songs combined with stages of professional dancers giving the audience an abundance of energy. Energetic cheers could be heard all throughout the festival grounds. The pathways were lined with floating lanterns painting the night sky bright orange and yellow. Countless booths provided food, drinks, and games. There were people of all ages. You could find babies probably no older than 2 being cradled by their mothers, kids running around having the time of their life, teenagers enjoying their youth with friends, adults drinking and appreciating this beautiful event, along with seniors just enjoying themselves.

On a normal day, kids and teenagers wouldn be able to be out and about as they are right now during this festival. Thats because unaccompanied minors aren allowed to be out past 9 pm, 7 pm if you
e not even in high school. In other words, everybody under 18 has been given a curfew. This law was put in place to prevent cases of unsuspecting minors being easy victims for vampires.

Vampires aren affected by the sunlight like they are in fictional stories, they just move around at night because its more convenient for them. At least, in this world. By giving minors a curfew, their mortality rate dropped significantly when vampires first showed up. They
e only allowed to roam freely at night during big events. Naturally, theres still security at such big events. Along with hunters blending in with the crowd and others patrolling the perimeter.

Thousands of people are gathered at the Moon Festival this night, there will definitely be vampires trying to snatch some easy prey.

Sora and Dakota arrive at the festival and meet up with Erika. Shes wearing a pink yukata plastered with bright red lilacs, with the left side of her bangs that are usually showing swept behind her ear showcasing a marigold orange crescent moon earring. The 2 boys are just dressed in casual clothes.

”Wow, look who dressed up for the occasion. ”

”Hehe, do I look okay? ”

”It suits you well. ”

Chifuyu compliments Erika who lets out an innocent giggle after receiving his modest praise.

”You guys should wear yukatas next year, it helps you get more immersed in the festival spirit. ”

”No way, it wouldn good look on me. ”

Dakotas lack of self-confidence shows itself.

”Anyway, the nights still young. Chifuyu, Erika, lets enjoy ourselves to the fullest tonight! ”

”Yeah! ”

Chifuyu and Erika chant in unison before they take off to the glorious Moon Festival.


”It sure is noisy over there. For better or worse, I have to make sure I keep it that way. I won allow their peace to be shattered. Ill kill this Vampire Lord myself, tonight. ”

Next to the Moon Festival is a vast forest. Shoyo is currently in it waiting for the vampires to show up. Unbeknownst to all of the people of Shioto, one of the strongest vampires is sealed there. Ariel Ryuji, a Vampire Lord from over 200 years ago who couldn even be killed. The location of where she is sealed was somehow leaked to the vampires. Meaning theres a traitor in the Hunter Agency. Even as the Moon Festival is going on right now, each and every member of the HA is being interrogated. The Vampire Lord is sealed in a hidden tomb underneath this forest. Shoyo would have no problem preventing the vampires from entering the tomb, but he has other plans.

It seems Im totally surrounded, and its a lot of them. Most likely no less than a few dozen.

Shoyo has been encircled by several vampires. Its nothing he can handle. In fact, he allowed them to surround him. The reason being he has no intention of stopping them from unsealing Ariel. He plans to wipe them all out. Yes, every single one of them in the forest. Vampire Lord included, Shoyo isn one to discriminate. Hell kill all vampires equally.


The trio of friends experienced the Moon Festival to its full extent and had an absolute blast. They all agreed that this had been the best night of their lives. Surprisingly, this had been the first time all 3 of them went together. Theyd gone to a few other small festivals together, but the scale of the Moon Festival was much larger. As the festival reaches its end, they laugh at the hilarious pictures they took at the photo booth.

”Man, I wish times like these would last forever. ”

Youth at its finest. Dakota speaks his mind while the 3 of them are laying on a small grassy hill just outside the festival.

”They will last forever. We still have endless amounts of fun times to look forward to. But don think youll be able to goof off for the rest of your life without having any responsibilities. ”

”Tch. ”

”Hehehe. ”

Chifuyu tells Dakota the sad truth which he clicks his tongue in response to, Erika giggles on the side. Then, the final attraction had begun. The night sky was illuminated with vibrant fireworks, people who weren even at the festival were able to see this magnificent display.

”How beautiful. ”

Erika expresses her awe without even knowing she spoke. The words just came out naturally. They all wear satisfied smiles, appreciating the grand fireworks.

After the final attraction ends, they all doze off for a bit. No more than 10 minutes. But by the time they woke up, Chifuyu had gone missing.


”Shes been awakened. ”

Shoyo stands tall, prepared to use all of his strength to quickly wipe out the 30-something vampires around him and the Vampire Lord currently on her way. The vampires realize hes letting them unseal Ariel, so they leave him alone for the meantime. The hidden tomb lead hundreds of stairs underground, Shoyo could tell Ariel was taking her sweet time walk all the way up. So he could feel it. With each step she took, followed the weight of countless souls of the lives shes taken. As if they
e trying to drag her back down to hell. But Ariels steps do not waver. After 200 long years, shes finally free. All the vampires and the strongest hunter are expecting her to come out ready to start a massacre.

