Vampires Legacy

Resolve Part 1

gonna drag you in here so we can speak for a minute. ”

My eyes shut and my body slumped a bit. I had been brought to a similar space I was in before I woke up in the courtroom.

Someone brought me to the pitch black area which must be inside my head, the darkness slowly began to fade away as a greyish color replaced it with light fog forming all around. In front of me appeared the vampire who saved my life.

”Hey, I just woke up from a nap. ”

”What the hell do you mean you just woke up from a nap? ”

”Do I really need to explain that? ”

”No. What you do need to explain is whats going on. How are we inside my head, and how are you even here in the first place? ”

I was on edge because of how dire my situation is. Im about to be killed for becoming a vampire. This girl vamp is the one who turned me. But Im not going to blame her. I wanted to live and this is the price I had to pay.

”Ill answer all your questions soon. You must be wondering how your life will be now that you
e no longer human right? If you even survive today that is. ”

”Yeah. ”

I pause before continuing what I say.

”Im grateful to still be alive. So of course Im grateful to you. But I still don know if Ill be able to live as a vampire. ”

”Thats understandable. ”

I cast my eyes down, not knowing what will happen. The vampire walks closer to me, making a declaration.

”My name is Ariel Ryuji, I ranked among the great Vampire Lords but no longer wish to fight against humans. The moment I decided to save your life and you chose to live, our fates intertwined. Should you choose to continue living as you are, your life will not be the same. Youll likely have no choice but to fight for the hunters against vampires until the day you die. But, I will be with you. I have a responsibility to stay by your side as the one who saved you, thus dragging you into this situation. You might even regret not choosing to die in that forest. So tell me, do you want to live even though it may be a living hell? ”

Should I have chosen to die then? I guess Ill have to find that out myself. Ariel made clear what the future may have in store for me. My mind was just filled with doubts a minute ago. But for some reason, they disappeared just like that. No, its thanks to Ariel that my doubts are gone. I won throw away my life that was saved. Even if I do regret it, I will continue to live.

”Ha, those eyes again. I see youve made your decision. ”

”Yeah. ”

e partners now, Chifuyu. ”

Ariel extends her arm to me with a slight smile, I comply and we shake hands.

”Looking forward to it. ” I said with a wry smirk.

”Listen, before I handle things I want you to stand your ground. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Youve resolved yourself to continue living, but Im sure most of the people in the courtroom want you to be executed. Do you see what Im getting at? ”

I put my right hand on my chin and try to figure out what she means.

”So by standing my ground, you want me to convey my determination to everyone there? ”

”Correct. ”

I inhale and exhale deeply to prepare myself.

”You got it. ”

I open my eyes back to the courtroom with everyone staring at me. Not much different from before, except they
e all looking with confused faces.

”Boy, what just happened? ”

The judge rightly questions me. Im pretty sure it looked like I fell asleep in the middle of the trial thats deciding whether I live or not. But I did talk aloud when Ariel first woke up out of surprise, so hiding anything will just make me look more suspicious.

”I spoke with the Vampire Lord. ”

”So she is inside of him! ”

”That vampire could wipe us off the face of the planet! ”

”Neither of them must be allowed to live! ”

”Execute both these monsters before it becomes the end of us! ”

The crowd just continues blathering, is that all they
e here for? I was getting tired of it.


I yelled at the top of my lungs so they could cease they
e annoying prattling.


I brace myself, I can back down. This yell is coming straight from my heart.

”Im not a monster! I was born and raised here in Shioto by the best parents I wouldn ever be able to repay for how much theyve done for me! I won let my life end here, I won let you take away the life brought about by my parents and the life that was saved by Ariel! I will live, even if I regret being saved! Call me a monster one more time, I dare you! I will never devour a human, I swear that on my life. To prove that, I will become a hunter and not just kill vampires, but put an end to their existence once and for all. No matter how many hardships I may go through, thats the decision Ive come to! ”

Everyone was silent after I finished proving my resolve. I gasped for air as I poured everything I had into that. I just had to hope for the best.

”Wow! ” Shoyo exclaims in a comedic tone, though he was genuinely surprised. I noticed Erika crying while Dakota was hyped for some reason.

”You tell them Chifuyu! ”

I can believe he just blurted that out.

I thought I may have gotten through to the crowd, but they fell into an uproar again. Theres no convincing these people.

”This boy is no longer human, what he says has no meaning, hurry and proceed with the verdict. ”

”Thats right! My entire family was killed by a vampire, they all need to be exterminated, no exceptions. ”

Shoyo notices what that woman just said and asks her a question.

”Hey lady, so you say your whole family was killed by a vampire. What if one of them survived but it was at the cost of turning into a vampire? Would you still be vehemently shouting to have them executed, like you are with this boy? ”

She stands there shocked, not being able to reply.

”I believe this is the first case where someone got turned into a vampire instead of being devoured. So shouldn we handle it more carefully instead of this sorry display for a trial we
e having? ”

”How dare you try to turn this on me by bringing up my dead family. This boy is a monster now and must be put down! Are we not paying you to kill vampires?! ”

”You didn answer my question. ”


”Ah, hypocrisy at its finest. ”

I can say anything. I put in everything I had to try and convince them, but it didn work. Now I just have to let Ariel handle the rest.

”Humans are foolish to no end, but we vampires who hunt them down for mere thirst are no better. ”

Ariel spoke, but it sounded like it was to herself. I was wondering what she has planned, but theres no reason for me to worry. Wed only spoken briefly, and yet I have full trust in her.

”Im coming out. ”

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