Vampires Legacy

Resolve Part 3

The people in the courtroom were momentarily entranced by the graceful vampire who emerged from Chifuyus shadow. Lengthy silver hair glistening in the dim-lighted area swirled around Chifuyu who was also taken slightly aback. Ariels fierce gaze met the eyes of the onlookers and the jury who were captured by her presence for a second before they fell back to their senses.

”Those damned red eyes. ”

”The vampire has shown itself. Don risk trying to capture it, kill it now! ”

Hunters who were standing guard outside barged in and drew their blades, they numbered 10 total. It may have seemed like that was far less needed to fight against a Vampire Lord, but these 10 were some of the elite. They
e 1st Rank Hunters who even Shoyo would have trouble fighting against. At least, thats what they think. Shoyo is currently the strongest Hunter, but nobody is aware that hes hiding his true strength. So 10 1st Rank Hunters wouldn be a problem for Ariel at all, not that she had any intention of fighting them.

”Hey, did you guys forget I was here? My feelings are in shambles. ”

Shoyo questions why they came in. Their job was to just guard the courtroom. He was assigned to be present during the trial for 1 reason: Hes the one who brought Chifuyu in and is responsible for killing the Vampire Lord who he was supposed to prevent from getting unsealed.

”Don get too confident, Shoyo. This is a Vampire Lord we
e dealing with, youll need any backup you can get. ”

The man speaking had long black hair held up in a ponytail. This is the type of guy you wouldn want around your girl.

”I don need your help, hot guy. Well, 2nd hottest guy below me of course. Bleh! ”

”Will you ever grow up? ”

Shoyo teases the hunter and sticks his tongue out to mock him, he will use any chance he has to compliment this man only to bring him down the next second while praising himself. He likes to have people think hes a bit immature.

Chifuyu could feel the hostility from the hunters pointing their swords at Ariel. But she stood in front of him calmly, just inspecting her surroundings.

Out of the 10 1st Rank Hunters, there was one who didn hold any hostility. Chifuyu noticed a girl with short pink hair tied into a bun on one side, with the ends of her hair dyed red. Totally not an important character. She had been looking at him for a few seconds, showing a curious smile. The girl didn look much older than him. If Chifuyu had to guess, she would be no older than 20.

”Hunters, prepare for battle! ”

The hottest man 2nd to Shoyo readied the others to attack at any second, he was appointed to be the leader of this impromptu guard squad.

”Hey, shouldn we get out of here? ”

”A huge battle is about to start! ”

”Oh dear God! ”

Those who are not hunters were about to clear out of the courtroom, until Shoyo stopped them.

”Now, now, calm down everybody. Theres not gonna be a battle. ”

”What? ”

Everybody including the hunters look at Shoyo unsurprisingly puzzled, murmuring among themselves.

”What do you mean by that Shoyo? ”

The judge who had still not moved from his seat questions him. Though at this point, he found it odd that the Vampire Lord was still just standing there in front of the young boy.

”This vampire, Ariel Ryuji… will join our side. ” Shoyo speaks smugly, knowing everybody present will question his sanity.

”Is that so? ”

”I knew youd believe me Dallas. ”

Or not? The guy who will never be the hottest man accepts what Shoyo says without a doubt in his mind. He knows he isn one to tell such far-fetched lies. The majority of the courtroom still erupts with questions. The judge on the other hand ponders this twist with a hand covering his mouth.

”Vampire Lord, Ariel Ryuji, I trust you have no problem explaining yourself right now before all of us. ” His face was stern. Even though hes speaking to a Vampire Lord, he keeps his unassuming tone. This person is a rational and competent man.

”Of course. ”

Ariel replies, but shes interrupted by one of the hunters.

”Join our side? Shoyo, have you lost your mind?! ”

”Its coming. ”

”Huh? ”

Shoyos demeanor changed, his intense gaze had left the hunters feeling goosebumps. 2 words. Just 2 words came out of his mouth, but the impact that came with them was unambiguous. They all understood what he meant. But they still couldn help but voice their doubt.

”Wait… Do you mean… ”

”What?! ”

”Hold on… ”

A man invites himself into the courtroom. His presence carries dignity and resoluteness.

”I knew something interesting would happen at this trial, Im glad I decided to make an appearance here. ”

”Wha… President! Why are you… ”

”Perfect timing huh, old man? ”

The man who showed up was the president of the Hunter Agency, the highest position a non-hunter could achieve.

”Watch it Shoyo. Im still in my forties, still a ways off from being middle-aged. ”

What is this dude going on about?

Chifuyu had just been watching things play out, still chained to the ground. Things were going fast, he was brought into a whole new world. He too was curious as to what Shoyo was implying. For some reason, nervousness and a thrill of excitement overcame his body.

”So Shoyo, you believe its time? ”

”Thats right. ”

His intensity was still there, but a huge grin took form on his face.

”A new era is upon us. A Vampire Lord joining our side is proof of that. ”

”Oi! Stop beating around the bush! Whats coming? ”

An onlooker who was on his toes attempts to push out the answer from Shoyo.

”Our final battle with the vampires. ”

There it was. Everybodys faces were serious and tense. Theyd been battling against them for over 200 years and never knew when this long fight would near its end. They know the vampires bolster strength that far surpasses the hunters, but their true force hasn been attacking them. The vamps on Shioto pale in comparison to their main force who reside elsewhere. So they continue to build up their strength until the final battle begins.

”It could be a few years from now, or even more than 10 years. But it will happen within our lifetime. ”

Shoyo spoke with absolute certainty, even though this was all just his intuition talking. The moment Ariel, the Vampire Lord he planned to kill, declared she would side with the humans was when it was confirmed for him.

”Isn this exhilarating? ”

Unfolding before Chifuyus eyes was the biggest turning point in the history of mankind.

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