No immediate backup will be coming, and Shoyo is aware of this. Hes currently the only hunter that knows Ariel had been sealed in this forest. Receiving backup or not was a trivial matter to Shoyo anyway. As a matter of fact, he prefers no assistance, especially for this mission. As hes anticipating the Vampire Lord to rise out of the tomb, another vampire shows up with a human in toll.

”Oi Oi, youve gotta be kidding me. What the hell are the other hunters doing, they let a kid get kidnapped? ”

”That should be the least of your worries human. ”

”Tch, shes here. ”

Shoyos main priority is the safety of innocent civilians, but he can afford to be distracted here. She was mere seconds from rearing her head into the outside world. Even the strongest hunter was sweating a little, but his confidence was still at 100%. Hes carrying the pride and burden of being the strongest on his back. No matter what, he will not lose.

”Alright, you lot! Gather and prostrate yourselves before the Vampire Lord, Ariel Ryuji! ”

A vampire commands the rest of them to fall in line, and they do so without wasting another moment.

There she was, accompanied by the vampire Shoyo had been chasing earlier who immediately prostrated himself upon reaching the surface.

Every vampire has red eyes, but Ariels in particular were more frightening. Her bloodshot red eyes gaze at those around her with an uninterested look. Most vampires have pale skin, but hers was the very definition of healthy. She was different from Shoyos expectations. He assumed the Vampire Lord to be tall in stature and have an intense bloodlust, though she wasn any less intimidating. She had a petite body, probably just about 5 feet tall with long silver hair that seemed double her height as it flowed along the ground. She notices Shoyo observing them on top of a tree but doesn spend more than 2 seconds looking at him.

”Thats a Vampire Lord alright. ”

Shoyo smiles wryly as he unsheathes his blade, preparing to strike at a moments notice. He still hasn given up on saving the boy, they
e deep in the forest so he has to swiftly rescue him and get him to safety as fast as possible. Calling nearby hunters to help would only get them killed. The best course of action for Shoyo would be to kill all the side vampires quickly after getting the boy to a safe place. Then hell be able to solely focus on the Vampire Lord. Theres also a chance more vampires will be on their way soon, but he doesn need to worry about that right now. All his enemies are within his reach, he won let a single one escape.

Its been 10 seconds since the Vampire Lord has seen the light of night, her motives are unclear. But, she is still giving off an intimidating aura. So intense, that the young boy who was kidnapped wakes up and instantly vomits from the nauseating pressure.

”Wh-where the hell am I? ”

The young boy is Chifuyu. For what reasons was he alone captured?

”Silence you pig, you
e in the presence of a Vampire Lord. ”


Just like a twig, the vampire breaks his right arm in a fraction of a second. Chifuyu couldn even process what just happened before he yells in agony from the pain of having one of his limbs broken.


”Damn it. ”

Shoyo wants to make his move already, but hes cautious of the Vampire Lord who hasn even spoken a word yet.

”Its been over 200 years Lord Ariel, we humbly welcome your long-awaited return. ”

Whats happening? Are these real vampires? I feel sick to my stomach. Theres something about that shrimp, just being near her is making me feel lightheaded.

Just as Chifuyu is thinking this to himself, his head is slammed into the ground, blood drips down all over his face.

”This isn much, but weve brought a gift to offer you. Think of it as a small appetizer before the main course. ”

”And what exactly is the main course? ”

Shoyo drops down, curious about what the vampire is implying.

”The main course, isn it obvious? Lord Ariel will devour every single human at that festival! ”

Its just about over, but theres certainly still a lot of people there. Not that I have any intention of letting them get past me.

”Sounds amusing. So now that one of your precious lords has been unsealed, you think you vampires have a chance of overtaking this world? ”


His words spoken in a menacing tone resounded throughout the entire forest, Chifuyu whose head was still being planted in the ground started trembling with fear.

So this is a vampire.

Is what he thought, for a second he gave up hope. But he had no intention of going down without a fight, no matter how futile.

”Now Lord Ariel, feast upon this boy! ”

Shoyo gets in his stance, ready to charge in at any time. Then, Ariel finally said something.

”I have no intention of harming that boy. Let him go. ”

Her words took everyone aback, she spoke with a calm voice. She was composed that entire time just scrutinizing the situation she had been awoken to.

”Forgive me Lord Ariel, I don think I caught what you said. ”

”I spoke very clearly. I do not wish to repeat myself. ”

Her words still carried the same tone, but her gaze was a different story. She looked coldly down upon the vampire who still had Chifuyu face-planted into the ground. The moment he let go and eased his arm up, Shoyo dashed in and decapitated him while grabbing Chifuyu to get him somewhere safe. Blood gushed out from the dead vampires neck like water from a fountain. A few others tried to chase after Shoyo but were cut down effortlessly.

Shoyo was getting ready to use a technique to quickly get Chifuyu to safety, but another vampire who had been waiting in the cut lands a surprise attack and sends Shoyo flying a bit. He catches himself on a tree, but notices the new vampire had snatched Chifuyu.

By the time he finds where they
e at, the vampire had already bitten into Chifuyus stomach. In a flash, Shoyo appears in front of him and goes for the kill. The vampire barely dodges it in time and gets his neck grazed.

”Ho, so this is the worlds greatest hunter. ”

Shoyo sees that the boy is still barely alive. But with a hole in his stomach, hell bleed out in a few minutes. Someone was going to die on his watch, and there was nothing he could do about it.

In this world, if you get a fatal wound from a vampire incident, no one will be able to heal that. Not a human at least. Shoyo had the first casualty in a long time on his hands. Nothing changed for him though. He was already determined to kill every vampire here, now hes just a bit more infuriated.

”Hey, brat. Explain to me why you did that when I myself said I was not going to harm that boy. ”

”No, no Miss Vampire Lord. I think you
e the one who needs to do some explaining. I noticed it as soon as you emerged from that tomb. You
e not the same as before. ”

Shoyo was intrigued by what this vampire was saying, so he continued to listen to his words.

”The Ariel from before you were sealed would have come out craving blood, eager to take the lives of every human nearby. ”

”Thats because I no longer seek blood. ”

”Huh? Come on Lord Ariel, tell us all exactly the meaning behind your words right now? ”

The vampires all looked upon Ariel, not having a clue what she was about to say.

”I will not fight against the humans anymore. Its about time for this several hundred-year battle to come to an end. ”

The vampires question Ariel in an uproar.

”I can believe what Im hearing. The Vampire Lord once known as the Dragon Queen who has claimed over 100,000 human lives, the one who swore absolute vengeance on their race is now throwing in the towel? ”

”Only a fool would hold a grudge for over several centuries. ”

”Those 200 years of solitude mustve made you insane. The vampires here in this world have been making preparations, patiently waiting to free you. To have all our efforts spit back in our faces. So, if you will no longer fight against the humans, what do you plan to do? ”

”I will join their side. ”

Shoyo is baffled by this unpredictable turn of events. He lets out a huge laugh as all the tension he just had dissipated. The two vampires pay him no heed as they continue conversing.

”I see. Will you tell us your reasoning? ”

”There is no need to explain myself to someone Im about to kill. ”

”Ha, figures. ”

”I will kill you all in less than a minute and then save that boy you put on the brink of death. State your name. ”

”I am Kenzo. ”

”Kenzo huh, thats a good name. ”

”Im honored. ”

Gathering all he could muster for this final line, he roars an order at all the other vampires.



Approximately 31 vampires against a Vampire Lord. This wouldn even be a fight. Shoyo blinks and 14 vampires have already been torn apart, their dismembered bodies falling to the ground with blood painting the nearby trees red. She shows no mercy as she slaughters her own kind. This had also been the first time she seriously fought against her race with the intention to kill. Ariel said shed kill them in less than a minute, but it hadn even been 20 seconds before they all turned into corpses. Wasting no time, she goes over to Shoyo and the dying Chifuyu.

”That was impressive, but I wouldve been able to kill them all including you in less than half your time. ”

”8 seconds huh, is that how long you last in bed? ”

”Ouch, Ill have you know Im still a pure maiden. ”

”Wow, Im kinda surprised. ”

The strongest hunter and a Vampire Lord were cracking jokes with one another while a young boy was at deaths doorstep. Truly a rare occurrence.

”So, you said you
e gonna save him. But unless you have some magical healing power… ”

”I don , we both know what the only way to save his life is. ”

Chifuyu had no more than a minute before he would die from blood loss. He couldn muster any energy to talk, that would be impossible in his condition. But he was still conscious, he wouldn allow himself to look away from the current situation.

”Can you hear me kid? ”

Ariel posed a question, Chifuyu was using all he had to control his breathing to the best of his abilities. His diaphragm was contracting abnormally due to breathing heavily, he felt like his life would end the moment he lost concentration. He turned his eyes to the Vampire Lord, meaning he heard her question.

”Do you want to live? ”

It was the easiest question Chifuyu couldve been asked. He stared at Ariel with unyielding intent. He was on the verge of dying, his body was unable to move, but his eyes were brimming with life. He didn need to speak, even if he could, his answer was as clear as day.

A new journey begins.

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